Steps to powerful pharmaceutical brands


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Pharmaceutical Brands

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Steps to powerful pharmaceutical brands

  1. 1. Steps to Powerful Pharmaceutical Brands Presented By Masum Chowdhury Manager, SBMD Asiatic Laboratories Ltd. Afixime Antison Atonor Ceroxime Alpam Eso-20 P-20 O-20 Ulsec Calpress Tenodin Animet Arbium Lexnil Cip -500 Asilee Asizith Cefipod Pevisia
  2. 2. Brands with real power have a distinct and emotionally positive positioning in Doctor’s mind.
  3. 3. • When a brand comes to mind and it feels like a friend, it’s familiar, predictable, reliable, and it’s going to help when you need it, that’s a very powerful position. What happened ………………….. When a Brand comes to mind?
  4. 4. That Brand will give me a 1% greater decrease in LDL……. that’s not a very powerful hook. What happened ………………….. When a Brand comes to mind? If another Brand comes along and it offers a 2% greater decrease in LDL……. then doctors are going to start using it.
  5. 5. Power of Brand So the power for the brand comes in building a bond, an emotional relationship with the medical consumer (Doctor). What’s burned in doctors’ minds is close to their hearts, and not just their rational side.
  6. 6. How do you measure a Brand’s Power Five key measures that we look at when assessing a brand.
  7. 7. Five key measures Clarity Distinctiveness Leadership Awareness Familiarity
  8. 8. Awareness How many people/Doctor have heard of your brand ? That’s the very first step in a long journey towards true brand power.
  9. 9. How well do people know your brand? Familiarity So beyond awareness, we are looking at whether there is an in-depth understanding or if it’s superficial.
  10. 10. How consistent are perceptions of your brand ? Clarity If there is a lot of divergence in how people think about your brand, it can’t be a powerful brand.?
  11. 11. For a brand to be truly successful, people have to be clear on what it’s all about. Clarity
  12. 12. Once we have gotten past those 3 steps then we look at Distinctiveness. Clarity Awareness Familiarity
  13. 13. Is the image of the brand unique or the same as some other medication or some other brand ? Distinctiveness How differentiated are you from your competition? Is there an attribute or a set of attributes that you own, such as a performance attribute or a feeling that is distinctly yours?
  14. 14. How well are you doing on the items that are really driving choice? Leadership Some attributes are nice to have, but don’t really driving choice. Other attributes push physicians to put their pens to the script pads and write your brand.
  15. 15. Leadership is how well you are performing on those key drivers. Leadership
  16. 16. “Branding is an emotional shortcut between a company and its customer”
  17. 17. How your brand is performing & how much power it has overall
  18. 18. • There are five different types of Pharma Brand – Champion Brands Unimportant Difference Brands Unfocused Brands Me-too Brands Developing Brands
  19. 19. • Champion Brands that dominate in their markets. Champion Brands • Champion Brands have high market penetration and high market share • Doctors have a strong emotional relationship with Champion Brands
  20. 20. • Unimportant difference brands who are distinct , but their point of differentiation doesn’t really drive prescribing. Unimportant Difference Brands
  21. 21. • Unfocused brands which have an inconsistent image in the market, and their problem is clarity; Unfocused Brands
  22. 22. • Me-too brands, which are clear and well understood but they just don’t have a point of difference. Me-too Brands
  23. 23. • Developing brands that are just at the stage of starting to build awareness and familiarity. Developing Brands
  24. 24. There’s a clear and direct relationship between brand power and market share. Link brand power to market share The correlation is very strong and very clear. The brands with the most powerful positioning – with the most favorable emotional bond with the physician – have by far the market share.
  25. 25. Why do some brands excel and others fail to meet their potential ?
  26. 26. Brands can fail in a number of different ways -
  27. 27. Brands can fail by not generating enough awareness or familiarity. 1
  28. 28. Brands can fail by not giving physicians a consistent and clear image. 2
  29. 29. Brands can fail for lack of differentiating advantage 3
  30. 30. Brands can fail for Poor marketing plan 4
  31. 31. Brands can fail when no access to market 5
  32. 32. Brands can fail when product quality is poor 6
  33. 33. Brands can fail because lack of Key Opinion Leader Profiling & Development 7
  34. 34. “A brand is not simply the name of a Pharmaceutical product but rather the value the drug has for physicians and their patients.”
  35. 35. Thanks