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Travel Distribution_IETS by Lim Lai Hock


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Published in: Education
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Travel Distribution_IETS by Lim Lai Hock

  1. 1. Travel DistributionsIndonesian E-Tourism Summit 2011Lim Lai HockDirector, Online Segment and Solutions1
  2. 2. More options  Easier for Customers  Moresales •+22% Sales conversion when you provide more payment options (Source: GlobalCollect) •Different customer segments prefer different form of payments •More familiar, more likely to complete sale •More confidence in merchant, higher chance of closing sale •PCI, Security, 3D, …3
  3. 3. Common observations about travel merchants’ payment strategy … Lack of or NO Strategy Time Consuming Lots of Manual Tracking Longer Time to Revenue Cash Flow Always Tight Resources Held Up Multiple Bank Accts Back Office Accounting Currency Exchange Losses in Diff Markets Big Headache As Business Grow, Accounting & Operational Complexity Intensifies7
  4. 4. What are the benefits of social marketing?9
  5. 5. Most commonly used social marketing tool10
  6. 6. How much investment before you can expect result? Helped close business Generated exposure for business The sweet spot: +6 hours or more11
  7. 7. Mobile Internet + Smartphone is setting new records13
  8. 8. The Mobile Story • Assimilating • Personal • Attached • Available • Social • Payment14
  9. 9. 15
  10. 10. Year of the Showdown – iOS vs Android16
  11. 11. New travel apps are launched every other week … as well as mobile-aware travel web sites Mobilize your existing site or build a native app?17
  12. 12. Thank You18