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Nitrogen fertilizers


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Nitrogen fertilizers

  1. 1. NitrogeNfertilizers
  2. 2. NitrogeN fertilizers• Nitrogen is necessary for strong leaf growth and good fruit set. Nitrogen is a macro element, nutrients that plants require large amounts of. Nitrogen is taken up by the soil in from of nitrate ions. Nitrogen fertilizer is a compound that is added to plants or lawns to stimulate growth.
  3. 3. The nitrogen  stimulates chloroplasts in plants,which are responsible forthe process ofphotosynthesis. Plantsthat do not haveenough nitrogen willturn yellow andeventually perish from alack of food.
  4. 4. Uses of NitrogeN fertilizers• Nitrogen fertilizers enable farmers to achieve the high yields that drive modern agriculture. Fertilizers are effective in driving crop yield improvements . Without nitrogen, green plants are weak and smaller than they should be .
  5. 5. QUaNtity :• If it is lacking, plants will be pale and sickly-looking, and the oldest leaves will look worse than the newer ones. Too much nitrogen can cause plants to put all of their energy into developing greenery, and they will fail to bloom or produce fruit.
  6. 6. Comparison between a healthy andan unhealthy plant lacking nitrogen A healthy plant Plant lacking nitrogen
  7. 7. DisaDvaNtagesThe extra nitrogen fertilizersupplied, leaches into theair, soil and water andpollutes lakes, rivers,aquifers and oceans.When the nitrogen fertilizersgoes in the lakes, rivers,oceans many plants startgrowing which cause theoxygen level to decrease inwater and marine life willbe highly affected by this .
  8. 8. Dead Fishes due to excess amount of nitrogen
  9. 9. QUestioNs• The lack of nitrogen leads to?• Overuse of nitrogen fertilizers?• How will extra nitrogen cause problems to marine life?• Why is nitrogen not taken from the air?• How is nitrogen taken up by the plants and in which form?• What do you mean by macro element?• Is nitrogen a macro element and what do you mean by that?