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Proof Brochure

  1. 1. The Evidence Is Inspiring.
  2. 2. At Proof, We Believe That... We should be judged not just by the answers we supply, but by the questions we ask... Research, planning and process beget progress... Brands should be own-able, defensible and consistent... Creativity is intelligence having fun... The best digital experiences drive an emotional response... Media plans should be creative solutions, too... Even the most elegant innovations require adaptability... Sound strategies, well optimized, will place you in front of your competition... Building our business happens by building yours. At Proof, we believe that... The Evidence Is Inspiring.
  3. 3. Intelligently Integrated BRAND ADVERTISING Strategic Planning Print Verbal & Visual Identity Broadcast (TV & Radio) Positioning & Themes Online Brochures & Collateral Search Engine Marketing Events & Video Production Direct Response Crisis/Issues Out-of-Home Communications RESEARCH Advertorial Public Relations Audience Insight Brand Identity Competitive Positioning Corporate Reputation Messaging MEDIA DIGITAL Planning Online Reputation Management Buying Interactive Experience Design Placement Social Media & Community Measurement Digital Advocacy Analysis Mobile Marketing Optimization
  4. 4. Evidence-Based Process Establish Business Determine Objectives Client Measure Challenges Success & Opportunities Brand Conduct Positioning Identify Mid-Course System Target Audiences Evaluation & (BPS) Success Metrics Develop Execute Messages Campaign Develop Communications & Campaign Drivers & Metrics
  5. 5. Our Work W e believe that evidence-based communications, driven by research intelligence that is gathered throughout a marketing effort’s cycle, truly distinguishes our clients and helps us improve their reputation in a crowded marketplace. We infuse this thinking into every aspect of our work, building better-informed programs that stem from research. We also measure, analyze and continuously fine-tune the performance of our communications campaigns. Here are a handful of “believers” in Proof’s evidence-based approach to marketing: Applica Consumer Products BP The Coca-Cola Company Con Edison Destination D.C. Dominion Resources Entergy The Ford Motor Company Hormel Foods Intel Kraft Foods LG Electronics Megabrands Microsoft Shell Transitions Optical Thomson Reuters U.S. Treasury (BEP)
  6. 6. Transitions Optical F or Transitions Optical, the leading provider of photochromic lenses worldwide, we served as the lead consumer communications agency in the areas of brand marketing, consumer PR, digital and social media strategy, providing overall strategic planning, research and programming execution relating to their core message platform and position within the industry and among consumers. Our work for Transitions is diverse – spanning multiple disciplines and channels – in North America and around the world. Whether we’re creating an ad campaign or developing an online experience, our approach ensures a cohesive and consistent brand, as well as an appropriate call-to-action. Highlighted Work Includes • Consumer media outreach – U.S., U.S. Hispanic market and Canada • Eye Didn’t Know That! – content/creative development and execution of consumer eye health awareness program • Digital and social media strategy and programming, including the development of Transitions’ global Web site, multiple micro sites, search engine optimization, online advertising, online loyalty programming, blog development and monitoring, social media content development and placement • Celebrity spokesperson activation and management • Issues management and crisis communications • Advocacy and legislative affairs strategy • Grass-roots programming (i.e. community outreach, school programming) • Retail partnership programming We have helped Transitions achieve year-over-year, double-digit sales growth and are proud to contribute to Transitions’ significant market share and position as the #1 doctor-recommended photochromic lenses worldwide. Results • More than 1.5 billion impressions have been garnered to date as part of our consumer media outreach efforts • Developed and executed Eye Didn’t Know That! – considered to be the largest consumer education initiative in the optical industry; included a 12-city tour and distribution of tens of thousands of program materials • Industry and consumer anecdotal feedback suggests the Transitions brand is better positioned online with a much stronger influence on purchase intent • More than 72,000 searches to date were conducted by consumers using the online Eyecare Professional Locator tool • More than 17,000 unique visitors traffic the site per month • Approximately 142,000 consumers participated in the online sweepstakes program
  7. 7. T ransitions Optical is committed to educating consumers about the importance of maintaining lifelong healthy Results • Tournament attendance was highest in sight. Its latest consumer outreach initiative nine years involves a partnership with the PGA TOUR, • Developed branded content as part of Golf which allows Transitions to connect with Channel and NBC programming broadcast to consumers through a highly relevant, global millions of viewers platform reinforcing the connection between healthy, quality sight and overall health and • “Live Your Vision” family walk benefiting wellness. “Live Your Vision” was developed as Prevent Blindness Florida attracted the rallying point that served as the theme to 400+ participants drive action among all audiences. • “Live Your Vision” experience pavilion drew Transitions challenged us to develop an 5,000+ visitors throughout the week integrated program to educate consumers • 83% increase in traffic to and engage trade partners with the goal during the month of the tournament of driving awareness, inspiring action and elevating the Transitions brand. As part of the • Nearly 300 attendees entered an onsite launch strategy, we conducted polling among raffle by sharing stories with us about how consumers to examine attitudes and behaviors they live their vision about the PGA TOUR and the relevance • More than 600 attendees were issued and potential impact of a sponsorship for “Sight-Ations” from CHiPs’ “Officer Frank Transitions Optical. Poncherello” (Erik Estrada), who was brought The Poll Showed That on board to help attendees learn how to protect their eyesight in a fun, unexpected way • Nearly 80 percent of consumers agreed that healthy sight was relevant both to • Secured favorable product reviews through themselves and golf blogger and online media outreach – resulting in 6 million+ impressions • Nearly 70 percent of consumers agreed it would be appropriate to hear about the As a result of the tremendous impact made for importance of lenses and UV protection if the Transitions brand and accolades from the the PGA TOUR had an official lens sponsor PGA TOUR providing top marks for Transitions’ first year effort as title sponsor, we were • The “Live Your Vision” messaging was retained as the lead agency partner to provide executed throughout all communications, brand strategy and event execution for the from media messaging and player 2010 Transitions Championship. In addition, sponsorships, to the on-site branding at the the “Live Your Vision” theme was a driving force Transitions Championship, to the print and behind this effort – one that was embraced so television advertising generated around the much by Transitions that they adopted it as event, and throughout the year. their brand mantra – integrating it into much of their trade and consumer communications.
  8. 8. LG Commercial O ur integrated marketing team was brought in by LG Electronics’ Commercial division to develop creative for its business-to-business (print and interactive) advertising campaign. The initial challenges were to introduce an entirely new product concept to the lodging industry and expand LG’s reach in to a new vertical within the healthcare category. Results The first advertisement that we launched targets hotel management/procurement personnel. It bears the headline “Digital Concierge,” and shows the various ways that hotel guests would interact with LG’s new Pro:Centric™ platform which enables viewers to increase the quality and value of their stay through the selection of a variety of on-screen amenity booking options. The ad signs off with the compelling call-to-action “Be Guest- Centric. Go Pro:Centric.” Also, with significant competition from Philips Electronics in the area of energy efficiency, LG asked us to produce advertising that addresses hoteliers interest in cost-efficient, energy saving televisions. The ads emply the headline “Green Room” and clearly conveys LG’s Dynamic Power Savings, Static Power Savings and its Intelligent Sensor. The lodging-focused ads are running in several National trade magazines that are dedicated to the hotel management community. LG also asked our team to target long-term care and skilled-nursing facilities, promoting LG’s leadership (as the #1 television manufacturer) in the healthcare industry. The ad bears the headline “Quality Care in High Definition.”
  9. 9. Destination DC In mid-2007, the city of Washington, DC, was poised to enter the crowded and competitive domestic tourism market with a new campaign. The most successful and beloved brands are single-minded in their claim on the public’s mind. Volvo means safety, Wal-Mart low prices and FedEx overnight. For visitors to Washington, DC, it was all about the power. Washington, DC was their Ultimate Power Trip. Innovative “power” word pairings were used in creative headlines in combination with evocative visuals that really captured and brought the idea to life. Creative testing proved the effectiveness of this message, and the team’s campaign was some of the highest-testing creative the researchers had ever recorded. It was found that the message succeeded in broadening the city’s appeal beyond families on vacation to urban explorers, who are keyed into the city’s restaurants and nightlife, and knowledge seekers, who are interested in architecture, history and culture. Results Washington, DC’s travel and tourism industry reported gains in 2008: • DC welcomed 16.6 million visitors, a 3% increase from 2007 • International visitation rose 22%, driving visitor spending past $5.6 billion and generating $618 million in tax revenue for the District • Domestic travel rose 2% to 15.2 million, while international visitation showed double-digit growth for the second straight year, rising 22% to 1.4 million in 2008 • Cost-conscious travelers boosted attendance at Smithsonian museums (+4%) and National Park Service sites (+6%)
  10. 10. Applica/Clear2Go A pplica, a marketer and distributor of a wide range of small appliances for use in and outside the home, challenged us to roll out an integrated launch program for Clear2Go, a personal water bottle with a replaceable filter, in March and April 2009. With Earth Day 2009 as the backdrop, the program was designed to promote the efficacy of the filter, the impact on the earth and the overall cost savings associated with using a personal water bottle. With a broad consumer opportunity at hand, we delivered our message at multiple touch-points, including major city attractions, media and the web. Our objectives were to associate Clear2Go with Earth Day and the green lifestyle, build buzz among influencers, engage bloggers to test out the product and post reviews, take advantage of Lance Armstrong’s association with the product where possible, build a digital platform to engage consumers to use less disposable bottled water and buy Clear2Go, and leverage buzz to secure incremental retail distribution. Results • More than 8,000 pledges were signed • 2.3 million bottles were pledged out of landfills annually • More than 2.2 million online banner ad impressions were generated
  11. 11. The Phoenix P hoenix started 2007 with a new brand and new momentum. It was our challenge to Companies launch this new brand through a compelling integrated communications program targeted to a very specific audience, the Financial Advisor and Life Insurance Agent who specializes in the High-Net-Worth market. Our message? That Phoenix has a more comprehensive understanding of the mind-set of the HNW client than other wealth management firms and is the ideal partner for the financial advisor who wants to know more and do more for their most demanding clients. Our creative solution was simple and powerful. In the highly competitive field of wealth management, advisors can look to Phoenix to help them go “The Extra Mile” for their most successful and demanding clients. Focus group research in key markets validated the proposed message approach and provided additional insights around media habits and preferred means of recognition that allowed us to fine-tune the integrated marketing plan. In addition to national and trade print advertising, the team developed sales-recognition and other promotional programs, as well as a highly concentrated online advertising effort. Results • Generated over 600 high-quality leads • Served ads with relevant messages 17 million times • Achieved above-industry-standard click-through rates • Achieved conversion rates as high as 10% across all sites – double the average reported for B2B online campaigns
  12. 12. Hormel Foods W hile Hormel Foods has constantly evolved with innovative products and food production technologies, the company’s corporate reputation has not. As a result, Hormel Foods was in a constant struggle to become more than just “The maker of SPAM” and asked our team to help create a new digital experience that would serve as a platform to shift customers’ perceptions of the Hormel brand from traditional and down-home with limited product offerings, to innovative, modern, and diverse. Based on research we built a corporate web platform that serves as the gateway to the entire company online. We then developed brand specific sites that celebrate what makes each brand unique. For the Hormel brand we created an interactive kitchen. Users gain a sense of brand depth and variety by interacting with various product ‘carousels’ containing product information, recipe ideas, and appealing photography. The modern look of the kitchen – combined with the open design and streamlined functionality of the site – obliterated previous perceptions of the brand as old-fashioned. Results The team’s efforts have successfully shaped perceptions among all audiences, as evidenced by the media, employees, consumers and analysts. Key highlights include: • 250% increase in media coverage since Q1 FY2005 • Awareness of Hormel Foods Chairman, President and CEO Jeffrey Ettinger increased by 27% • Won more than 42 awards in FY2008 • Hormel was very successful, garnering 9,452 visits during the week after launch and 46,947 visits total during the first month • Consumer testing of the Interactive Kitchen revealed an 80% success rate in broadening the consumer’s perception of brand variety, and a 65% success rate in conveying innovation and modernity as Hormel brand attributes
  13. 13. U.S. Treasury T o stay ahead of counterfeiting, the United States government is required to redesign Bureau of Engraving & Printing each denomination of currency every seven to ten years. Educating the public must be at the forefront of this effort so that those who handle American currency are aware of the newest features of the bills and can easily spot a counterfeit. Three government agencies are responsible for this public education awareness program: The Bureau of Engraving and Printing, The Federal Reserve Board and The United States Secret Service. In 2003, the United States government began introducing newly redesigned bills with a host of distinct colors and security features aimed to thwart the continually evolving threat of counterfeiting. The $20 bill was the first in the series, followed by the $50 and the $10, respectively.
  14. 14. I n 2007, the U.S. government tasked us with developing a new, innovative way to unveil the redesigned $5 bill to the public. Because On September 17, 2008, a special “splash page” featuring a digital countdown clock replaced the home page of the currency so many redesigned denominations had been education Web site, released in recent years, the potential for yet newmoney. At 9:00 a.m. on September 20, another new currency design to be perceived the clock hit 0:00 and a video filled the screen, as “old news” was real. The unveiling event introducing the new $5 bill. The unveiling needed to gain significant media coverage in was followed by a live, online Q&A with order to kick-start a global public education officials from the U.S. Treasury, The Bureau of campaign to encourage target audiences to Engraving and Printing, The Federal Reserve authenticate currency and prepare for the new Board and The United States Secret Service. $5 bill’s entry into circulation early next year. The Wi-5 event was supported by online elements that both enhanced the event’s In cooperation with the Bureau of Engraving news value and ensured a rich, interactive and Printing, we determined that the unveiling learning experience for target audiences. of the $5 bill would need to use a format that could be easily disseminated to as many Results stakeholders and members of the general public as possible. It was essential to the public Between September 20th and 22nd, the education effort of the campaign to drive key Web site audiences to the Web site to download and experienced a 976% increase in a 24-hour order training and education materials. period. The digital unveiling also drove more than 38,187 stakeholders to order more than The “Wi-5” Theme 133,446 educational materials to prepare their employees, constituents and customers A wordplay on “WiFi” technology, the “Wi-5” for the new $5 bill. The $5 unveiling was the theme of the $5 unveiling event evoked the first time an event of its kind was listed in the high-tech nature of the unveiling itself, as Associated Press Daybook, setting a precedent well as the government’s use of developing for online events in the future. As a result, technologies to enhance security features more than 250 journalists participated in in the currency to protect the public against the unveiling. counterfeiting and to teach people how to authenticate their currency.
  15. 15. The Evidence Is Inspiring... ...Insights ...Strategies ...Creative ...Campaigns …Digital ...Visibility ...Optimization ...Connections ...Leads ...Customers ...Clients ...Effectiveness ...Results …Success
  16. 16. New York | Washington, D.C. | Chicago | Pittsburgh A Member of the WPP Group