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Indistar® for State Level Aggregate Report


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Learn about viewing school and district aggregate reports

Published in: Education
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Indistar® for State Level Aggregate Report

  1. 1. SCHOOL AND DISTRICTSCHOOL AND DISTRICT AGGREGATE REPORTSAGGREGATE REPORTS Where are the reports? What information can be found there?
  2. 2. WHERE ARE THESE REPORTS? So easy to find Click here on the state level page.
  3. 3. Then click here for either the School or District Aggregate Report.
  4. 4. QUESTION: WHAT CAN BE FOUND ON THESE PAGES? ANSWER: all district or school teams’ progress assessing, planning, and achieving indicators …at a glance.
  5. 5. SPECIFICALLY…. The # of districts or schools have been in the system over time by these categories: Advanced > 24 months Basic 12 - 24 months Incipient < 12 months A color coded bar graph indicating the number of indicators assessed, planned and achieved.
  7. 7. NOW WHAT? What does the SEA do with this information?  Consider the next steps…  Are districts and schools on track?  Is this what the SEA expected?  What actions does the SEA need to take?  Are the districts and schools making progress over time?  Share with others…  Do other divisions at the state office need to know this?  Is it time to celebrate with the coaches, districts, schools?