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Weiber Cryostat

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Weiber Cryostat

  2. 2. R Weiber Cryostat is used to maintain cold cryogenic temperatures of samples using various refrigeration methods. Cryostat is a highly adaptable platform that can be tailor-made for each laboratory. Cryostat provides a variable temperature sample environment with no valves or adjustments required. Cryostats have numerous applications within science, engineering, and medicine. Weiber Cryostats has been specially designed for use in microscopy, imaging, and high spatial resolution photoluminescence.The cryostats are usually a stationary upright freezer, with an external wheel for rotating the microtome. Weiber cryostats are CE marked and are NABL & ISO certified. The cryostat geometry offers a short working distance (for use with high magnification optics), and permits mounting on common microscope stages and translators. Cryostat offers fast and stress-free production of high-quality cryostat sections. Ÿ Integrated with MPU (Microprocessor) Control the temperature and LCD display that automatically controls the function of the section and trimming is done semi-automatically. Ÿ Comprise of two compressor for freezing, five freezing place, two freezing tray, freezing specimen, holder, freezing box, freezing knife. Ÿ Incorporated with specimen retraction function that protects the specimen from blade injury. CRYOSTAT Standard Features MODEL NO. - ACM-MICT-5479
  3. 3. R Temperature of Freezing Box Temperature of Freezing Tray Temperature of Freezing specimen holder Temperature of Freezing Knife Trimming thickness Setting value Maximum Sample Maximum vertical specimen stroke Maximum horizontal specimen stroke Range of Angle Adjustment of freezing Knife Specimen Orientation Dimension Weight Power -5℃~-35℃(±2℃) -10℃~-40℃ (±2℃) -5℃~-40℃(±2℃) -5℃~-25℃(±2℃) 1-60um 55mm from 1-60um 1um increment 59mm 28mm via step motor 0-15° on X/Y – axes 8°and specimen rotation on Z –axes 360° 600×640×1150mm 120kg 560w Technical Specifications Ÿ Consists of UV lamp sterilization system and fluorescent lamp for lightning. Ÿ Defrosts automatically Ÿ Automatic retraction system for section Ÿ Automatic retraction system for specimen holder. Ÿ Anti-roll system that makes the slice extremely flat
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