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interview question for MBA Marketing Job


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interview question for MBA jobs

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interview question for MBA Marketing Job

  1. 1. 1.what does success mean to you..? success is combination ofDetermination + hard work + Patience = (sucesses )2. What is Space Selling in B2B? sapce selling,basicaaly refers to the selling of space throughdiffernt media houses i.e. print media,electronic media,radio,internetand so on.for examle:- when an ad comes is a newspaper its required certain spacein it,in this marketer or advertiser sells the space of the newpapaeror magazine to their respective clients,however in behalf of thatclients pay a amount which is decided by the media house acording tothe size of space taken. similarly in electronic media also spacesellig is done but in the differnt form here SPACE refers to a certaintime limit in which advertisement is telecast,accordingly in RADIO alsoslots are sold.3. What do you think are the most important skills in succeeding insales?1.Product Knowledge2.Convincing Nature3.Patience n Confidence4. What do you see as the key issues in negotiating?The key issue of negotiation are :1)First we have to decided the back to wall price.2) before going to negotiation you should plan all thing by keeping alldocumentation like price list,discount structure ect.3) when we negotiate we do not negotiate on price we negotiate oneverything like credit period, payment terms,ect.4) The price should be memorise it means that what is the basic priceand after giving cash advance discount what will be the cost and aftergiving quantity discount what will be the cost.5. what is insurance & why do u wnat insurance insurance about securing the future from the accdents.6. How would you motivate a sales team who is already doing businessand achieving target ?
  2. 2. If the sales team perfoming better that means they have the enoughcaliber to perform better,i would only give the suggestions & motivatethem to get the new markets where the older markets are running well,Igive extra benefits provided for the new market sale7. What essential features must be present in a person who is leading asales team ?Should have a Very good performer in his organization or among hiscompetetors.8. How do you handle a customer with buyers remorse?The best way to handle buyers remorse is to nip it in the bud i.e.,assuage customers almost immediately after the sale, so that they donteven have the chance of bringing up any post-sale doubts. Soon afteryouve made a sale, communicate with customers if you think they mighthave second thoughts. Begin the conversation not with any you feelabout their purchase of the product. Reassure them that the productwas, indeed, just what they wanted. Tell them again how it fills theneed they have, how its just right in every way. Pick out some featurethat they especially liked, such as the color they chose, and remindthem about how thats what they had really wanted in the first place.This isnt lying. Its simply reassuring them that the choice they madewas correct for their particular situation. You probably spent aconsiderable amount of time working with them on their selection,determining exactly what their needs were and how your product couldfill that need. Go overall the decisions that you made together, andmake sure that they feel they made the right choice.The key word in the last point was "feel." Buyers remorse is anemotion, not a logical process of thought. It occurs most often afterthe purchase of high-ticket items, which naturally generates morestress. Because buyers remorse is an emotion, all your comments haveto be directed toward making them feel good about their decision. Pointout the benefits of the product, not just the features, and remindcustomers again how these benefits are just what they wanted. Overall,you need to reassure them that they did not make a mistake, and thatthey received good value for their money.Buyers remorse can also be handled in a retail situation. Thesalesperson should always take time to compliment customers on theirselection, even as purchases are being rung up and wrapped. Withoutbabbling on too much, reiterate how the items will solve their specificneeds, and how its just the right design or size addressing anyspecific comments they made during the sales process.9. What is software marketing It means is to create the need and wants for your softare in themind of the consumer so that he is really wants to buy your product.10. When is a "diversification growth strategy" appropriate?
  3. 3. diversification means selling new products or services in newmarkets.It can be done in four ways:1. Horizontal diversification:this occurs when Co. acquires or developsnew products that may appeal to existing customer groups even thoughthe new products may be technologically unrelated to existing productlines.2. Vertical diversification:The Co. moves into business of suppliers orthat of its customers. This is normally done to reduce threat from thesuppliers and customers.The customers means the channel members.3. Concentric diversification:results in new products/services thathave technological and/or mktg synergies with existing product lines.4.Conglomerate diversification:occurs when there is neithertechnological or mktg synergies with existing product lines andinvolves reaching new customer groups. This is done by large companiesto balance cyclical portfolio with non-cyclical one.11. If Selected, What will be your first Task as a Marketing Executive?our first task is that, taking information regarding customer1. which customers are loyal for our company2. who are our existing customer3. who are our target customer4. i will give company presentation to all customers12. What is a market niche?Niche market is the smaller version of (Bigger market)mass market.Thisis a kind of potential market.In the niche market what happen companymake target to the specific class and they market their product forthem.This type of market is also known as target market or specificmarket.Like Junior Horlicks only for kids, virtu mobile,dietcoke( diabetics patients),etc13. how to manage a sales team?1.First give the work by their knowledge and qaulification and theircapability.2.At the end of the workiong time strictly ask them to submit theirwork.3.Be Strict to snethch the work.4.Be good, be smart, be polite towards your workers but with strictnature also.5.Give motivation to do work. e.g. give more remunaration to activeworkers, some gifts, promotion etc.
  4. 4. 14. how to make the perfect marketing with low expense range?is ther any good idea please describe? WORD OF MOUTH IS THE BEST15. Why You Have Chosen Sales Profile?This field is consider as one of the most challenging field wheredirect contact with customer is required and each customer is unique innature. I have better communication skill and persuasion power. I amalso capable of dealing with the people diplomatically.16. difference btween inbound marketing and outboung marketingInbound marketing is that marketing which is to be done in organisationfor their employees bcoz to know the product very well nd theyll puttheir heart nd soul in making product better in the eyes of theconsumers and outbound marketing is that marketing which is to done inmarket for getting customers.17. how to sell the product into new customerThe product must first be studied in depth. then a competitors similarfeatured products must be studied. only then can the product be peachedbetter to the customer.but all the same instead of expecting sales fromthe first day a new comer should be given a quarters time at least toget accustomed.18. what are key strengths required a marketing manager? how to handleteam?Mainly each and every marketing manager should be confident about theproduct because if he dont know about the product he or she can nothelp or gide his team members.He or she should be friendly and cooperative , he have to help his team members he or should be achive hisor her terget and divide his terget to his or her team members19. What do you mean by Push and Pull Strategy?Basically it is a promotional Startegy.Push makes use of a companys sales force and trade promotionactivities to create consumer demand for a product. where Pull startegyis to sell directly to the consumer.In Push strategy the products has to be promoted by Producer toWholesalers to Retailers to Consumer.In Pull Strategy we have to use the toold like Consumer Promotions ,advertising etc.20. SUPPOSE I AM A COKE RETAILER AND YOU ARE FROM PEPSI, NOW SELL PEPSI TO ME.
  5. 5. Me:Can you see those youngsters playing cricket over there?you:YesMe:Next months cricket series is sponsored by pepsi and all the teamis shooting and ad for the same and also there is some promotionalassured gifts like cricket balls,bats gloves etc if one buys pepsi.Sothose boys who are playing there will come here and ask pepsi and notcoke because its a pepsi season:)You:Oh is it?21. why u did not select in campus? sir i did not find you in my campus.23 1.WHAT IS SALE, EXPLAIN IN 200 WORDS ? 2.WHAT IS DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SALES & MARKETING ?marketing is identifing customer needs wants and desire converting theminto products and is we allready have the product orservice we have to sale itSales is a one time process(means just selling the product to thecustomer) but marketing is ongoing process(Identifing the customerneeds,devloping the desired product,sales and then aftersales servicesor customer24. How can u Sale Your product if your product rate is high?well first I would like to ask customer whether he/she would like to goafter quantity or quality.........after getting his/her answer I willsay that Sir/ Mam...."QUALITY ALWAYS BETTER THAT THE QUANTITY" if youare looking for a value aided product against your precious money thenwe can give you the most trusted brand which has got an excellentquality.apart from that we will provide you a great after saleservice,and I can assure you that you will be very proud afterpossessing this great product ant it will show how classy you are ofchoosing your product.25. what is cavitation ? Cavitation is a point where the expectation rises but the delivery isnot upto the set benchmark. Cavitation would in general sense means forming & collapse ofbubble when pressure is high or cavities/gaps are formed or A phenomenon in the flow of water consisting in theformation and the collapse of cavities in water.In marketing Sense it would mean promising on what you cannot deliverraising false hopes and beliefs which on the due point would collapse
  6. 6. against the pressure and hence resulting damage or vaccant space oftrust and values.26. SUPPOSE I AM A NIRMA SURF RETAILER AND YOU ARE FROM WHEEL ACTIVESURF, NOW SELL WHEEL ACTIVE TO ME.My answer might sound wierd but once I know that the retailer does notkeep Wheel Active what I will do is "I will send few of my lady friends(one by one) to the shop and ask him for wheel active and since he doesnot have it they will come out without buying anything(the ladies willbe directed to do so ofcourse)repeat the exercise for say three daysand then I will go to the retailer with the product, by now he knowsthat there are people coming to him with its demand, backed my salesskills and a few lucrative offers he will definetely get ready to keepthe product on his shelf. But ofcourse this is a short term solutionwhich will take the product to retilers shelf but to take it tocustomers house and make the retailer buy it more and everytime,quality of the product, advertisements, new offers and definetelydemand in that particular area will be the key elements".HI. I am from Wheel Active company, which is one of the favorite surfliked by the households. This surf gives more sash than others andcustomers like it very much. It is available in all packs atcompetitive price. Right now we are having scheme for our retailers, soif you take a cartoon stock u will get 2 1kg packs free, whcih you cansale or use as per convinvence. Its demand in market is very good, allyou need to do it just keep stock, other thing product will sell it slef25. What is the formulla of ROI?Revenue-Expenses------------------ x 100Investment26. what is demand forecasting?Demand forcasting is the process of analysing previous years results ofdemand and supply and the relative increase in the population andidentifying the appropriate need of a particular commodity or productin a specific area for which th forcasting has been carried sales channel sales we dont sale product directly we can sale product todealers and clients can get that product by dealers.Manufaturer-distributors-dealers-clients28. which types of effort done by a sales person for seles and marketingactivitiesSALES IS DEPENDS ON PRRSONAL RELATION RATHRE THAN COMPANY. THEREFOREOUR RELATION IN MARKET IS VERY IMPORTANT TO SALE PRODUCT BY UNDERSTANDCUSTOMER HOW TO CONVERT HIS NEED IN OUR PRODUCT AND ITS EASY TOGENERATE LEAD AND SALE PRODUCT.
  7. 7. 29. what you mean by blue chip companies.? list of the blue chip.comanies in indiaUsed in the context of general equities. Large and creditworthycompany. Company renowned for the quality and wide acceptance of itsproducts or services, and for its ability to make money and paydividends. Gilt-edged security.30. what is role of medical representative the role of m.r is convincing doc and generate prescriptionfevar of the company.31. Hw can i sale if same product given from other distributorin low price?1. If the same product is given at the same price then the area where ican diferentiate my product from other distributors is after saleservices.i may provide some extra services like-facility to exchangethe product or resolving the problem in one call.we may also providesome additional promotional schemes like membership of any club,anytour package etc.2. If the same product is given at the same price then the area where ican diferentiate my product from other by giving the refrences of ourpast satsfied customers with our product proformance and our betterafter sale services. it is always better to creat buyer confidance inyou and yours product.3. if the product is at a lower price...let the customer understandcosting and sentisize him that cheap can be expensive in the him through quality of ingredients and packaging anghygiene. let him understand that what you are selling is quality and itwill be cost effective in the long run.32. how you convince a customer if he says I DONT HAVE MONEY?1.In any type of marketing we need to know our customer first. basedon his attitude we need to tacle firstly if we can create a need forhim than he will buy the product atb any cost.2. You have to sell the product benefits and create a need for theproduct as well as fear of loss . Fear of loss in the sense customershould feel he losing some good offer .3. to give a answer of this question is very difficult for each andevery sales/maraketing person because you will go for selling yourproduct,60-65% customer will reply i dont have money. but i think forconvice such kind of customer u should have deep knowledge of yourproduct or services,and evaluate customer buying behaviour . keepfollow up provide more than his expectation. use references-somecustomer is not willing to purchase perticular type of product but ifhis close relatives or friends suggest him or recommend him then hisbuying behaviour toward the product may be changed
  8. 8. 4. see, firstly we should try to inspire, motivate or convince ourcustomer in such a way that the product we are selling becomes a needin his future. i hope u all like it.33. Wht is pre-sales?Pre Sales includes the entire gamut of activities involved in preparingto engage with prospects, clients and others and includes specificresponses to client requests. Clients or companies that need softwareservices and project implementations generally call for proposals orexpect responses from their vendors and service providers. Although itis hard to generalize on the nature of or the contents of suchproposals, most documents follow a structured framework: detailing theproject, asking vendors for suggestions or solutions or proposals alongwith cost estimates regarding the work to be done. Typical Pre-salessupport activities include:34. How do you define failure? I define failure as a Stepping Stone to Success.35. What does success mean to you? Success mean achieving goals very efficiently in a specific time.Its the output of hard work, smart work and dedication towards the work.36. What do you prefer in-person sales or Telephone Sales?I would like to prefer sales rather than telephone sale ,becoz intelephone sale there is no direct contact b/w sales personand the customer but in person sale u met the customer and getbenefitted37. How will you justify the product cost to the prospect? its importantto understand the question firstIt is how we are going to convince our customers about the price of theproduct that we are sellingit is quite clear that a high price i associated to products that areeither high in terms of their quality or are associated with if we want to convince our customers as to why we have priced theproduct as high as ours .. we will do it by attaching some emotionaland status points with the productlike for eg: Our product is among the Top most brands which willenahnce your image in the societythe brand promises a high quality and alo gives you certain guaranteeswhich you wont get with any other brand38. how promotional activities affect sales?
  9. 9. well,i hava an answer for this yes over acting towards the particularproduct will affect the sales for example promoting a product aftrknowin that product is going in good pase still so many adds noticewill chang customers mind that they have so much of money an willtortur them to switch to another product.. and another thing ispromoting through brand ambassidor for example ROCKY sawant people jushate her u knw minto had lost their sales due to this. so this accordinto me..2. promotional activities directly affects sales as it helps a companyto increase it`s market share,attract new customers moreover it`sadversely affects too as when it`s not properly done to the targetedsound audience as in case of Kellog`s when initially launched in Indianmarket (not properly positioned in the minds of the customer as aninstant ready made breakfast ),it`s done for increase in sales moreaggressively to capitalize the targeted market.39. the difference between perception and interpretation? perception is defined as that how we see any one or any thing meansthe way of viewing 2 someone.but interpretation is the by which we makea result or conclusion by using our perception.40. What is Upsellingselling something that is more profitable or otherwise preferable forthe which a seller tries to sell something eles in additionalto the sale.41. how to sale yourself? firstly i want to try to know what the other person need andwhat they want in me and i will modified according to their need andthen its sure that those person will buy me.42. what is the difference between the guarantee and warantee period? both are for limited period,but, garantee says along with theservice the compony is also liable to replace the product in case theproduct is not functioning its features, where as warranty says onlyservices for the product not replacement.43. why you like to join in FMCG sector? FMCG sector is growing day by day because the demand generating fromRURAL sector. FMCG is the only product which i can sell to customeragain and again.Customers includes Urban-Rural, Rich-Poor etc. and forhelping these sector Retail sector also coming to the Rural...So thereare huge scope in FMCG sector44. what is Delphi technique? Delphi Technique a forecasting method in which a cordinator seeks
  10. 10. predictions from experts who revise their opinions in light of theopinions of the others until some degree of consensus is reached.Multistep method used to estimate future demand for a product orservice whereby a special group of experts in economic forecastingexchange views and then each individually submits estimates andassumptions to an analyst who reviews all the data received and issuesa summary report. The summary report is then discussed and reviewedindividually by the group members who each submit revised forecasts tothe analyst, who then reviews the material again and issues a secondaryreport. This process continues until all participants reach a commonground.45.define indirect marketing and explain its role and Importance1.indirect marketing is a non personal cotect of manufacturer to theconsumer by which any seller can represent their product with the helpof advertising.2. Indirect Marketing is the distribution of a particular productthrough a channel that includes one or more resellers. Through thissystem we can come closer to the customers, can be able to know theirwants,needs,demands,queries and their perception about the companiesproducts or offerings accurately.But through direct marketing we canmake the system faster, but who will be their to support us if theydeny our product as their preference.46.what is business stratagy? its a planning of business activities like Presales, Sales,postsales, and how to approach customer and how to sell a product theseall things come in to business strategy.47. why sales?Sales is quite imp & hard profile to choose i feel i have the knowladgeof product,i have good conviencing power,i like to interact withpeople,i have the ability to identifya potential customers,i am able tomold a not interested,irrite & rigid customer to a potentialcustomer.I have no EGO and i am ready to learn.i suppose thesequalities shd be there in a good sales person whc i have either,hence iwant to go for sales.48. what is stock market?, what is share value?STOCK MARKET means where the shares of a comapanies buying and sellingprocess will do with brokers is called as "stock market". SHARE VALUE means the difference between issue price of the shareand the present market price of the share is called as a "share value".49. what is sales life cycle??? Slaes life cycle is1) find out the right customers of your product
  11. 11. 2)Examie / qualfy the prospect(wheather he is able to buyour product or not )3)Convince him to but our product4) close50. what is sales consultant? one who gives information about the product51. if company is not giving the proper service to dealers then how yousolve the problemFirst & foremost job of mine is to approach the company & dealers tofind the exact problem it related to commision or companies newstrategy for distribution ....etc then i wil personaly approach myhigher management about the issue & find the exact problem withdealers.So , now i can proceed with dealers with new strategy forsupply & service from company & new service from company for mutualhelp if the company is happy with dealers & vice versa jobis overbest solution to this is considering dealer also as yr customer andundertstand his expectations from the company further company can usefollowing to solve problem1)offer certain discounts to dealers-this will give them better margin2)arrange regualar dealer confrences and make them feel like part ofthe company and not a cog in machine3)make credit facility available etc etc many steps as such can boostthe dealers52. how can you generates more leads and business ??Except coldcalling,through internet,existing database.for that you must have to create a word of mouth by making yourexisting customer more satisfied and building lond term relationshipwith him. you also have to do aggressive advertising to make aware yourcustomer of your product.53. what is retailing?what is the difference between old retailing and modern retailing?retailing is the process of delivering the goods ormerchandise direct to the consumer.modern retailing differs from old retailing in terms ofmarket concept, customer test and shopping experience andmostly well focused on customer expectation.54. How will you create a brand awareness among the prospectsabout our products and services?
  12. 12. the major problem here will be deciding upon the target market.ones thetarget market is identified then we have to target this audience andcreate brand awareness.this can be done by using marketing mixproduct- placing yr product in par with competitors,addingdifferentiationPrice- either go for cost leadership approach else a price that keeps uin marketplace- deciding upon the distribution channels etcpromotion- major tool for brand awareness use all 6 toolsof communication if u can afford.position yr product I will create promotions such as discounts, buy one take 1 oreven free taste/use. I will also tie up with the organizations whoconducts seminars and training to the target people55. EXPLAIN HOW DID YOU ACHIEVED YOUR TARGETSfirst of all i made some plans and did work on it to the vast of myability to fulfill my plan, in this way i achived my target.56. How soon can you travel down to start your new Job? As soon I receive the Job Offer letter from the company or whenthe company asks me to join,making all the arrangement in very shortperiod.57. ultratech cement have askd to me during inerview what is marketmapping , how will you draw your market share ? Market mapping is the syurvey done by the organisation tounderstand customer requirements & how other products are positioned inthe market. Market mapping gives idea about companies share in themarket & what are the diffrent strategies adopted by otherorganisations. The activity is generally done by visiting cementcounters & filling upquestionary market share can be drawn by taking the total market potential intoconsideration and our sales in that area. If the market potential is1000 pmt. & our sales in that area 500pmt. then our market share is50%. This is how our market share can be calculated.58. how would you describe your work styleI am very passionate about what i do, i like to take uptask, plan how to accomplish it, find right people,and makesure all of us succeed together ,while constantly meetingthe challenges head on and using the synergy of the groupto look for creative solutions to achieve our goals
  13. 13. 2. what kind of personality do you work best with and why I amcomfortable with everyone around me, I customize myself to the people Iam talking to. I also enjoy interacting with new people. And best I amalso a good listener.59. Imagine that you are the marketing Manager of Zideo International,Agra, Manufacturing leather goods. Which are the steps you will take topromote sales? First of all I give the brief explanation of my product which ever Iwant sale and try my level best to win the consumer heart with mytalking behave. During the Talking I must keep mayself polite and keeppetient because consumer may ask very difficult questions which mighttourch me. But if a Succeed to win the sonsumer heart then I quote thequotation for the same. Once againg there is anti arguments against thequotation. For promote my sale I will quote the very suitable priceeven without profit and some minimum profit I take. If so, I consider Imake a regular customer for my firm and then by and by I may increasemy product Price. I possible and easy but first time we cant got themaximum profit. first of all i consentrait on advertising of my product. thanafter check the customer present requirement,check the customer qualitypreferance,if any quality innovation require than i suggest the compny.i try to satishfied customer and give the maximum information about theproduct and benifits. in this way we can improve our sales and get themaximum reward.first i will enquire abt the competitior product price,market share,sales volume, advertising ....etc.. according to these i will markup myproducts price with in the boundaries of our company policy. more overi want to implement my product as rapid skimming. One of the importantthing for lather product is reduce cycle time it means company has tolaunch new product in short interval and also update product design.Company has to consider cost factor as a competitive weapon and try toreduce cost compared order to promote the sales of leather products,the placement ofour products at the retailers showroom is necessary at competitiveprices,the special drive will be launched in increasing the reach andcounter share of our products.Retailers will be given specialincentives if they will surpass the promised numbers of ourproducts.New distributors and direct dealers will be appointed at farflung areas in order to make the availability of the products. being aManager of Zideo International, Agra for Manufaturing Leather goods,below given are the steps to promote a quick sale. 1. Introduction of the product to the customer is a style that themessage is conveyed in a positive manner and at one glance the customerwill like it.2. Study the leather market before launching the product.3. Should be clear with entire backup about the product so that if youreceive any query you are ready to answer it at said time without
  14. 14. hesitating. This will built your image and this will help you forquick selling of the product.4. Cost price - after understanding the market requirements by thecustomer always think of the cost price . The price should always becompetative than the other companies.5. Do a market survey or customer survey to understand the need andrequirement of the customer.6. Use the Luther Gullicks formula PODSCORB or Webers term ofBureaucracy for studing the market.7.Introduce your product in the market at a little cheaper rate furtherdepending upon the sale surely you can increase the value.60. HOW A COMPANY CAN ESYABLISH ITS NEW BRAND?IF THE COMPANY IS KNOWN THEN IT IS NOT SO DIFFICULT. FOR INSTACERELIANCE COMPANY THEY DIVERSIFIED THEIR BUSINESSIN MANY STREAMS - PERTROLEM TO RELIANCE FOOD FRESH & IN FOOT PRINTS.THEIR COMPANY NAME WITH PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITY IS ENOUGH TO MAKE ITBRAND.BT IF COMPANY IS NEW THEY HAVETO TAKE CARE IN MANY WAYS- LIKE COMPETITORS AND THEIR COMPETITIVEADVANTAGE..COMPANY HAS TO GO FOR AGGRASIVE MARKETING.. MAKING FULL USEOF MARKETING MIX.. DOING PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITY AND AT SAME TIME TAKINGCARE OF ALL THE PS & AS (AFFORDABILITY,ACCESIBILITY ETC.)INMARKETING. PROVIDE QUALITY& QUANITITY TO CONSUMER WHICH IS PROMISED.ALL THIS EFFORT WILL HELP TO MAKE A BRAND KNOWN AND AT - TOP OF THEMIND.i think it is difficult for any company to establish its new brandbecause people dont know about their pros. a new brand can beestablished with the help of promotional activities so that people cameto know this product importance. a proper strategy can be helpful i say advertisement, proper promotional activities and very goodshare of retailers can established our new brand. blue chips companiescan take advantage of their positioning. but it not means new companiescan not establish their brand t is so difficult to establish a new brand in the market in betweenexisting companies. because they already have a competative advantage.If a new company want to establish a new brand then first of all it hasto analyse whole the market to understand that what are the needs ofconsumers how many copetitors in the market and what strategies theyare using. then it has to develop som new ideas regarding product. setits marketing mix, create a suitable strategy, technology, location,target marketing, positioning, budget etc.61. hat is the difference between invoice and billing
  15. 15. invoice:- is essentially a detailed bill left by vendors and outsidesuppliers for goods or services rendered to a is a legaldocument which can be used as evidence of an incurred debt. Therecipient of the goods or services can challenge the legitimacy ofindividual charges, but the invoice itself is considered a bona fidedebt. Sometimes a vendor or serviceman cannot collect on a billimmediately, so their company will send an invoice at a later date forpayment.billings - Total amount charged to clients, including the agencycommission, media costs, production costs, etc...The invoice will beissued on the day the event concludes. Bills are payable in full within14 days. In the event of late payment, 15 % late-payment penaltieswill be charged. By entering into a agreement with us, the contractorexpressly agrees to accept all procedural charges in the event ofunpunctual payment.62.What is the difference between marketing and sales? Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processfor creating,communicating,delivering value to the customer and formanaging customer relationship and retaining with satisfaction. Sales is the act of persuading or influencing customer tobuy a product or service( actually exchange something value for)63. What is depth and width? Tell me with formula? give me withexample? there is three term usually used productline,width,depth it will better to understand by example likeautomobile alto,sx4,swift,ritz etc...this are called width of marutisuzuki suv as alto lx,lxi,vxi.k10 etc are called depth of thatproduct.understand64.what is ment by marketing Every product has some amount of value attached to it. Whilethe firm knows what is the value of the product it needs to communicateto the consumer about the value held by the product. Hence, marketingcan be termed as communicating with customers and creating a profitablerelationship with them.65. why shoud this organisation must hire you? because i do have the abilities to work in tight deadlinesas well my key skill is suited for this job and foremost i have aninterest to work with this organisati66. Where do you see yourself from five years now?I believe in long term commitments. In my Carrier hunt I have beenfacing many challanges and getting the solution for them with the helpof my ability and talent and I feel if I am selected here I would alsoget the same here, and if I occumplish the given task which generatespositive results I am sure Company would encourage me in form of upwardmove.67. what you can do for this company?
  16. 16. my knowledge, my experience, my well being and responsibility68. can you suggest me which new one stragies will you opt for themarketing if you can? B2C mrktng tht is Businesss to Consumers..its helps alot toknow abt the market requirements n the current conditions for theparticular marketing for the services which r been provided...69. what is primary and secondary sales The organization selles thier product or services to thechannel partners,is called primary sales. secondary sales means whenthe organization sales the products or services to end users.70. customer is always right? why?Because the boss is always right. i.e.,Customer is our boss71. what is primary and secondary sales The organization selles thier product or services to thechannel partners,is called primary sales. secondary sales means whenthe organization sales the products or services to end users.72. what are 4ps of marketing. product, price, place, promotiom73. what is retail Retail means that the Product is sold within a oneboundarywith the help of some intermediaries74. why did you choose marketing for your currier marketing is the place wher we are earning mony and knowlge i.ewe are going to meet different types of customers.75. how can i take primary order from my distributor,while he hasinventory of Rs 2 lakh & sale of product is only of Rs25,000/- only?clearly understand the monthly sales statement of thedistributor and analyze the sold quantity.3 ways are there.1.Get order for the product which highly sold on that month2.Inform him about the seasonal activities and make him tokeep the stock more3.Give the feedback about secondary sales and opportunitiesfor products in the assigned territo76. I am asked to sell a pen as but with a condition that I will haveto sell the pen at Rs.25(five times more the actual rate)though
  17. 17. actually the price of the pen is Rs. 5 and wen the customer is aware ofthe same.if ever i am asked to do so.. and customer knows the actual cost ofpen... then i would never sell a pen...because customer satisfaction isthe main aim of selling. To maintain long term relationship with thecustomer..we should delight him with our right services and pricing77. why you vahe taken Marketing with Finance specialization? i am very much interested dealing with people. i thoughtmarketing with finance gives me more strength. financial matter ofparticular product includes in marketing . thats way i hav takenmarketing with finance.78. What elements of your job do you find most difficult?"Controversy" . First of all , we should respect our job profile try togive our 100% in any circumstances on that job. Then it becomes easierfor any one. Before we start our job carrer or join any job , we shouldbe know " WHAT IS IT ? CAN WE HANDLE THIS ONE ? " If we don`t know howto handle that job then it creats lots of problem in every step in ourlife. So we learn or pay attention on that problem and try to soughtout that problem within a short time. We always remember that " NOTHINGIS DIFFICULT . DIFFICULT CREATS FEAR. " So i think that its all aboutour perception , which one is difficult or which one is not79. if ur working in a supermarket what tools and techiniques will uuse in data collection?how r u going to analysis the data and makeinferences? how will u finally apply ur market esearch to improve salesand win over customers? observation,survey.80. who is the marketing guru Mr. Philip Kotlar is the marketing guru.81. what are the key role of a sales person? the key role of a sales person is to know the customer demand(likes and dislikes of customers)and to increase his sale economicalyand strategically.82. how can i sale a low price pen to the reputed person who usebranded pen..? Tell him that, you can lend him when someone asked to borrow yourpen and just walk away without bothering to take it back83. how can u sell our car except your friends &familyit is easy to sell the car in the show room because the important thingis which brand we are going to sell forexample if the car is ford then 50% of the job is finished because ithas very good brand in market. then we highlight the postive things ofthe car and hiding negetive things and we have to show how it isdifferent from others.