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UK ONLY - Our All In One Marketing System is simple but very powerful. 2 steps - Build A List And Market To The List

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  • Jan 22 , feb 92, march 150 First, it’s so easy and it is SO versatile- It doesn't matter that the clients that you’re working with are SMB, enterprise, nonprofit – All of them can use this software to upgrade their marketing and communication. So with a wider target market, you have more opportunities to close business and meet your quote. As a matter of fact – on the east coast, I’ve heard they call the toolkit “the one call quota hammer”. Next, Deliver tangible results – Unlike other products– we’re not just helping improve efficiency- (we don’t route phone calls, or make forms, do payments– that stuff is BORING. Wee make better marketing. Better marketing = more sales, more sales = more business. And with justified ROI, they’ll be purchasing more from us, more often. Lastly– This is exciting technology. When you sell this product, you’ll be working with marketing directors, VPs of marketing, business owners, CEOs, to launch this new and innovative marketing campaigns– It’s really fun stuff.
  • Improve your marketing roi

    1. 1. Multiple Channels OfCommunicationAll In OneMarketing
    2. 2. ContentsWhy All In One Marketing ?How It WorksFeaturesPricing Info12342
    3. 3. 3Struggling To Compete ? Need more clients ? Need more repeat business ?Marketing Producing Poor ROI ? Old Style Marketing not working ? Internet not generating desired business ? Need a cost-effective marketing strategy ?Constraints Do you lack resources & expertise ? Do you have a limited budget ? Struggling to keep up with change ?Do Any Of These Apply To Your Business ?
    4. 4. All In One MarketingWe offer a way to communicatesimply and effectively withexisting customers andprospects using ALL the latestchannels of communication.This isn’t about scrapping yourexisting marketing plan. Rathersupplementing it, making itmore effective and getting you amuch better ROI.
    5. 5. COLLECT - contacts easilySEND - promotional messagesENGAGE - customers interactivelyANALYZE - campaign results5It’s simple and comprises of just 2 Steps :Step 1 - Build A ListStep 2 - Market To The ListHow All In One Marketing Works
    6. 6. Why A List ?Studies have shown it’s 6 times more expensiveto sell to a first time customer, than it is tosell to an existing or past customer.Source: Marketing MetricsThe probability of selling to an existingcustomer is 60-70%. And there’s only a 5-20%probability that you will sell to a newprospect. Source: Marketing Metrics
    7. 7. Why A List ? (part 2)A 5% increase in customer retention can increasebusiness profits by 25% to 125%Source: Gartner Group and “Leading on the Edge ofChaos”, Emmett C. Murphy and Mark A. MurphyIts imperative that your business builds a list of allyour prospects and clients so that you can marketyour products/services - getting new customersand much more repeat business.
    8. 8. How To Use Your ListBuild a list and generate more revenues & profit by : Keeping your clients/prospects updated about new promotions & eventsetc.. (This develops Brand awareness) Sending them irresistible offers in real-time Interacting and developing relationships Getting valuable feedback & insights Sending them remindersAt the end of the day this is all about getting more repeatBusinessIt costs 6 to 7 times less to get an existing customer to buy fromyou than it does to get a new customer to buy from you
    9. 9. SMS Redemption Rates
    10. 10. People Respond To Texts• It takes 90 minutes for theaverage person to respond to anemail. It takes 90 seconds for theaverage person to respond to atext message. (Source:• 98% of users have SMS enabledphones• 97% of texts are read
    11. 11. Real-Time Reactive Marketing
    12. 12. The Mobile Opportunity• Small to medium businesses are not taking advantage of whatis happening with mobile.• Customers are on the move and your marketing needs toreflect this. This is a great opportunity for businesses thatunderstand this.Building A List Is A Valuable Asset If You Ever DecideTo Sell Your Business
    13. 13. Customers Want To Hear From YouThese Are Your Clients/Prospects Who Have Willingly Subscribed– All They Do Is Reply Stop To Unsubscribe
    14. 14. SMS Features & BenefitsRemember ! - It costs 6 to 7 times less to get anexisting customer to buy from you than it does to geta new customer to buy from you
    15. 15. Mobile Marketing Is HereThe International Journal of Marketing reported the responserate of mobile marketing campaigns was 31% on average whilstprinted advertising came in at 0.55%.
    16. 16. Step1 - Building A Subscriber List Offer the customer an SMS coupon ifthey subscribe (people forgetphysical coupons but don’t forgettheir phones !) Get your customers to join your VIPlist to get news and offers Make them an irresistible offer ifthey subscribe eg Text “Branningans”to get 5% off your meal NOW People can subscribe from Facebookand sign-up Pages and embeddedforms on your website. Improve the ROI on existingadvertising by having a “call toaction” to get more subscribers
    17. 17. Step 1 - Building A Subscriber List (continued) Ask clients to leave a review e.g. TextRevmeal and any text to 60607 – they aresubscribed and you can reply to them (aswell) Product voting – ask prospects to takepart in a poll. They are automaticallysubscribed and you get valuable insightsfrom the poll results
    18. 18. Step 2 – Market To Your ListAutomated text campaigns – We can set-up messageswhich are sent automatically at pre-determined dates andtimes.We send coupons and tell your subscribers about yourspecial promotions etc.Business Quiet ? – We send out a text broadcast with aspecial offer.We show your clients that you care by keeping themupdated with news. Brand your business and build arelationship with your clients.We can send texts, emails, facebook updates and tweets
    19. 19. Short Codes Make It Simple To SubscribeSee How Simple It Is To Subscribe –Text allinone to 60607 now
    20. 20. Increasing Revenues - ExamplesAIOM makes it easy to send out special offers and improve your response rate –below we send out an extra offer and improve the response rate (8% is veryconservative)Try Out The Tool –
    21. 21. Marketing ProfessionalsWe care about our clients and want them to succeedClients have access to all our marketing services includingMobile & Static Website design, SEO, Social MediaDeliver Tangible ResultsHelp drive businessForefront Of TechnologyCutting edge technology for marketing & communicationWhy Choose US ?21
    22. 22. Feature DescriptionIMPORT CONTACTS: If you have existing customer contact details we import them.MOBILE KEYWORDS: We create mobile keywords to make it easy for customers to opt-in to yourlist.ONLINE SIGN-UP PAGES: We provide code to collect mobile numbers, emails etc from yourwebsite.FACEBOOK WIDGET: We create a Facebook widget so visitors can subscribe from withinFacebook.Features: Collect Contacts22
    23. 23. Feature DescriptionMOBILE TEXT: WE Use SMS to send marketing messages to your list.EMAIL MARKETINGVOICE BROADCAST: Combine the personal touch of a human voice to your messaging campaign(Available Soon)SOCIAL MEDIA: We post to your Facebook Page and send “tweets” from your Twitter Account.Features: Send Messages23
    24. 24. Feature DescriptionMOBILE VOTING: We can create fun and engaging SMS votes and polls. As people vote they areautomatically subscribed to your list.TEXT TO SCREEN: When people text a keyword followed by a message it can be projected onto alarge screen at your venue in real time.MOBILE eCARD: Create and design your own customer Mobile eCard with images and text.(Available Soon)MOBILE COUPON: Offer coupon discounts to customers and create unique promotion codes (2credits) to track redemption and revenues.SHUFFLE RESPONDER: Set up a pool of different promotional messages to send to yourcustomers after they have subscribed.Features: Engage and Interact24
    25. 25. Fully Managed Campaign
    26. 26. PricingOur Fully Managed Plans start at just £99 pcm which include 2k SMS creditsand 2k Emails. Additional credits can be purchased as per prices (below).Upgrade your plan and get a 10% discount on the additional credits.Remember we do everything for you
    27. 27. Our GuaranteeFollow our processes and we guaranteethat you will get a return on your investment or wewill refund all your fees
    28. 28. Like To Know More ?Call Today2901905 909 85207800 501