Creating the Perfect Customer Experience for FACT
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Creating the Perfect Customer Experience for FACT



Jen will explain how building relationships with your customers is like dating. Treat them well, take them on a journey and it could be the start of something beautiful!

Jen will explain how building relationships with your customers is like dating. Treat them well, take them on a journey and it could be the start of something beautiful!



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  • Lots right!
  • But social media is great! Not taking advantage
  • Marketing, programmingetcetc what do we do, what don’t we do? Go over the research again!
  • Focus on the people and what we found out. What do they want? What do they like? Incredible mix of ages and backgrounds – but how do they behave???? Create bespoke audience segmentation model
  • All departments – not just marketing!! Buy in. Understanding of why. Getting people to think collectively. Sharing knowledge.
  • Putting ourselves in their shoes. Each ‘persona’ what are they looking for? What will they be interested in? What are the barriers? Physically walking through it + recording it.

Creating the Perfect Customer Experience for FACT Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Creating the Perfect Customer Experience for FACT Jen Chapman Head of Marketing & Communications, FACT @FACT_liverpool
  • 2. What is FACT?
  • 3. Foundation for Art and Creative Technology
  • 4. UK’s leading media arts centre based in Liverpool opened 11 years ago
  • 5. the building
  • 6. We bring people, art & technology together ---- Inside, Outside & Online
  • 7. art hands-on interactive
  • 8. art Playful!
  • 9. art Immersive
  • 10. art Expect the unexpected
  • 11. film Tarantino Don Boyd & Nic Roeg Paul Morley
  • 12. creative technology
  • 13. creative technology • Minecraft
  • 14. a social space bright fresh garden
  • 15. a social space
  • 16. all ages
  • 17. alternative
  • 18. It’s brilliant! But......
  • 19. behind the scenes
  • 20. behind the scenes
  • 21. behind the scenes
  • 22. different brands
  • 23. challenges • Not everything is visible • Different things to different people • Tough to communicate everything that we do
  • 24. aims Grow our audiences… 1) Encourage our current visitors to try other parts of our programme 2) Reach new audiences who we think will like us
  • 25. We are about bringing people, art and technology together
  • 26. Time to refocus on the customer experience!
  • 27. It’s a bit like dating..
  • 28. and it’s good to know where you might be going wrong.
  • 29. Someone has caught your eye in a crowded room….
  • 30. the user journey 1. First awareness of FACT – they may have picked up a brochure or flyer, seen a tweet or facebook share, read an article about us, stumbled across the building or heard something about us from a friend.
  • 31. an inconsistent brochure
  • 32. old brochure
  • 33. old brochure
  • 34. old brochure
  • 35. issues • Two companies putting their requirements first • Two different brands – lots of different designs! • Not representative of the visitor’s experience
  • 36. improvements Putting the customer first.. • What do they expect? • How do they experience FACT? Complete redesign • One visual identity • Integrated content
  • 37. new brochure
  • 38. new brochure
  • 39. You want to know more! You ask around, google them, or hopefully..
  • 40. the user journey 1. First awareness of FACT 2. Curious to know more – If their first awareness makes them curious to know more, they will actively seek out information and browse the website or source the brochure, follow us on social media, make a call or speak to a member of staff. Collectively, we control this welcome and how positive this information seeking experience will be. We will also know that everyone is different. Where will they go next?
  • 41. an unsatisfactory website
  • 42. an unsatisfactory website
  • 43. an unsatisfactory website
  • 44. an unsatisfactory website
  • 45. improvements Appointed new website company (UX credentials) • New perspective • User testing • A creative partnership • Clear idea of improvements • Focus on problem areas
  • 46. an improved website!
  • 47. an improved website!
  • 48. an improved website!
  • 49. an improved website!
  • 50. an improved website!
  • 51. You’ve hit it off… now it’s time to arrange the first date
  • 52. the customer journey 1. First awareness of FACT 2. Curious to know more 3. Ready to engage – They’ve seen an event, exhibition, workshop, film etc that they’re interested in attending. The information becomes more specific. They’ll be asking themselves “is this any good?” and “is it for me?” This is when we either win them or lose them.
  • 53. great research – but no plan
  • 54. great research – but no plan! Turn research report into.. Audience Development Strategy
  • 55. reviews & audits
  • 56. people and personas
  • 57. staff workshops
  • 58. customer journey walkthroughs
  • 59. strategy As a result, we have - Realistic aims - Better understanding of audiences - Methods for targeting - New Ideas - Involvement from ALL departments
  • 60. You spruce up and head out to your meeting place. There’s wine and violins, or beer and bands. It just has to be memorable….. for the right reasons!
  • 61. the user journey 1. First awareness of FACT 2. Curious to know more 3. Ready to engage 4. They’re on board! They’ve liked what they’ve seen, reckon it’s up their street and they’ve come along. This is the bit they will remember, from the welcome at the door, to the quality of the drinks, the cleanliness of the building and the content of the event.
  • 62. disengaged front of house team
  • 63. old front of house model • often not entry roles into arts careers • not providing development opportunities that we’d like to • FACT keen to expand volunteer offer • not as diverse as our audience • time poor so not always giving the best customer experience possible …But absolutely crucial!
  • 64. new model Rolling programme of volunteers More diverse, more energy More involved supervisor roles Better connections with other departments Investment in training Genuine talent development – 42% of staff Literally putting the customer first – they are now working alongside us
  • 65. It was all you’d hoped it would be and you’re feeling brilliant! They text to say thanks for a great night. You start planning a second date.
  • 66. the user journey 1. First awareness of FACT 2. Curious to know more 3. Ready to engage 4. They’re on board! 5. Our relationship really begins - We’ve gained their trust and confidence. Now we need to help them find out what else we have to offer and how to stay in touch. We could even get them to try something new! Again, messaging comes into play to make clear what we have for them.
  • 67. It’s going great, and now it’s time to meet their friends!
  • 68. Plenty more to do!
  • 69. what we’ve learnt • Put the customers needs first • Work together to make it it happen • Test, test, test • Never expect it to be finished! These relationships are worth the effort!
  • 70. …and we don’t even have to be exclusive!
  • 71. a bit like Simon Cowell
  • 72. Thank you! …any questions? @FACT_liverpool