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Orange County SEO Services

  1. 1. Text Message Marketing Overview GROW Your Local Business with Short, Simple Text Messages
  2. 2. Table of Contents 1 Dilemmas & Overcoming Barriers 2 What is Text Message Marketing 3 Text Marketing Benefits & Facts 4 How We Can Help
  3. 3. About Me Steve Mayer 949-689-0857 Professional Text Message Marketing Services Specializing in Powerful Text Message Strategies & Campaigns That Get Results! (555)555-5555
  4. 4. Business Dilemmas
  5. 5. 4 IMPORTANT Focus Points for Businesses NEW CUSTOMERS REPEAT CUSTOMERS Attracting new customers is the life-line for any business Getting your satisfied customers to keep coming back is critical and less expensive CUSTOMERS REFER MORE Getting your existing customers to refer more people to your business creates effortless longevity CUSTOMERS SPEND MORE Getting your existing customers to spend more money with your company creates stronger sales funnels
  6. 6. Marketing Costs Competitors Technology
  7. 7. Traditional Marketing Costs Are Some of the Expensive Traditional Marketing Methods Losing Their Effectiveness?  Yellow Page Books  Newspaper Ads  TV Commercials  Radio Ads
  8. 8. Your Competitors Are Your Competitors Taking Your Fair Share of the Market?  More Local Attention  More Repeat Business  Better Marketing
  9. 9. Technology Are You Having Trouble Implementing New-Age Marketing Strategies that Can Help Grow Your Business?  Online Marketing  Mobile Marketing  Social Marketing  … and MORE
  10. 10. Overcoming Barriers There IS Hope:  Put your business in front of your target audience  Spend your marketing dollars where they can yield the best returns  Utilize the power of mobile marketing to stay connected to your local market
  11. 11. Overcoming Barriers One Way to Accomplish This is by Using Text Messages to Stay in Touch with Your Audience!
  12. 12. What is Text Message Marketing? Permission-based communication with customers and potential customers via text messages sent to their mobile devices… Communication includes helpful information, coupon offers, event notification, and more.
  13. 13. Profitable Text Messaging Strategies Discount Coupons Helpful Tips Loyalty Club Reason #1 STRATEG Y Reason #2 Appointmen t Reminders Service Reason #3 Reminders Customer Feedback
  14. 14. How Does it Work? Customer Sends Your Keyword to Shortcode Customer Receives Your Future Text Offers and/or Reminders Customer is Added to Your Mobile List Customer Receives Confirmation
  15. 15. Sample Text Call-to-Action To get new subscribers, a pizzeria could have a call to action that reads, “Text ‘PIZZA NOW’ to 99999 for FREE Appetizer with purchase of Medium Pizza.” Once people subscribe, the pizzeria can start sending them occasional offers right to their mobile phone with a quick text message that reads something like, “Get $5 Off Any Large Pizza – Offer Available Today Only.”
  16. 16. Benefits of Text Message Marketing
  17. 17. Benefits of Text Message Marketing  Personalized, TARGETED Communication with Customers  Permission-Based with High Delivery and Open Rates  Cost-Effective, Easy to Use, and Easy to Track  Increases Exposure, Sales, and Revenue
  18. 18. Text Message Marketing Facts  More than 6 Billion Mobile Users Worldwide  Approximately 90% of Consumers Read Their Text Messages within MINUTES  Most Text Messages are Responded to Within 90 Seconds…vs. 90 Minutes for Emails
  19. 19. Text Message Marketing Facts Most mobile users prefer to text over talk Mobile Coupon Offers Get up to a 20% Response Rate – 10 Times More Than Traditional Methods 73% of Consumers WANT to Receive Special Offers on Their Mobile Devices but are Not Getting Them
  20. 20. Consequences Pitfalls of Not Using Text Message Marketing:  You won’t capitalize on this powerful way to stay in touch with your customers  You will miss out on the ability to generate additional profits from customers  You won’t take advantage of the opportunity to increase revenue by cutting down on missed appointments
  21. 21. What Next?  Create a plan to implement text messaging into your marketing campaign  Get a mobile keyword and shortcode for your business  Encourage your existing customers AND potential customers to opt-in It’s TIME TO MOBILIZE! Who? What? When? Where? How? Help!
  22. 22. How We Can Help  Deeply Analyze the Wants and Needs of Your Target Audience and Your Business  Perform a Thorough Competitor Analysis  Help You Implement an Effective Text Message Marketing Campaign  Provide Ongoing Maintenance and Support
  23. 23. Our Special Offer For a LIMITED-TIME, we can start your text marketing campaign for just $397 (normally: $697) On-going Maintenance for just $197/month (normally: $297/month) Offer Ends on (11-30-2013)
  24. 24. Client Testimonials Thank You For Being On the cutting edge…Real B. This really helps slow days Steve B. An open cash flow machine…Karen B.
  25. 25. All of Our Service Offerings
  26. 26. Questions & Answers
  27. 27. Thank You For Viewing Our Text Marketing Presentation! Steve Mayer 949-689-0857