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Digital Gap Session 1: Mobiles for Seniors


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This was the introductory slide deck used to facilitate the first Digital Gap Charlotte session - addressed to facilitating conversations of basics uses, help areas, and "fun" for mobile use with a senior-aged and income-capped community.

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Digital Gap Session 1: Mobiles for Seniors

  1. 1. Mobiles for Seniors Basics, Helps, and Fun of Mobile Phones
  2. 2. Introduction Our Goal Today Speaker Background Today's Outline
  3. 3. Outline Talkback What's Mobile About Voice/Calling Features Messaging Multimedia Apps Summary/Wrap-Up
  4. 4. Talkback What types of devices do you have How would you describe your skill level What do you plan to get out of this class
  5. 5. What Mobile is All About Goals: Communication Creativity Enablement Experienced By: Phones Phone Service Providers Internet Service Providers Applications
  6. 6. SafeLink Established during Regan era, via FCC LifeLine comes from extension of that law into wireless SafeLink phones are not paid for by taxpayers or the federal government. TracFone Wireless pays for the phones...(source)
  7. 7. Voice/Calling Features Address Book Call Log Other Features (Rejecting Calls, etc.) Questions/Comments
  8. 8. Messaging Text Messages Picture Messages Email FaceTime/BBM Instant Messaging/Skype Questions/Comments
  9. 9. Multimedia Camera Music/Audio Features Sharing to Social Networks Questions/Comments
  10. 10. Apps Built-In Apps Downloading More Apps Security and Payments Questions/Comments
  11. 11. Summary/Wrap-Up Mobile phones are tools for communication, creativity, and empowerment Even basic phones can download/use apps Get to know the basic features before adding new apps or service to it
  12. 12. Contact Facilitator: Antoine RJ Wright (@mobileminmag) For future talks, look towards: Digital Gap Charlotte ● Antoine RJ Wright ● Emiene Wright ● CPCC S.T.A.R.S.