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Big Bob's Final assignment

  1. 1. Group 1 – Big Bob‟s Auto Upscale Used Car Dealership Yellow Pages = $52,000/year – includes online Website = $5,000/year Print Campaigns = $7,000/year SM investment = $0/year Typical ROI = Sales weekend of their campaign Outcome: Wants his 3 children to double the business in size from $3.4 million per year to $7 million per year in the next 3 years
  2. 2. Calgary‟s 1st Choice for Previously Owned Upscale Cars April 12, 2012 Prepared by: Nancy Funke, Megan Kerluke, Deb Cygman, Joe Packard
  3. 3. Business Objectives Objective  Double sales from $3.4 million per year to $7 million per year in the next 3 years through customer experience, marketing optimization and revenue generation. Big Bob‟s Customer  Jack :50 -65 year old male with disposable income.  Loves upscale cars, car shows, car magazines  Frequents websites to keep up to date on what is available on the market.  Ideal car makes: Jaguar, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes  Likes to “tinker” and do minor upgrades. He loves to drive his prized possession for all to admire.
  4. 4. BusinessStrategy/Compass Revenue Generation: (where and how Big Bob’s generates revenue)  Determine rate of growth over 3 years to reach monetary objective.  Engage in social media channels.  Add services (source vehicles for customers, add branded product, parts).  Increase customer base.  Increase customer retention by providing full vehicle service ie. Sourcing, purchase, warranty, body shop (or body shop out-sourcing), detailing, service and part sourcing.
  5. 5.  Marketing Optimization: (improve effectiveness of marketing programs)  Evaluate current marketing costs and reallocate as needed to become more efficient and effective.  Introduce the use of social media channels for marketing and to provide a platform for customer interaction.  Introduce an online forum.  Develop an event calendar featuring private sales, part sales, car shows, road rallies and organized group drives.  Add a fundraising/charity aspect to the business.
  6. 6.  Customer Experience: ( improve relationship with customers & their experience with Big Bob’s Brand)  Increase reach and interaction via reallocation of marketing spend to include social media channels  Increase customer awareness of existing & new services, to include social media & event involvement opportunities.  Improve the customer experience and retention ○ Provide a full service car dealership. ie. Sourcing, purchase, warranty, body shop, detailing, service and part sourcing. ○ Hire a professional „stager‟ or interior designer to create a great first impression for new clients entering our showroom, and a welcoming atmosphere (coffee/tea etc.)  Continually offer training and personal improvement programs for our representatives to enhance positive atmosphere and improve/maintain excellent customer service/rapport
  7. 7. MetricsOutcomes Insights required Metrics (define success)Customer Experience How customers feel before, during, and after •Positive client feedback via social media channels, email, any (sales or non-sales) interactions with our phone face-to-face, surveys. company and our representatives. •High level of engagement in our online forum (and What customers say and share with others increasing). about their experience with us. •Clients returning for repeat sales and for extended services. •New clients from Social Media campaigns and referrals. •Number of customers utilizing the new services as well as repeat customers.Marketing Optimization Not only looking at our old and current •Face to face visits, before vs. after SM marketing plan to see what has worked but •Number of sales related to new social media marketing. also looking ahead for new marketing This would be identified in the customer satisfaction methods to expand our business. surveys and through the redemption of online sales and specials. •Money saved using social media channels vs. traditional marketing.Revenue Generation How we generate our positive cash flow, and •Number of sales after implementing the new social looking beyond just our “unit “sales media plan compared to previous sales records. •Number of after market sales based on new service offerings. Such as, branded products and repairs. •Offer brands website/forum sponsorship and/or ad opportunities. •Hosted events
  8. 8. Organization-Gap AnalysisWhat you have? Action Required? What you need?Skills in house? Hire a new staff member (community manager) or contractor Need a staff person or contractor specificallyThe owner’s daughter enjoys to specifically focus on social media. dedicated to working on the dealershipsphotography and one of his sons likes social media.researching and writing about cars.Who sets the strategy? The community manager or consultant will set the social A designated staff person or consultant. media strategy. This person will develop the social media strategy and undertake the maintenance and promotion of the dealership using social media channels.Tools? Purchase a new computer, scanner, camera, video and useful The tools required are: new computer, books. The social media platforms and online forum will be scanner, camera, video camera, books and established or upgraded by the designated staff member or training. consultant. The website upgrade will most likely be done out The social media platforms, forum and of house by our previous web company, but this will be done website all need to be established or in coordination with the community manager. upgraded.Required training? Register interested staff in courses on social media ie. Training for contributing staff members ie. Professional photography, writing for blogs. Blogs, photographs, articles.Collaboration? ? ?Corporate culture? The best way to do this is to demonstrate what can happen To convince the owner that social media is aThe owner of the car dealership does when social media is not addressed ie. Negative reviews on good tool for promoting and growing thenot believe that there is value in social the internet. dealerships customer However, the children who areinheriting the dealership think that thisis the best way to grow the dealershipsclientele.
  9. 9. Analytics Twitter Flicker Yelp! PASSPORTSWebsite OUTPOSTS YouTube Facebook ForumHOMEBASE Blog Listening Channels: Yelp! Google Alerts Stumbleupon
  10. 10. Technology Get Clicky-Will be used to gather analytics from our website and blog. Technorati-Will be used to monitor our blogs online usage and rating. It will also provide us with access to other blogs with similar subject matter. This will help us generate ideas for our blog posts and demonstrate what topics are popular. Both Klout and Peer Index-Will both be used to monitor our social media tools. We plan to use both platforms for the first six months, after the trial period we will determine if we want to continue using both platforms. These platforms will also be used to reach out to industry experts and similar organizations.