Occupy Wall Street- B.V.Raghunandan


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Occupy Wall Street- B.V.Raghunandan

  1. 1. Occupy Wall Street -B.V.Raghunandan, SVS College, BantwalPost Graduate Department of Commerce, SDM College, Ujire. November 10, 2011
  2. 2. The Movement in the USA • Raising Unemployment • Increasing Bankruptcy Cases • Government Aid Going to the Managerial Cadre • Increasing Foreclosure on Mortgages • Escalating Cost of the US Government acting as Global Policeman • Huge Expenditure of Defence & Spying on the World
  3. 3. Foreclosure of Mortgage-Arkansas Little Rock-25.6%
  4. 4. Houston-Sugarland Bay Area Foreclosure Rate- 26.9%
  5. 5. New Orleans- Foreclosure-36.25%
  6. 6. Oklahoma-Foreclosure 38.67%
  7. 7. Salt Lake City- Foreclosure-29.9%
  8. 8. Tulsa-Foreclosure-37.6%
  9. 9. Virginia Beach- Foreclosure-30.85%
  10. 10. Wrong Policies of the USA• Increasing Cost of Education, Healthcare Etc• Hire and Fire Policies• Liberal Bankruptcy Laws• Managerial Cadre is the Blue Eyed Boys• Expensive Lifestyles of the Managerial Personnel and Huge Bonuses• Borrowing without Any Restriction• Taking Life Threatening Risks
  11. 11. Why at This Moment• Balance between Capitalism and Socialism• Dominant Capitalism upto 1900 gave rise to Communism through Russian Revolution• By 1950, balance achieved with China and USSR becoming communistic• By 1960, capitalism became weak• By 1980, capitalism became strong, but with Gorbachav, it became stronger• By 1990, Communism was considered dead• By 2011, Labour is risisng
  12. 12. • Considered to be theWhy Wall Street? symbol of capitalism • The present rise is backed by the leftists • Considered responsible for corporate excesses • Rendered many a European Government bankrupt • Corporate Excesses are on the increase • About 63 alumni of Harvard University behind bars making them suspect as criminals
  13. 13. Corporate Evil• Made the life of the consumer expensive• Anti-Consumer• Anti-Employees• Anti-Promoters• Anti-Society• Anti-Government• Professional Managers on the move• Blown up conflict of interest
  14. 14. Corporate Excess • Huge managerial remuneration • Manipulation of accounts • Polluting the environment • Anti-social demand creation • Immoral advertisement and Excessive advertisement • Board Room Politics • Groupism, Big Brother and Yes Boss
  15. 15. Indian Scenario• The movement is meaningless and hence a failure• Stock market is the symbol of socialism in India as the Government is the biggest beneficiary from the stock market• Promoters and managers are one and the same• Professional promoters have less role
  16. 16. Stock Exchange: A Misunderstood Concept • A Casino • Making a Quick Buck • Day Trading • Passion • Identification • Don’t Miss any Opportunity • Target Period
  17. 17. Shares: A Unique Investment• Huge Dividends: Annual, Interim, Special Occasion Dividend, Return of Excess Cash• Market Value• Bonus Shares• Share Splitting• Voting Right• Sponsored ADR Issue• Merger & Acquisition
  18. 18. Requirement for Investment in Shares • A Unique Investment • Need for Education and Training • Need for a Lot of Study • Life Time Investment • Profit from the Whole Portfolio and not from Individual Stock • Emotional Equanimity • Not a Passion for Life Time
  19. 19. Strategies for Investment• Make a Study of Securities for a Considerable Period• Buy the Stock, when the market is depressed• Do not sell the shares after achieving a target profit• Ignore the investment counseling given in the media• Ignore the daily fluctuations in the market• Forget any loss incurred incidentally
  20. 20. What should not be done…….• Only saving must be invested and not by taking loans• Retirement benefits should not be invested• No Day Trading and No Speculation• No Derivatives Trading• Do not spend too much time before the trading terminal• Do not take any tips
  21. 21. THANK YOU