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Mobile & Travel by Desmond Chong IETS2011


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Mobile & Travel by Desmond Chong IETS2011

  1. 1. Mobile & TravelDesmond Chong,Director, Business Development, Corporate Segments & Solutions
  2. 2. The Smartest FREE Travel Mobile Application „ A smart mobile travel application for travellers „ Access to the most current important flight details with automatic syncing for itinerary updates „ Live flight notification alerts, and trip-specific messages „ Organize all aspects of your trips in a single itinerary
  3. 3. Import Abacus Bookings into TripCase Import PNR Add Events
  4. 4. Add Trip Events Alongside with Your Travel Beside Flight, Hotel and Car, you can now add to your itinerary: „ Activity „ Attraction One touch access to „ Cruise „ Ferry trip details „ Restaurants and Clubs „ Ground Transportation „ Meetings „ Rail Transportation
  5. 5. Access to the Most Current Trip Details One single touch access to all trip events in a single itinerary
  6. 6. Trip Directions Between Every Trip Event Turn-by-turn driving directions to events in your itinerary or other addresses
  7. 7. Works Even When You Are Offline On A Flight View trip details in airplane mode when phone and wifi are disabled
  8. 8. Live Flight Status Updates/Notifications Flight Departures Status and Gate Status Alerts
  9. 9. Push Alerts via SMS & Email Messaging Let you know about critical changes to your trip even your TripCase app is not open
  10. 10. Trip Specific Messages Receive trip specific messages before and during the trip
  11. 11. TripCase Travel Tools Access all TripCase travel tools from one single screen
  12. 12. Publish to Social Networks You get to choose what and when to publish: - Enable selected trips - Itinerary Import - Start of Trip - Return from Trip Note: TripCase will not disclose actual locations and other details from any itinerary
  13. 13. Larger devices like iPad & Galaxy will see more users Do it differently. Build an experience.
  14. 14. Taking Advantage of Mobile Technology„ Mobile is NOT Online ‟ Integrate Profile, Habits, Location, Context„ Intermediaries likely to be winners ‟ Would you download apps from10 carriers, and 20 hotels?„ Competition will arise not from Travel Industry
  15. 15. Technology &Value Creation
  16. 16. Before the Wheel, everyone walked everywhere Then came the wheel Followed by the Carriage
  17. 17. Adopt to better serve customers
  18. 18. Myths about Technology & Productivity„ Connected 24/7 is good for business„ Email is best. Use it for everything„ Everyone is as “geeky” as I am„ Paper & Pen are dead„ We got to have the latest technology
  19. 19. Parting Thoughts: 5 Letters„S P O R T ‟ Strategy, Process, Organization, Resource, Technology„ Role of Technology: ENABLE the strategy & model„ Key is APPLICATION and adoption is derivative„ Organizational & Process changes must come before technology implementation