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Think digital dms 8 29-12


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Think digital dms 8 29-12

  1. 1. Think Digital …Digital Marketing Imperative Social Media Marketing Course Fall 2012 Lynchburg College School of Business and Economics Dr Ira Kaufman ©2012
  2. 2. The Breakup•• 7H8&feature=player_embedded
  3. 3. Rules Have ChangedIt was It’s nowInformation Age -Broadcasting Digital Age - ConversingPushing message to client Pulling client to the messageOne way message, controlled Interactive conversation, open dynamicBusiness generated content User generated contentInterrupt client- direct immediate action Engage, build sustainable relationshipAttention economy .. .Interruption Attraction economy … PermissionHard to measure results Real time metricsCoveting information- protective Sharing information – transparentCharging for entry – block entry Giving free ebooks, productOrganized in silos – PR, Advertising, DM Integrate media seamless across silosCompany promotes values Practice what you preach
  4. 4. Understanding the Digital Dynamic• The Digital WHO• Global Marketplace Changes• New Corporate Reality• Customer Expectations• Digital Mindset
  5. 5. Global Marketplace Changes• Globalization… one marketplace• Interdependence• Control of media; consumer is publisher• Immediate access to news and information• Very fast broadband speed• Mobile access to satellite GPS• Open source technology
  6. 6. New Digital Divide 2011 Survey -902 US based executives• 78% social strategy is critical to future business successBUT• 27% digital strategy a top priority. WHY the Gap? What is preventing making it a priority?
  7. 7. New Corporate Reality• Conversations generate exposure, sales• Need to invest in customer relationship• Train employees to treat customer as #1• Not in control of customer response/Brand• Track social media habits of target markets• Company values “Live” in its Brand• PR, advertising, online, social are seamless• Digital changes are overwhelming• Digital impact hard to measure
  8. 8. Customer Expectations• Accept new role of customer as publisher• Listen to customer needs, responses• Care about customer as a person• Respond with empathy and respect• Provide Value with each interaction• Go the extra mile• Accessible for feedback• Transparent, open, honest• Consistent in living company values
  9. 9. Digital Mindset• People use technologies to get things from each other, rather from corporations• Relationships the currency of exchange• Transparency –open source• Collaboration rules• Real time sharing• Immediate access• Power to publish• Looking for value• Content is king
  10. 10. Keys to a Digital Mindset1. Listen to your clients and employees2. Respond quickly and openly to their feedback and concerns3. Involve with Permission, Respect & Trust4. Engage them in conversations; develop sustainable relationships• Translate values into superior customer service; generate loyal Brand Advocates
  11. 11. Walmart’s Social Media Snafus• Challenging image• Transparency•• Forcing consumers to handout on my turf• Strategy – Eleven Moms blog about their needs• iPhone AP
  12. 12. What is Social Media Marketing?• Create Buzz- passes a message on through user to user contact• Create UGC ( user generated content)- enables fans of a brand or company to influence a message or other users via digital venues• Create Online Conversations- encourages user participation and dialogue
  13. 13. Little Experience withSocial Media Marketing
  14. 14. What Are The Results?• Generated Exposure 85%• Increased my Website Traffic 63%• Build New Business Partnerships 56%• Generated Qualified Leads 48%*Source is Social Media Industry Report 2010 by Michael Stelzner
  15. 15. Social Media Provides Value• Kellogg COO - we are tripling social media spending over the past three years and experiencing "great returns on this investment.”• Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos “We are about 3 Cs: Clothing, Customer Service and Culture… Gross sales grew from $1.6M (2000) to $1+ billion (2008) by focusing relentlessly on customer service and culture – a potent digital marketing tool.”• McDonald’s “Our head of Social Media is the customer”• Lenovo “We achieved cost savings by a 20% reduction in call center activity as customers go to community website for answers “
  16. 16.
  17. 17. About the PresenterIra Kaufman, President. Ira combines 30 years of rich experienceswith businesses and non-profits to guide them to leverage the powerof social media for marketing, recruitment and organizationaldevelopment. Ira collaborates with a team of experts to designinteractive environments to by integrating traditional advertising,online marketing, public relations and social media. His strong valuesand sensitivity to organization innovation and change are thefoundation of his work. Ira has a PhD in Marketing and serves as aconsultant, public speaker, and lecturer for companies and SeniorExecutive programs. Currently he is Assistant Professor, LynchburgCollege School of Business and Economics. LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: