sales promotion advertising marketing characteristics form of ownership retail formats vending machines (automatic retailing) advantages of organized retail retailing from three different perspectives independent store & non-store retailing super market tv home shopping activities performed by retailers internet retailing types of retailing hyper market shopping mall tele selling catalog retailing (mail-order retailing) organized retail trade on the basis of merchandise offered or store strat direct selling (door-to-door retailing) control of overall performance steps in product and production design profit and loss control productivity importance and total quality management dimensions of control operations management value engineering what is budgeting? control as a feedback system limitations & features of controlling the basic control process requirements for feedforward control characteristics of effective control system operations research comparison of simple feedback and feedforward syst what is controlling feedforward control what is benchmarking ebay products can ebay continue growing cash budget benefits examples planning budgeting questions budgetary control turnover and costing idle time cost types of incentive wage plans system of wages why control labour costs? piece rate or piece work labour productivity measuring workforce performance merrick differential piece rate system halsey premium method and rowan’s method labour cost calculation methods labour turnover direct wages numericals semi-variable costs fixed costs variable costs direct expenses overhead direct material using web-based tools for financial analysis and r boehringer ingelheim advertising growth in india advertising campaign developing an advertising campaign personal selling as promotion media advertising expenditures managing mass communication perfect market competition monopolistic competition and monopoly features behaviour & implications of revenue under perfect difference between perfect competition major steps taken to sustain with the rise and fal the five ways to departmentalization basic organisation organization design applications centralization versus decentralization types of power line authority and staff authority organization culture elements of structure contingency variables affecting structure effectiveness advertising budget sponsor events 5 m’s of marketing advertising time patterns procter & gamble’s advertising history marketing pr campaign designing and managing integrated marketing channe channel management decisions functions channel conflict channels and marketing decisions porter and lawler model relevance expectancy theory motivation rural demand importance of rural marketing difference between urban and rural marketing rural rural market rural marketing marketing channel channel managing marketing channel brand equity branding brand
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