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I-Cities 2016 | My Best District


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Presentation of My Best District, a web application that allows citizens to find out the quality of life in the di fferent districts of their city.

The tool is an outcome of the workshop about Open Data within the Bari European Maker Week, an initiative promoted by several organizations and sponsored by the City of Bari. For five days (from the 1st to the 5th of June 2016) makers, researchers, professionals and enthusiasts have worked together to design useful tools for the community.

My Best District was presented during I-Cities 2016, an international conference on ICT for Smart Cities and Communities.

My Best District is the first research work published by Alumni Mathematica, a non profit organization committed in indipendent scientific research.

Published in: Science
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I-Cities 2016 | My Best District

  1. 1. ---MY BEST DISTRICT--- a tool for computing the quality of life exploiting Open Data @stefano.franco ALUMNI MATHEMATICA @pierpaolo.basile UNIBA @giuseppe.santoro APULIASOFT 29-30 September Benevento, Italy
  2. 2. Context 15 main organizers 3 workshops (9 talks) 60 partecipants
  3. 3. Problem What is the quality of life in my district?
  4. 4. The Tool
  5. 5. Open Data 52 datasets 9 groups 0 linked data
  6. 6. The Algorithm
  7. 7. Technology Database Back-End Front-End
  8. 8. Goal Scored 1. The citizen has a concrete perception of the quality of life in her/his district 2. The governance understand how to improve the quality of life and in which districts to focus improvement actions
  9. 9. Future Steps 1. Improve the tool by correcting datasets’ issues 2. Send a report to the “Comune di Bari” about Open Data critical issues 3. Extend the tool to support other cities 4. Improve the tool by studying new methods based on AI
  10. 10. Main Outcomes 1. Results available as Open Source 2. Realize socially useful and ethically correct research through the Open Innovation
  11. 11. Conclusions 1. The releasing of Open Data by PA can produce innovative tools 2. Data standardization facilitates the fruition 3. A positive example of hackathon’s potentialities 4. Contamination of skills (no-profit association, academic and enterprise)
  12. 12. Give us Open Data and we will create innovation. We are makers, innovators, pirates, researchers, hackers, and scientists. With a superhero attitude
  13. 13. Thank you