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Making Social Media Work for Businesspeople, Presents the basics and what is needed to create a Marketing 2.0 strategy. Understanding the Power of Social Marketing and how to access this power for competitive advantage

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Power Social Marketing 2.0...

  1. 1. Power of Social Marketing 2.0 …Make it Work for Your Business © 2009
  2. 2. Greetings! I am Ira Kaufman, President Optimized Strategies, Ph.D. Marketing As a Marketing Strategist, I combine 30 years of rich experiences with businesses and nonprofits to develop the potential of companies and institutions. Marketing is evolving and expanding. It requires an integration of traditional advertising, online marketing, social media and networking to develop competitive advantage. I challenge owners and senior executives to clarify their goals and translate them into a consistent Brand. Then our team develops an Integrated Marketing Strategy that leverages social media and online marketing. Please join me on a journey to discover the Power of Social Marketing2.0 … Make it Work for Your Business . Connect with me: ira@optimizedstrategies.com Blog http://www.attractingtalenthub.com LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/optimizedstrategies 540-563-2249 (office) Twitter http://twitter.com/ira9201 540-875-8510 (cell) Facebook http://profile.to/irakaufman
  3. 3. Invite you 25 min Journey Opening the doorway to New online networking tool 4Ps of Social Media – Propagation, Power, Planning and Participation Challenging you to take action Building Your Marketing 2.0 Strategy Followup Programs in NOVA
  4. 4. Social Media Revolution … ways that businesses interact How are you using Social Media to build your business ? What are your challenges?
  5. 5. McKinsey & Co Report • By 2010, traditional TV advertising will be one-third as effective as it was in 1990. It assumes: • 15% decrease in buying power driving by cost-per-thousand rate increases / • 23 % decline in ads viewed due to switching off • 37% decrease in message impact due to saturation • Prime-time TV ad spending has increased over last decade by about 40%, as viewers have dropped almost 50%. Paying more for less translates into a much higher cost-per-viewer-reached. http://www.mediabuyerplanner.com/2006/08/07/mckinsey_tv_selling_power
  6. 6. Old 4Ps Marketing 1.0 Value Creator Customer 4Ps
  7. 7. What is Web 2.0 ? set of tools that allow people to build social and business connections,share information and collaborate on projects online includes blogs, video, wikis, social-networking sites and other online communities, and virtual worlds Wall Street Journal December 15 2008
  8. 8. Marketing 2.0 User Value Builder - Company - Employer Job Seeker Product (WEB2.0 Brand) - Partner Place (online, offline) Price ($, time, ease) 5Ps Promotion (Integrated Marketing) Publisher Participation (Conversations) Thought Leaders
  9. 9. #1 P … Propagation Social media is new phenomenon for business 88% used to market their business 72% have used it for a few mo. or less Demographic spending 10+hrs weekly 30-39 yrs- 45% 20-29 yrs- 40% 50-59 yrs- 39% Benefit to business 81% - generated greater exposure 78% - increased search engine rankings 62% - gained new partnerships 50%- generated qualified leads
  10. 10. What do these companies have in common? Miller Brewing Co Absolut Vodka NASA American Express National Geographic Bank of America Oscar Mayer Best Buy Peace Corps Big Rock Brewery Pizza Hut Carnival Cruise Lines Rubbermaid Charles Schwab SEC Dell Southwest Airlines H&R Block Starbucks Harley-Davidson Taco Bell Ikea The Home Depot JC Penney The Wall Street Journal Jet Blue TJ Maxx Kaiser Permanente US Dept State KFC Victoria's Secret Kodak Volvo Mayo Clinic Wal-Mart McKinsey & Company
  11. 11. Actively using Social Media Increase sales Build brand loyalty Recuit passive jobseekers Research target markets Introduce products Transform company culture Raise new sources of funds Gain new partnerships Increase attendance at events
  12. 12. Will It Blend ! 6.6 MM views/wk, +500% sales /
  13. 13. Motrin Message Backfires ! 261,000 views 2 days removed
  14. 14. The Power Has Shifted Any Time - Any Place - Any Way Web2.0 Trends Updated 12/07 Jo,SanKuKT
  15. 15. #2 P … POWER People play at Social Media with vanity Facebook accounts, and tacit LinkedIn accts and doing social Tweets.. Few access its Power How you access this Power?
  16. 16. Change your Mindset Marketing 1.0 to Marketing 2.0 “Social Trend in which people use technologies to get“” things that they need from each other, rather from corporations”
  17. 17. Essence of the Future of Marketing • It all starts with respect. • Listening is marketing. • Participation is marketing. • Media is marketing. • Conversations are marketing. • Comments are marketing. The Social Media Manifesto
  18. 18. Marketing Rules are Changing It was It’s now Pushing message to client Pulling client to the message One way message Interactive conversation Business generated content User generated content Interrupt client- direct immediate action Engage, build relationship Attention economy Attraction economy Hard to measure results Real time metrics Coveting information Sharing information Charging for entry – block entry Giving free ebooks, product
  19. 19. Challenge #1 Read Groundswell
  20. 20. Access the Big Five Facebook LinkedIn Twitter YouTube WordPress-Blogs
  21. 21. Power of • More than 140 million active users, 4th most-trafficked website in the world • 42 Million US users • Over 55,000 regional, work-related, collegiate, and high school networks • More than 50% users are outside of college • #1 site for people ages 18-25 (17MM); 25-34 (11MM); 35-54 (7MM) • Fastest growing demographic is 35-54 yrs; growing at 276% last 6 mo • 50% of users return daily. • Facebook for Business Group rich source of information. 25,000+ members. Statistics gathered directly from Facebook
  22. 22. Professional Resource • Launched in May 2003 • 38+ million experienced professionals from around the world • Represents 170 industries • 10+ Million unique visitors per month • Grew almost 380% from 2007 Data from LinkedIn
  23. 23. Goes Mainstream Businesses are finding ways to tweet 7 million members 1387% growth last year 35-49 yrs 42% of members • Doctors update patients about office hours • Zappos, shoe retailer updates 14,000 followers • COMCAST use it for customer services • Real estate agents are selling Houses • HCA uses for recruiting nurses Journal October 27, 2008
  24. 24. Power of YouTube “play for real” TOP 3 Girlfriend- music video 118.2 MM Evolution of Music 113.1 What’s the Altitude 72 Nielsen Rating – week ending April 5- 2009 1. American Idol FOX 24.4 million 2. Dancing With the Stars ABC 20.5 3. NCIS CBS 17.2
  25. 25. WordPress…Blogs Transforms Websites Businesses are adopting WEB2.0 • Search engine optimization friendly • Interactive • Content managed • Builds relationships • Real time metrics
  26. 26. Marketing 2.0 Lessons Gained 1. It’s not about a cheaper product or your idea; It’s about creating engaging conversations. It’s not about better coffee – it’s about the place (TWT) It’s not about the hog, it’s about a lifestyle (Blog,YT, FB) ) 2. Adjust from storytelling to putting on an online party (FB) Talk Like Your Audience Converse Don’t Shout Talk to people first, before trying to sell anything 3. Create consistent great content, address questions directly Whole Foods Twitter followers (405,000); Trader Joes (5,935)
  27. 27. Integrated Social Marketing 2.0 Campaign that made a difference
  28. 28. Powerful Social Media Strategy Obama has 403% more subscribers Obama has 380% more than McCain & 905% more supporters than McCain Obama: 2,379,102 supporters Viewers than McCain McCain: 620,359 supporters • “Race” Speech 3.8 MM YouTube • 4 MM Cable-3 channels Obama has 240 times more followers than McCain Obama has 380% more Obama: supporters than McCain @barackobama has 112,474 followers Obama: Friends: 833,161 McCain: McCain: Friends: 217,811 @JohnMcCain 4,603 followers www.web-strategist.com/blog/2008/11/03/snapshot-of-presidential-candidate-social-networking-stats-nov-2-2008/
  29. 29. Pundits Share Lessons Understand what social media is … real power lies in the people Recognize Social Media has changed the way People gather Process information Then make decisions Conclusion - consumers who visit these websites are more likely to take action with the information that they find – to vote, to make purchases, to interact
  30. 30. #3 P… Planning
  31. 31. Does Your Company Need Social Media? • Do you want to be considered a leader in your industry? Does your target market use the internet to access information, evaluate products or search for a business? Are you satisfied with the results of your marketing efforts? Are you thinking of re-inventing your business model in consideration of the new economic realities? Challenge #2 Develop a Marketing 2.0 Strategy
  32. 32. Building Integrated Marketing 2.0 Strategy Integrated Marketing 2.0 Strategy • • Leverages traditional, online and social media with business development to generate results. • Analyzes your product/service; determines the relative power of each medium; and then integrates them to optimize your results. • Objectives • Listening (research)- gain valuable input from partners • Talking (promotion)- spread the message • Energizing (sales)- engage enthusiastic partners to help “sell“/ “inform” • Supporting- enable partners to support each other • Embracing (collaboration)- interact with partners to develop better model
  33. 33. #4 P … Participation Gain agreement among owners and senior management to new ways of thinking Assemble Integrated Marketing 2.0 Teams blending experience of media Develop Integrated Marketing 2.0 Strategy conversations to develop: WEB2.0 Brand- with your current and potential users Employer Brand- with your job seekers and potential employees Thought Leadership- with individuals of importance (access to networks, information or expertise) Make time to consistently participate in SM Track and evaluate the results and adjust the strategy Challenge #3 Use SM to augment your current marketing efforts
  34. 34. Competitive Edge The next three years will see a refinement of Integrated Marketing 2.0 Strategies. Businesses that engage these strategies will increase in their value and realize a powerful competitive edge. You are about to change how your company relates to its customers Challenge #4 If you think and operate with new models, you will realize new results! Challenge #5 Join NOVA Social Media Connect