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The importance of Software User Documentation


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High-quality user documentation is important for all organizations, no matter what the purpose

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The importance of Software User Documentation

  1. 1. My objective isn't just about technical writing but also about creating an information and user experience to help ensure that your software product is easy to use and that helpful information is available so the user isn't frustrated while learning to use your software. Want to learn more or get more details? Great! CALL ME NOW! Afour Technical Communication IT’S EXPENSIVE USERS DON’T READ THE DOCUMENTATION Well-written documentation help users take advantage of advanced product features • Knowledgeable users are more effective at completing tasks • Such users show a greater appreciation for a high-quality software application. DEVELOPERS OR SMES DON’T HAVE THE TIME • Use me as an extra resource for the project duration • Let your developers focus on creating software • Help your users do their tasks quickly and efficiently Let me carry the burden Happy users are quiet users • A successful documentation experience is one that you won’t hear about • Your service desk should be much quieter • The brand value of your software should increase VALUE OF DOCUMENTATION DEVELOPMENT INTO THE FUTURE The availability of documentation saves money • Well-written documents reduce support calls and improves the user's experience with the product. • The documents are easy to read • Information is easy to find Consider a simple retainer • Number of ways to do this • Notify me of updates • Document is designed for online updates • Add support call solutions to troubleshooting section YOUR CONCERN MY SOLUTION THE IMPORTANCE OF SOFTWARE USER DOCUMENTATION High quality user documentation is important for all organizations, no matter what the purpose. Software product training would probably not exist without its user documentation as it often serves as the basis and primary source for much of the product training.