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Media question 3 a2


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Published in: Education
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Media question 3 a2

  2. 2. Feedback that was received by teacher: As we posted on our blogs our teacher commented and gave us ways to improve. We also arranged after school meetings were we would have one on one with the teacher as she went through our blogs. We get a lot of different feedback ranging from grammatical errors to crucial changes in the video
  3. 3. Comments that were made by peers: The comments that we got from our peers, from the focus group that we have made, were very helpful. At the start of the video we explained our original ideas and the second video we showed the changes we made and asked how they felt the music video was going so far. The comments we received positive telling us what they liked and disliked. We also received the ideas about what parts we should improve on and how we can improve on, Such as having a scene of a picture burning to have a more anger in the video. We also had comments like the narrative wasn’t settled and that we had to make it more clear about how it got to a death situation.
  4. 4. Feedback on YouTube The feedback we received of the rough cut showed us that we were are the right track.
  5. 5. Effects of the comments: -Gave gave us an idea of what went well -new, fresh ideas -We had comments saying that our scenes were too long so we made scenes shorter with more jump cuts.