law benefits employee engagement employer activities strategy human resources labour law importance management payment process performance wagh sheetal economy hrm performance appraisal amount organisations venture capital budget expenditure capital budgeting advantages 1948 development performance management role marketing team recruiter referrals external and internal recruitment sources mba posting vacancy jobs screening shorlisting selection overview recruitment hr cgst sgst igst tax business finance slabs services goods gst paytm india digital india cheque positive negative impact effect money society people 500 cashless india bank account 2000 demonetisation paypal rbi farmers 1000 5p model of shrm traditional hr approaches of shrm obstacles human resource management strategic hr shrm nature and aim of shrm priciples implementation tqm features barriers total quality management (tqm) pms components of performance management system methods appraisal good practices. limitations meaning employers scale of medical benefit benefits of employees state insurance act disablement benefit medical consultation personal maternity benefit doctor sickness benefit teatment iphone temporary disablement benefit permanent disablement employees compensation right liability to pay compensation 1923 workmen's compensation act liability workmen new product acquisition franchising sponsorship entry strategy hierarchy theory safety needs esteem ego needs love and belonging security social security needs needs self actualisation maslow maslow's hierarchy of needs theory physiological needs entrepreneur economic development concept of entrepreneur and entrepreneurship enterprise startup boss entrepreneurship commercial business new venture public relations individual ethics in performance management performance evaluation parameters product pricing strategic planning fund accounting governance non-profit npo tools control techniques tools and techniques capital expenditure control place 4p's price marketing mix mix promotion budgeting cost audit management audit internal audit audit financial audit auditor disadvantages auditing cash cow examples growth rate dog matrix market share bcg matrix question mark growth share start children women cleanliness welfare factories act provision worker amendment safety spittoon health 1972 payment of gratuity gratuity laws forfeiture mintzberg's 5p's of strategy 5p mintzberg company procurement value chain supply chain value chain analysis using porter's model interlinked customers primary support technology porter infrastructure walmart supplier industry porter's five forces model of competition rivalry coffee products porters bargaining five forces tea buyer substitutes competition ethics issues dilemmas unethical significance strategies behaviour moral objectives ethical indian british ilo legislation fuction need international labour organisation maximum bonus accounting year bonus act payment of bonus act 1965 surplus minimum bonus focus collaborative relationship positive culture values empower goals action oriented high performance teams john mayer human reasource productivity talent management intelligence functionality daniel goleman emotional intelligence mentor sensitivity training training successful people coral reef cnidarians molluscs enzyme taq polymerase biochemistry pcr business plan pastry sibariano desserto cake crescendo spotify saavn digitization apple music brand 4ps tanishq group dynamics group leadership
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