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Agile Israel 2017


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HPE Software - DevOps transformation at the large scale global enterprise

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Agile Israel 2017

  1. 1. Tal Levi Joseph VP ADM R&D, HPE Software Agile Sparks 2017
  2. 2. ADM R&D ID 80 Releases a year 5 Pillars Execution ∙ Customers ∙ Innovation ∙ People ADM R&D Organization 2017 Over 10,000 Customers Performance Engineering Lifecycle Management Functional Testing Mobile & Virtualization Performance Monitoring R&D Engineers in Multiple Locations
  3. 3. Automation runs on demand for specific areas Build to QA every 2-4 weeks Our Journey FROM : 8 products Major release every 18-24 months On-Prem release every quarter & SaaS release every 4-8 weeks Continuous builds to R&D 15 products TO : Continuous automation in DevOps pipeline Layered Development Org E2E ownership domains
  5. 5. The Challenge Continuous automation in DevOps pipeline SPEED QUALITY SCALE
  6. 6. What To Test
  7. 7. Connecting the dots – Actionable insights
  8. 8. Connecting the dots
  9. 9. Insights and visibility
  10. 10. Cont. Quality in DevOps • Virtualize • Automate (testing and CI) • Monitor & Take Action Test Early, Fail Early & Fix Early • E2E business flows – Ops to Dev • Real life condition testing • Corrective actions (CI, coverage, efficiency) Visibility and Insights • Gradual deployment • Customers validation programs • Real users staging environment and data Real Feedbacks loops And always remember, You’re Only As Strong As Your Next Move