650 assignment #1


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650 assignment #1

  1. 1. NMP 632 Board Governance and Volunteer Management
  2. 2. NMP 635 Learning Outcomes • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • the history of volunteerism within American society important trends and basic facts about volunteerism the roles that volunteers play within nonprofit organizations and the professional networks which support those who volunteer and those who manage volunteers how to ready one’s organization for volunteer involvement how to design an effective program, tailored to one’s specific context. how to develop and implement a volunteer program, from identification and recruitment of volunteers to orientation and training, assignment of duties, supervision, evaluation and stewardship the history of nonprofit governance in United States the role and value of governance in nonprofit context essential governance tasks and duties of individual directors governance models and types the legal context which informs the nonprofit governance process board and meeting process, structure and management board development strategies methods for board self-assessment governance sore spots and troublesome issues Taken from the NMP 635 Syllabus
  3. 3. Nonprofit Board of Directors “ It is a critically important function for nonprofit organizations to find and retain qualified, experienced board members and officers. Board meeting generally have a routine order of business and provide the forum for making organizational policy”- Gary M. Grobman
  4. 4. Board Responsibilities • Personnel- hires and evaluates the ED. Approves salary scales and job descriptions for staff who are hired by the ED. Approves personnel policies for the organization • Finance- Approves the budget and the 990 • Fundraising- approves plans for special events fundraising and are expected to participate in fundraising and events • Planning- approve short- and long range plans and monitor progress. • Board Development- selects new members • Public Relations- members are included in the organization's activities and are encouraged to participate • Advising- advise the ED on policy • Adapted from An introduction to the Nonprofit Sector. Gary M. Grobman
  5. 5. Key Elements of Writing a Board Contract • Right to Information. • Make sure you Board is vital and diverse • Choose and evaluate you Chief Executive Officer Carefully • Get involved in Fundraising • Get involved in executive compensation • Be aware of Conflicts of Interest • Pay close attention to financial maters • Educate Yourself
  6. 6. Board Resources • www.boardsource.org • www.cvsrd.org , National study of Board Governance Practices in the Non-Profit and Voluntary Sector in Canada • www.mass.gov/ago , Guide for Board Members of Charitable Organization, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Office of Attorney General – Each state has different bylaws for NPOs. • An introduction to the nonprofit sector. Gary M. Grobman
  7. 7. Volunteers “…Voluntary initiative has helped give America her national character…” - Merle Curti • 50% of all American are now active volunteers, averaging 4 hours a week to a cause • Organizations who invest in volunteer management are more likely to see higher net benefits • Charities, no matter the size, who invest in volunteers and trust their volunteers are more likely to have success
  8. 8. Understating why people Volunteer • • • • • • • Achievement Recognition and feedback Personal growth Giving something back Bringing about social Change Families Ties Friendship, support, bonding and a feeling of belonging
  9. 9. Five emerging patters of Volunteerism • Employee – linking employee participation with philanthropic corporate dollars • Episodic-Short duration, one time volunteering with a specific project or assignment • Virtual-volunteer tasks completed in whole or in part via internet and home. • Cross-National – short term, project specific volunteering in developing nations. • VolunTourism- volunteer “vacation” Examples taken from: Five Emerging patterns of volunteerism. By Merrill Associates November 20, 2006
  10. 10. Conclusions • This is a very brief summary of some of the learning objectives in NMP 635. What I got from this assignment is that we learned a lot, and that just because I don’t remember everything, knowing where to go for resources is what’s important.