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Corporate Innovation Meetup (Nov.2014)


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Meetup Description

Collaborative sessions on how to actualize innovative ideas within Medium to Large corporations. Goal will be to provide tactics and new topics for Charlotte companies to drive innovation internally.

This talk centers on how to proceed with innovation tactics in a non-profit setting, and open a discussion on how to navigate these waters

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Corporate Innovation Meetup (Nov.2014)

  1. 1. Innovation through Refining Internal Processes Experiments & Current Examples from Work at YMCA of Greater Charlotte Antoine RJ Wright | | @arjwright | #CorporateInnovation
  2. 2. Antoine RJ Wright | | @arjwright | #CorporateInnovation Layout of Session ● Story ● Experiment ● Discussion Question
  3. 3. Antoine RJ Wright | | @arjwright | #CorporateInnovation Introduction ● Bio ● TEC: Stitching Teaching, Empowering, and Creativity into every area ● Locally relevant, regionally accessible, globally aware & always pushing
  4. 4. Innovation at a Non-Profit What does innovation at a non-profit look like? ● Prior Experience ● Experiments: What have I produced? ● Do we define non-profit and for-profit innovation differently? Antoine RJ Wright | | @arjwright | #CorporateInnovation
  5. 5. Challenges to Innovative Behaviors Antoine RJ Wright | | @arjwright | #CorporateInnovation ● Technology is only relevant when it is personal ● Overcoming common challenges to thoughts and prototypes ● What are challenges to innovative behaviors?
  6. 6. Embracing Change Antoine RJ Wright | | @arjwright | #CorporateInnovation ● From binders to iPad to Tour Card to QA ● How would you recommend a non-profit, structured like the YMCA, takes on innovation happening through various ranks? SlideShare: JotForms and Membership Response
  7. 7. Allowing Innovation Events Antoine RJ Wright | | @arjwright | #CorporateInnovation ● Innovation and Strategy Groups at YMCA-CLT ● Discussion Question: What tracks can we create to allow change to be seen, tested, and adapted in a timely manner?
  8. 8. Antoine RJ Wright | | @arjwright | #CorporateInnovation Key Takeaways 1. Every industry sector that has corporate functions needs to foster innovative practices 2. Innovation is not only found in the large sweeping changes, but in the smaller behaviors that add up to transformational events 3. For innovation to meet its best results, the product must be relevant, personal, strategic, and repeatable
  9. 9. Contact & Content Antoine RJ Wright | | @arjwright | #CorporateInnovation Connect w/Me ● Contact.ARJW ● LinkedIn Decks/Archive ● Slideshare ● Evernote This deck, from the given links, is freely shareable as long as attribution to its author remains intact.As a curtosy to the author, please also share the trackback links and/or media shares with the author.