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Multi technology geolocation webinar


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This webinar with Rohit Gupta, Olivier Hersent and Bart Hendriks aims to reply to the following questions: What are the market opportunities and use cases enabled by IoT Geolocation? What are the benefits of multi-technology geolocation? What are the benefits of using LPWAN technologies (LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, LTE-M) for connectivity? How LPWAN-enabled Geolocation will evolve in the future? How is Actility building multi-technology geolocation platform?

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Multi technology geolocation webinar

  1. 1. MULTI-TECHNOLOGY IOT GEOLOCATION The future of IoT geolocation is multi-technology Rohit Gupta, Product Manager, Actility Olivier Hersent, Founder & CEO, Actility Bart Hendriks, Project Manager, KPN
  2. 2. Agenda Intro: IoT Geolocation Market Opportunities & Segmentation I. Designing a Multi-Technology LPWAN-enabled Geolocation service II. Case studies on benefits of Multi-Technology systems III. Tier-1 EU operator geolocation experience - KPN Conclusion: How LPWAN-enabled geolocation will evolve in the future
  3. 3. IoT Geolocation Market Opportunities & Segmentation
  4. 4. Mobile Asset Tracking Market TODAY
  5. 5. LPWAN-Enabled Geolocation Applications Worker Safety Tracking (Oil & Gas) Pets and Animal tracking Fleet Management Anti-theft rental scooter/bike tracking Logistics parcel/bags tracking Elderly and disabled care Tracking solution for outdoor sports In the fast growing tracking market segment, LPWAN-Enabled IoT trackers open new possibilities Asset Management
  6. 6. Tracking use cases combine the following tracking modes ➢ Permanent tracking : low frequency, low resolution ➢ On-demand tracking : high resolution ➢ Geofencing : high frequency, low resolution Tracking modes & Tracking technologies Technology segments One-way trackers (e.g. Periodic wake-up cellular, GlobalStar) Cannot switch modes (Permanent tracking only) → require many more fixes Cannot use AGPS Bidirectional trackers (LoRaWAN, always on cellular) Allow power optimisation through intelligent mode switching Can do both high frequency and on-demand high resolution
  7. 7. Advantages of LPWAN (LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, LTE-M) for tracking Geofencing Permanent tracking On-demand tracking Ultra low-power radio ▪ Much longer battery life time Vs conventional systems ▪ Compatible with long-life battery powered products (Required peak current much lower than cellular technology) ▪ Lower connectivity and maintenance costs Bidirectional technology ▪ Always use optimal tracking mode to optimize battery life ▪ Reduce fix time and power consumption through AGPS ▪ Take action on dynamic geo-triggers TDoA technology ▪ provides ultra low power geolocation with 50 to 100m accuracy ▪ may be deployed on private port / campus to locally optimize geofencing energy cost ▪ Ultra-low BOM cost Exclusive LPWAN AGPS technology provides ▪ Low Time To First Fix (TTFF) ▪ High cold-start sensitivity ▪ Exclusive 3 satellite fix ▪ Lower power consumption
  8. 8. Current/Power efficiency (24-44 mA) <50 kbps Enterprise/smart city Dense sensor deployment Scarce / Nationwide Module cost (high vol) <2 (+4)USD <6 (+10)USD <20USD <250 kbps <1 Mbps <5 Mbps Bitrate (uplink) LTE cat 4 LTE cat 1 LTE-M NB-IoT LoRaWAN <10USD (74-220 mA) For LPWA solutions (LoRa and NB1), battery for 10yr @ 4USD/2Ah, 10msg/day is shown. NB1 power use per 3GPP report R1 156006, 5Wh for 10yr, 1 msg/2h scenario Source: LPWAN Market Segmentation (100-490 mA) <375 kbps
  9. 9. I. Designing a Multi-Technology LPWAN-enabled Geolocation Service
  10. 10. Life of smart pallet Warehouse WarehouseUrban Urban GPS/LP-GPS TDoA GPS/LP-GPS Wi-Fi / BLE Private LoRaWAN Wi-Fi / BLE Private LoRaWAN LoRaWAN + NB-IoT + LTE-M
  11. 11. Life of smart pallet Warehouse WarehouseUrban Urban GPS/LP-GPS TDoA GPS/LP-GPS Wi-Fi / BLEWi-Fi / BLE Indoor High accuracy Static Outdoor High accuracy Moving Outdoor Low accuracy Fast moving Trackers need to have the embedded intelligence to select in real-time the most adapted tracking technology to optimize battery & reduce cost Outdoor High accuracy Moving Indoor High accuracy Static
  12. 12. Abeeway’s patented technology: Low Power GPS End device collects raw data from a GPS front- end within 10s Transmits raw data to Low Power GPS server Combines it with satellite’s trajectories to calculate position LoRaWAN NS GPS Assistance Server Gateway Abeeway App Server Tracker
  13. 13. 1 Whitepaper: How to build a Multi-technology Scalable IoT Connectivity Platform 2 Positioning for the Internet of Things: A 3GPP Perspective LoRaWAN RSSI 1000-2000m Wi-Fi 5-30m IoT Geolocation Technologies Landscape LoRaWAN TDoA 20-200m Cost BLE 1-7m GPS 5-15m € €€€ months 13 LP-GPS 9-18m Size of the circle denotes accuracy *Not to Scale 1. LoRaWAN TDOA/RSSI • Lowest cost solution. Works natively with any LoRaWAN sensor • LoRaWAN enables long battery life use cases • TDOA: 20-200m accuracy range depending on conditions • RSSI: 1000-2000m accuracy 2. Cellular TDoA (3GPP Rel 14+)2 • Assuming outdoor solution • NB-IoT is 3-5X less power efficient than LoRaWAN1 • LTE-M has more accuracy than NB-IoT 3. Wi-Fi Location • Cost efficient solution for outdoor and indoor solution • Accuracy increases with hotspot density • Accuracy can be 5m with fingerprinting 4. BLE • Requires a BLE beaconing system • Indoor solution 5. GPS/Low Power-GPS • 1 GPS adds $5-$8 to the BOM • Most accurate but power consuming solution • LP-GPS brings battery consumption improvement Key geolocation technologies Battery life years NB-IoT TDoA 20-200m LTE-M TDoA 20-100m
  14. 14. Communication link: LoRaWAN NB IoT GSM Geolocation: BLE WIFI LP-GPS / AGPS GPS LoRaWAN TDOA LoRaWAN and LP-GPS increase significantly the battery lifetime LoRaWAN + Multimode Geolocation is 10X battery efficient compared to conventional Geolocation (GSM + AGPS)
  15. 15. Assumptions: • Use Case: Railroad car tracking • Battery Replacement campaign cost: 30 $/tracker • Tasks (Identification, collection, replacement, re-dispatch) • Total number of trackers: 100k What is the impact of battery lifetime on 10yr TCO? Battery Lifetime has dramatic 10X impact on OPEX (TCO) Hub1 Hub2 Final Destination
  16. 16. • Geolocation Applications demand different combinations of the options below for wide- ranging use cases • Enterprises are always looking for E2E solutions LPWAN Geolocation System ➔ LoRaWAN ➔ NB-IoT, LTE-M ➔ BLE ➔ Multi-Technology Geolocation ◆ GPS, LP-GPS, ◆ LoRaWAN TDoA, Cellular TDoA ◆ Wi-Fi Sniffing, BLE ➔ Multi-Technology Solver ➔ Open API ➔ Web and Mobile Applications ➔ Small size, low weight, low cost ➔ Long battery lifetime ➔ Flexible multi-mode behaviour Geolocation Service Providers need a multi-technology platform to address all the use cases LPWAN Geolocation PlatformLPWAN Connectivity High-Performance Devices
  17. 17. II. LPWAN-Enabled Geolocation (Selected Use Cases)
  18. 18. Motorcycle cradles tracking Winning with Partners Benefits for GEFCO ▪ Build new services for their customers ▪ Optimization of their own operations ▪ Lower retention rate at selling points ▪ Reduction of number of cradles due to better fleet management ❑ Battery lifetime (> 4 years) ❑ Lowest BOM 1. ThingPark X Location Engine for device management and data storage ▪ Single API for data collection 2. Abeeway Industrial Tracker ▪ Fitting on motor cradle and providers of positions every 5 min 3. LoRaWAN Connectivity (Orange) 4. WAKEO track and trace analytics ▪ Business expert application dedicated to logistics ▪ Matching the asset, tracker and truck telematics IoT Track & Trace solution:
  19. 19. • Die Mobiliar (La Mobilière), the Swiss market leader in insurance for personal belongings, is offering Abeeway’s Micro Tracker within a service called «FindMe» •Improve insurance business model with enhanced customer interaction •LoRaWAN connectivity provided by Swisscom & Abeeway tracking solution
  20. 20. I @tata.comm | | © 2016 Tata Communications. All Rights Reserved. TATA COMMUNICATIONS and TATA are trademarks of Tata Sons Limited in certain countries. WOMEN SAFETY DEVICE CHALLENGE • Very small Tracker that is part of accessory (ex. Bracelet) • Not possible to use phone in case of attack • Geofencing to detect start and end point SOLUTION • Tracker is in standby mode most of the time • Enable tracking only when outdoor • Geofencing to put tracker in standby mode when in home/office • Alert mode to inform police for emergency
  21. 21. I @tata.comm | | © 2016 Tata Communications. All Rights Reserved. TATA COMMUNICATIONS and TATA are trademarks of Tata Sons Limited in certain countries. ANTI-THEFT RENTAL SCOOTER TRACKING CHALLENGE • Very small Tracker to be placed inside the scooter • Hidden and not connected to scooter power supply • Very low power consumption • Limit human intervention to change device/battery SOLUTION • Battery-powered Tracker hidden inside scooter • Programmed to minimize power consumption • Micro Tracker sends 2 positions per day (GPS/Low- Power GPS over LoRaWAN) • Continuous tracking mode active in case of theft • On demand position notification
  22. 22. Use Case : Worker safety in Oil & Gas offshore 22 LPWAN trackers allow to ensure worker safety outdoor and indoor with a long battery life & lower TCO IP cable or satellite On-site or Cloud satellite Multi-Technology location solver GPS WIFI SSID Man in hazardous area Man at sea Abeeway Application BLE Actility LoRaWAN core network
  23. 23. III.Tier-1 EU operator geolocation experience - KPN
  24. 24. LoRa Geolocation goes commercial Presentation Geoloc services KPN: Presentation in cooperation with Actility
  25. 25. The KPN LoRa network: denser network in urban area: Legenda • Trisector sites • Omni sites
  26. 26. KPN Refresh Classificatie26 In practice you need: on LoRa LRR (gateway) GPS with free line of sight, a GPS antenna which has a great separation of signals. Calculate your grid for 4 LRR’s administration when buiding cables lengths of GPS antenna and LoRa antenna. Adeunis devices to compare GPS and LoRa coordinates to understand possible mismatches. KPN developed an open source tool for this:
  27. 27. KPN Refresh Classificatie27 The promise to the customer:
  28. 28. Improvements to come: Frequency planning using free channels rather than LC1, LC2, LC3 since they are occupied by all parties using LoRa.
  29. 29. Excavator stolen and found
  30. 30. In this example: The GPS / GSM based tracker was dismantled because it was easy to find with a FM radio The LoRa tracker was not dismantled since it was not detected due to the short lasting chirp signals.
  31. 31. The device doing the job: Life span of battery of the device is guaranteeed for 3 years
  32. 32. KPN Public 32 In practice you see:
  33. 33. Advantage power consumption In this movie LoRa is used for tracking down the bicycle and bluetooth for the last 100 meters.
  34. 34. Launched in the KPN retail stores: Tracker for suitcases and pets, whatever people like to track
  35. 35. How LPWAN-Enabled Geolocation will evolve in the future
  36. 36. What’s next in LPWAN-Enabled Geolocation backend? • Collaboration between Network Operator Geolocation (TDoA) + over the top (OTT) Geolocation service providers Over-The-Top (OTT) Geo-Location ● GPS, LP-GPS ● Wi-Fi ● BLE Multi-Technology Fusion Filter eNB eNB eNB Cellular-IoT Geolocation (TDoA, Rel 14+) LoRaWAN Geolocation (TDoA)
  37. 37. • Emergence of multi-technology trackers (GPS, Low-Power GPS, Wi-Fi, BLE, sensors) • Ability to customize reference design • Sensor based positioning trigger • Smart multi-mode configuration • Multi-band support (via Roaming) • Use AI for smart multi-mode technology BUT, Also... • Ultra-low cost disposable Semtech LoRaWAN nano-tag • Features printed battery technology, enabling real- time tracking • Enables applications such as tracking parcels • Semtech LoRaWAN Nano Tag What’s next in IoT Geolocation trackers?
  38. 38. Optimizing Campus geolocation with D-AGPS (outdoor) D-AGPS probes with fixed known positions allow the AGPS solver to increase location accuracy
  39. 39. Actility ThingPark Location Solution Color legend Actility ThingPark Wireless ThingPark Location API TDoAWi-Fi LP-GPS Multi-Technology Data Fusion Solver/Filter ThingPark Location API GeoFencing, Map Matching (TPX) BLE Abeeway Mobile Apps (B2B2C) App Solutions Vertical 1 Abeeway Device (Micro Tracker) App Solutions Vertical 2 Third Party Solution Abeeway Abeeway Device (Industrial tracker) GPS Third Party Devices 3rdParty LoRaWAN NS
  40. 40. • Multi-technology geolocation filter • Low Power Connectivity • Integrated software platform • Flexible behavior • High-performance tracking devices Low-power tracking enabled by 5 Essentials 41 Service providers need Multi-Technology Geolocation with Multiple LPWAN Connectivity Options to address wide range of LPWAN Use Cases
  41. 41. 1. Market momentum 2. There is no single Geolocation/LPWAN technology able to respond to all uses cases 3. IoT Geolocation deployments are ‘real’ not just statistics 4. Actility ThingPark platform easily integrates IoT Geolocation, and is a secure investment for the future Key Takeaways
  42. 42. Contact Actility Sales representative for more information on ➢ Abeeway Trackers ➢ ThingPark Location Platform ➢ ThingPark Location Price list For all technical enquiries: How to arrange for ThingPark Location demo?
  43. 43. Questions?