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Technology is destroying our planet


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Technology is destroying our planet

  1. 1. Technology Will Destroy Our Planet By Christopher Robson
  2. 2. Population Growth• Currently there is over 7 billion humans on Earth, and growing rapidly• Why is this a bad thing? – We are rapidly running out of resources – A study by World Wildlife Fund found that by 2050, we will need another planet the size of earth to support our growing population
  3. 3. Population Growth• By 2020, we will run out of Antimony (used in drugs, and batteries)• By 2058, we will run out of Antimony, Indium, Silver, Copper, Titanium, Tantalum, Gas, Oil, and Coal.• Note: This list does not include ‘renewable’ resources that my become extinct by over hunting/commercial farming
  4. 4. Weapons Of Mass Destruction• There are an estimated 19,000 nuclear devices in the world• 4,400 of which are operational• If all active nuclear weapons (4,200) were launched: – Nuclear winter would occur for up to one year – EMP blasts would destroy electrical technologies – Billions of people will die – Survivors may become eradiated • Cancers, and other diseases will become more common • Food and water sources will become contaminated• A Time-Laps of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945
  5. 5. Genetic Engineering• The direct modification of an organism’s genome – Genes can be removed, added, turned off, and turned on – Can range from plants, virus, bacteria, and animals• “GloFish” are the first genetically modified animal to be sold as a pet
  6. 6. Genetic Engineering• What have we created? – Genetically Modified Crops • Poison Resistant Plants • Disease Resistant Plants • Merger of two similar plant species, taking the best of each plant – Genetically Modified Microbes. • Protein insulin to treat diabetes • Human growth hormones • Alpha-Amylase – used to create bio fuels
  7. 7. Genetic Engineering• What have we created? – Animals • Chimeras – A single organism that is comprised of two different organism – Usually an animal • Improved food qualities – Food • Eggs • Rice • Fruit
  8. 8. Genetic Engineering• What could go wrong? – Release of a super virus/disease – Destruction of a species – Billions of deaths• What has gone wrong? – Bacteria that has killed beneficial soil bacteria – Bacteria that has made plants toxic – Crops bring new allergy problems – Super virus/disease • Creation of a highly contagious and deadly bird flu strain (H5N1)
  9. 9. Global Warming• 68.3% of the United States electricity generation is produced by fossil fuels – This is releasing Greenhouse Gasses into the atmosphere, this includes: – Carbon Dioxide – Methane – Nitrous Oxide – Fluorinated gases
  10. 10. Global Warming• Temperature in the U.S. alone has increased by 0.86 Celsius• This is causing disturbances in ocean flow, causing sever weather storms• The Polar Icecaps are also melting at an alarming rate – This is causing ocean flows to break down – If this melting continues, their could be a rise of up to 11 meters in some areas
  11. 11. Cloning• Research is being done into cloning human body parts for transplantation• Currently animals have been successfully cloned• Although unlikely, the human race may begin cloning as a way of longevity• It is possible to have undetectable defects with each clone, until the human race is no longer able to reproduce, or continue cloning. – This effect is known as diminishing returns
  12. 12. Technological Waste• Over 1.9 million tons of discarded technology is being sent to landfills – These technologies can contain toxic substances such as cadmium and mercury – The technology is sometimes melted down for gold, however this emits toxic chemicals into the atmosphere
  13. 13. Conclusion• In the end, technology can not be blamed for the destruction of the Earth, it is humans who create the technology, and use it without known the repercussions
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