Abstract management and professionalism b.v.raghunandan


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Abstract management and professionalism b.v.raghunandan

  1. 1. Abstract Management & Professionalism -B.V.Raghunandan, SVS College, Bantwal Poornapragna Institute of Management, Udupi March 4, 2013
  2. 2. Management -An Abstract Art• Management is a Quality as also entrepreneurship• Should be Professionalism• Professionalism is a total dedication to work, institution and society• So defined as it is needed to energise the society• Goes beyond the narrow confines of profit or compensation
  3. 3. Perversions of Concepts• Supporting Individualism• Personal Greed• Division into Workers and Managerial Cadre• Workers are Considered Aliens-Hire and Fire• Managers become Demi-gods beyond Doubt and Accountability-Hopping from Job to Job• Success at Any Cost and Means became Irrelevant
  4. 4. Bandwagon• All Supporting Services accepted the perversions• Systems were Developed to Support the Perversions• High Sounding Words used to Describe the Perversions• On the Job Learning became Insignificant• Ivy League Colleges
  5. 5. Only US Contribution• Other Countries Have Management different from the US Practices• These are not Documented• They are Carried on as Practices• Contrarian, but Successful Practices of Europe, India ,China and Russia• As management is absract, no effort is made to codify it
  6. 6. Non-Professionalism• Double Talk• Yes Boss Culture• Conflict of Interest• Wandering Gypsies• Sexual Partiality• Board Room Politics• Excessive Managerial Remuneration• Non-Institutional Work
  7. 7. Double Talk• Consumer is King• Environmental Concerns• Societal Concerns• International Organisations• Lack of Transparency• Vision and Mission Statements• Patent Rights• Stealth Technology
  8. 8. Yes Boss Culture• Institutional Interest Ignored• Groupism & Favouritism• Hubris• Consensus Culture• Nurturing Support Base• Discrimination• Demotivation
  9. 9. Conflict of Interest• Personal Interest• Vested Interest• Empire Building• Anti Consumer Stand• Coteries Formation• Quid Pro Quos• Creation of Lobbies
  10. 10. Wandering Gypsies• Job Hopping• Time Spent with Head Hunters• Growing Weightage of Head Hunters• Profit Manipulation• Lack of Long Range Planning• Spending Time in Clubs• Lack of Institutional Loyalty
  11. 11. Sexual Favours• People Employed for the Looks• People Spent More Time in Appearances• Out of the Way Promotions• Managerial Rivalry• Sexual Harassment in Work Place• ‘Fixing the People’• Broken Homes
  12. 12. Board Room Politics• Most Dangerous and Toxic• Achievers and Credit Claimers• Non-Professional Board Members• Time Spent in Cultivating Lobbies among the Board Members• Quid Pro Quos
  13. 13. Excessive Managerial Remuneration• Remuneration • Inclusion of Family• Perquisites Members• Bonus and Commission • Membership of Clubs• Compensation • Need to Maintain Scale
  14. 14. Non-Institutional Work• Time Spent on Unproductive Activities• Too Much Socialising• Planned Holidays
  15. 15. THANK YOU