Ultimate Email Marketing: Big Brands Square Off


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  • Without further ado – in my best bruce buffer voice - - It’s Time!
  • Without further ado – in my best bruce buffer voice - - It’s Time!
  • Without further ado – in my best bruce buffer voice - - It’s Time!
  • Without further ado – in my best bruce buffer voice - - It’s Time!
  • Ultimate Email Marketing: Big Brands Square Off

    1. 1. dma12.org
    2. 2. THE RULES • The cage has a diameter as big as this stage, all of which can be used by the fighters to demonstrate their mastery • The Champion bout consists of three rounds, plus Q&A • The bout will run 45 Minutes (or until somebody says uncle)dma12.org
    3. 3. THIS FIGHT • This is a Heavyweight Bout • Unless there is a TKO, the winner will be determined by you • Be disruptive…er, uh interactive FOULS • Boring the Audience • Physical Abuse Verbal abuse is highly encouraged • No questions from the audiencedma12.org
    4. 4. Unique Approach: Quality vs Quantity Judo Move:WILL AUSTIN Data Wizardrydatabase marketing director Unique Approach: Relevance…really Judo Move:CALLIE WILSON The Multi-Plexdirector of email marketing Unique Approach: All about behavior Judo Move:KEVIN HICKEY Dynamic Dropglobal manager, email/sms marketing dma12.org
    5. 5. IT’S TIME! dma12.org
    6. 6. THE BUSINESS Company: Scripps Networks Interactive Industry & Size: Broadcast/Cable Media, Internet/Digital Syndication $449B in 2012 (proj.) Product: Lifestyle Media Content Target Market: Lifestyle Media (the Cooking Channel, DIY Network, Food.com, the Food Network, FrontDoor.com, GAC, HGTV, HGTVRemodels, and the Travel Channel). Years of email experience: 5 in email marketing (10+ in digital marketing/analytics) @will_austindma12.org
    7. 7. THE CAMPAIGNCampaign Objective:Sell email marketing as a premium CPM,not as an add-on.Campaign Strategy:Highly define core audience using DMPand list hygiene.Key Metrics Tracked: I want your brains - and your ROI...Opens and additional pages consumed.Definition of Success:Subscriber opens reminder mailing,subscriber votes, subscriber consumesaddition virtual inventory.dma12.org @will_austin
    8. 8. THE CAMPAIGNDescriptionTentpole Sweepstakes Reminder Service.GoalTo remind subscribers to return to our sitestwice per day to cast votes for our contests andto consume advertiser inventory and/or specialpromotion content.Target AudienceAnyone who wants to be reminded of ourtentpole sweepstakes (HGTV Dream Home,Green Home, Urban Oasis).Why it worksBecause subscribers are heavily incentivized tosubscribe, open, and follow through onconversion simply through the nature of thecontest and prizes.dma12.org @will_austin
    9. 9. THE RESULTSClicks/Opens:Since Q1 - the tentpole remindersweepstakes reminder service has 73% Open Rateflaunted a 73% open rate andgenerated an additional 173M pageviews.List Growth:The reminder lists have grown over480% in 9 months (ranging from 250Kto 1M depending on thesweepstakes).Engagement:In the 1st quarter alone, ScrippsEmail Marketing had alreadyamassed 55% of the total page viewsgenerated in all of 2011 and 36% ofthe video views.dma12.org @will_austin
    10. 10. WHAT’S NEXT? Co-branded templates and first party data. Together with Adobe Audience Manager, Scripps has identified and grouped our email audience into premium CPM segments. Reminder services are soon being sold as a co-branded postcard messages.dma12.org @will_austin
    11. 11. TAKE YOUR SHOT! dma12.org
    12. 12. THE BUSINESS Passionate Team, Food & Cooking Culture Company: Cooking.com Industry & Size: Internet & Mail-Order Retail, 8.2B in 2012 Product: Provide turnkey e-commerce solution to leading brands in food and cooking space Target Market: Online Food and Cooking Space – Top Chefs, Media Companies and Consumer Product Brands Years of Email Experience: 6dma12.org
    13. 13. THE CAMPAIGNDescription:Transactional Messaging and Lifecycle MarketingGoal:Increase member LTV by providing more opportunities to convert with morerelevant, behavioral targeted contentTarget Audience:Members (buyers or non buyers) who purchase, place items in cart or browsean item.Why it works:Because it allows for instantaneous mailings of trigger emails (i.e. New MemberWelcome, Abandoned Cart, Loyalty Program, etc.) and automation of timelyevent-triggered messaging (Welcome series, Abandon program, andTransactional series).dma12.org
    14. 14. THE CAMPAIGNNew Member Acquisition Funnel Sales ($) Conversion Funnel Member Databasedma12.org
    15. 15. THE CAMPAIGN Key Metrics: Retention (first time members vs. existing members), Open Rate, CTR, Conversion, and AOV Definition of Success: Increase membership retention, higher open rate, higher conversion rate, and increase revenuedma12.org
    16. 16. THE RESULTS • Opens: 38% increase in open rate • Clicks: 59% higher clicks • List Growth: On-Boarding Campaign has increased new member acquisition by 70% • Engagement: 29% decrease in disengagementdma12.org
    17. 17. WHAT’S NEXT? • More targeted and relevant communication • Utilize historical customer behavior to roll out new LCM Campaigns (We Miss You, New Product Alerts, and Purchase Follow Up) • Progressively profile & gather new user data to optimize On-Boarding, Abandon and Transactional Series.dma12.org
    18. 18. TAKE YOUR SHOT! dma12.org
    19. 19. Company: THE BUSINESS InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) Industry: Hospitality Industry Size: Over 4,500 hotels in nearly 100 countries Product: Nine hotel brands – InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, Hotel Indigo, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Staybridge Suites, Candlewood Suites, EVEN Hotels & HUALUXE Hotels and Resorts Target Market: Guests ranging from staying in luxurious upscale hotels in the worlds major cities and resorts to reliable family-oriented hotels that offer great service and value Years of email experience: 7dma12.org
    20. 20. THE CAMPAIGNCampaign Objective:Promotional Venetian & Palazzo flash sale campaign to driveawareness, Reward Night stays and paid nightsCampaign Target:Leverage explicit/implicit profile, behavioral & click data, such as activePCR/AMB mbrs with adequate point balancesKey Metrics Tracked:Impressions, engagement, revenue (total, conversion, efficiency) anddisengagementDefinition of Success:V|P awareness, loyalty retention & revenuedma12.org
    21. 21. THE CAMPAIGNAnnouncement Wave √• Subject line: 24 Hours Only. Enjoy 50% off Reward Nights In Las Vegas.• Interactive countdown clock to drive greater sense of urgency• Distinct templates versioned for membership levels• Dynamic cross-sell within secondary messages• Treat / control groups used to measure incrementalitydma12.org
    22. 22. THE RESULTSCompared to our channel 22.6%benchmarks: 5.6% • 47.8% higher impressions • 20.8% higher clicks • highest revenue producing 54.7% campaign for V|P since start of partnership • 2.5% higher conversion rate & revenue per email 3.7% • 77.9% decrease in disengagementdma12.org
    23. 23. THE RESULTS Additional media coverage picked up by consumers, social sites, USA TODAY and other PR outletsdma12.org
    24. 24. WHAT’S NEXT?• Expansion of flash sales to new resort locations, international markets and other brands (eg, ICAR & Holiday Inn Resorts)• Testing impact of new tactics like real-time message content and Subject Line icons• Continued refinement of dynamic targeting & personalization dma12.org
    25. 25. TAKE YOUR SHOT! dma12.org
    26. 26. AND THE WINNER IS… dma12.org