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1to1 Marketing 7 17 09 F


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Personalized Marketing

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1to1 Marketing 7 17 09 F

  1. 1. People.Technology.Solutions 1 To 1 MARKETING The Vision Graphics Group
  2. 2. The Power of Partnership Partnership (pärt n r-sh p ), A relationship between individuals or groups that is characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility, as for the achievement of a specified goal. The Vision Graphics Group
  3. 3. Today’s Overview Introduction to ‘Applied Media’ Who We Are Core Services Our Focus Emerging Technologies • VDP • Integrated Marketing • Corporate Communication •In Review Next Steps The Vision Graphics Group
  4. 4. Who We Are The Vision Group Leading provider of marketing communication solutions that are sustainable in their deployment, exceed client expectations and provide a positive Return-on-Investment Uniquely positioned to create more value and opportunity for our customers to build their business Among the Nations’ largest single provider of digital output technology Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified Launch Creative– a PROMO 100 (#32) brand marketing agency The Vision Graphics Group
  5. 5. Core Services Digital Print Conventional Printing Large Format Printing Mail & Fulfillment Warehouse & Distribution Photo Prepress & Imaging Creative Services Finishing & Full Bindery Photography The Vision Graphics Group
  6. 6. Growing Our Business Vision is the 2nd Largest HP Indigo User Printing Over 11 Million Variable Data Impressions Per Month The Vision Graphics Group
  7. 7. The One-To-One Future What Is One-To-One One to One Marketing is a radical rethinking of modern marketing practices Digital printing technology now gives us the ability to personalize all of our printed materials Tracking customer buying habits and interests is now possible by using well minded databases and lists With this information you can target those known to have purchased your product, similar products, or are or would be interested in a future purchase Response rates and return on investment increase when using One-to-One Marketing techniques The Vision Graphics Group
  8. 8. The Audience of One Think One-To-One Variable Data Printing uses your Database information to target your customers and address them individually Meeting their individual needs The Vision Graphics Group
  9. 9. Mass Market Printing Think One-To-One Traditional Marketing Techniques Depends on a Single Generic Message to Appeal to a Large Group of People Yields Average Response Rates of 1% to 2% The Vision Graphics Group
  10. 10. Versioning Think One-To-One Addresses the Interests of the Group Every Audience Varies Widely by Demographics or Preferences Versions Speak More Directly to Different Groups The Vision Graphics Group
  11. 11. Customization The Ultimate One-To-One Piece Addresses the Interests of the Individual Using the information in your database to distinguish between each member or patient acknowledging what makes that person unique. The Vision Graphics Group
  12. 12. Relevant Personalization = Profits Gains Achieved Using Relevant, Personalized Communication Marketing 50 45 Order Size 40 35 Revenue 30 Response Time 25 20 Response Rate 15 10 Repeat Orders 5 0 SOURCE: CAP VENTURE SURVEY “Campaigns that utilize relevant graphics and text commonly see a 3-5 x lift in response rates” – PODi, The Digital Printing Initiative “42% of direct mail recipients prefer to respond online” – 2008 DMA Study The Vision Graphics Group
  13. 13. Customize Why Not One-To-One? Names in 4-color Personalize Custom Copy Unique Images The Possibilities Are Endless The Vision Graphics Group
  14. 14. Visually Customize Create Visual Appeal Photos and illustrations were selected from a data base of images enabling each piece to be visually customized Personalized Photography Creates Visual Interest The Vision Graphics Group
  15. 15. Use Your Data for Profit Increase Membership/Sales Market Share and Return on Investment Customization Through Digital Printing Get Your Re-Opens Message to Markets Your Buyers To You The Vision Graphics Group
  16. 16. Integrated Marketing Strategies – Increasing ROI Strategic marketing approach Improve direct mail/email response rates Capture online response in real time Provide relevant content in response to preferences. Engage responders in a more meaningful dialogue. Convert responders’ preferences into revenue. Real time reports on responses to online activity. The Vision Graphics Group
  17. 17. Integrated Marketing Campaign Blueprint Database Sales & Marketing 1 Postcard or Email 6 Campaign Thank You Email or Letter 2 Campaign Leads 4 5 to Personalized URL Alert! Email Direct Responses To Sales Saved in Sales Call Database 3 Personalized Dashboard for Response Tracking Survey Page With All Information Filled In The Vision Graphics Group
  18. 18. Case Study – On Line Ordering Personalization for Each Location, by Location via Web Based Order Form On-line Order for Sizes From: Poster to Postcard Individual Customize Locations Hours Hours and Services Offered Services Locations United States Benefit to Customer Postal Service • Each location can customize own pieces on-line The Vision Graphics Group
  19. 19. Case Study Personalize Direct Mail for Results Customize Customer’s An Entire Name Campaign Events and For The Locations Individual Mailing Address The Bradford Benefit to Customer Exchange • Proven response and sales increases The Vision Graphics Group
  20. 20. Case Study Bernina Online Ordering On-line Variable address for recipient Print Order Variable return Fulfillment address for for Direct Mail multiple dealers Campaigns Variable product and interest information from consumer’s profile data base Bernina Sewing Benefit to Customer Machines • On-line to print using variable data The Vision Graphics Group
  21. 21. Core Services Finishing and Full Bindery With complete finishing and bindery capabilities right in-house we can design, create and deliver materials that fit perfectly with your purpose, timeframe and budget. You get maximum effect, minimal stress and nothing but quality from start to finish. The Vision Graphics Group
  22. 22. Core Services We’ve Got Mail Fulfillment Intelligent inserting MQC Certification The Vision Graphics Group
  23. 23. One-To-One Marketing A Big Resource Vision is one of the only resources that can handle your One-To-One Marketing needs, while delivering the highest level of quality and professionalism - and all from here in Chicago. The Vision Graphics Group
  24. 24. Integrated Graphics Management We offer a full range of integrated graphic communications and services. Producing for every conceivable medium, our ultra-efficient digital workflow effectively combines the time and cost benefits of the hottest technology with the masterful touch of true artists. From design to photography, commercial offset to digital printing, pre-press production to wide format graphics… whatever you require, Vision has the answer. The Vision Graphics Group
  25. 25. Integrated Graphics Management In Conclusion We at Vision are grateful for the opportunity to present to you the future of Digital Print Marketing Our state of the art processes offer to you and your clients the capability of marketing your products to those who truly are in the target market group Making use of these new technologies is the key to our success The Vision Graphics Group
  26. 26. Integrated Graphics Management THANK YOU Our vision is to make quality a reality and to create trusted and experienced partnerships. The Vision Graphics Group
  27. 27. People.Technology.Solutions The Power of Partnership The Vision Graphics Group