Effective communication – how do better detailing


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Effective communication – how do better detailing

  1. 1. Effective CommunicationHow do Better Detailing Presented By Masum Chowdhury Manager, SBMD Asiatic Laboratories Ltd.
  2. 2. In our profession, having an effectivecommunication (Detailing) means, 50% of thejob is done.
  3. 3. Rest 50% depends upon promoting rightproducts to the right Doctors, and regularvisits to the customers as per desiredfrequency.
  4. 4. Through effective communication if one (MedicalPromotion Officer) is able to convert at least 5Doctors out of 10 Doctors met in a day, it is a farbetter accomplished job.
  5. 5. Many Medical Promotion Officers who doesn’tstrive to have an effective communication,thereby unable to convert even a single Doctorout of 10 Doctors met in a day.
  6. 6. Thus, communication is an important tool forMedical Promotion Officer to createprescription demand.
  7. 7. Medical Promotion Officers who cancommunicate effectively can excel inconversion of Doctors and Personal OrderBookings (from Retailers) also.
  8. 8. In pharmaceutical selling conversion of aDoctor is done through formal and informalcommunication.
  9. 9. Formal communication is done throughdetailing of products meant for the Doctorswith clarity, pause, voice modulation, andpunch.
  10. 10. During detailing, it is also imperative toeffectively communicate the benefits of ourbrands to Doctors so as to convert them toour brands.
  11. 11. Therefore it is very important that everyMedical Promotion Officer is thorough withthe detailing for every product underpromotion.
  12. 12. Field Managers have an important role to playin ensuring that all the Medical PromotionOfficers in their team are thorough withdetailing of all products during meetings andalso during group visit.
  13. 13. Field Manager should not take any MedicalPromotion Officer for group field workwithout ensuring that the MedicalPromotion Officer is thorough with detailingof all products.
  14. 14. Field Managers also should encourage everyMedical Promotion Officer to communicateinformally in regional language at least oneUnique Selling Point (Benefit) of the productat the time of sampling before seeking theprescription assurance.
  15. 15. Field Managers should not be guilty of notknowing the detailing.
  16. 16. Effective communication is developed throughpractice, practice and more practice.
  17. 17. If you are an effective communicator(Detailer), you can achieve target of everyproduct and earn incentives.
  18. 18. Effective communication also helps you tobecome an effective manager one day.
  19. 19. Don’t you want to be successful in your career?
  20. 20. Thanks
  21. 21. Mr. V. Srinivasan is a well known author onPharma management with over 200 publishedarticles in India and abroad. He can be reachedat shridhar1956@rediffmail.com
  22. 22. Prepared By Masum Chowdhury Manager,Strategic Brand Management Department Asiatic Laboratories Ltd. masum.pha@gmail.com, +880-0171-7642874, +880-0193 7990014