Finding Data from the US Census
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Quick overview of potential sources for data from the US Census. Presented on 3/2/2011.

Quick overview of potential sources for data from the US Census. Presented on 3/2/2011.



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Finding Data from the US Census Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Connecticut State Data Center at theUniversity of Connecticut Libraries MAGIC Locating Data
  • 2. Connecticut State Data Center - CtSDC • US Census public contact for state of Connecticut• Provides assistance with locating and using US Census data• Serves as the liaison to the US Census Bureau• Provides public outreach to help promote usage of Census data• Located at the Map and Geographic Information Center - MAGIC on Level 4 of the Homer Babbidge Library
  • 3. Upcoming Releases• Connecticut State Data Center ( will be relaunching website to include: • 2010 Census data for Connecticut • 2000 and 1990 Census data for Connecticut • Interactive maps for previewing data • Downloadable shapefiles, spreadsheets, and KML files • Population projections (available now)
  • 4. Apportionment Data Viewer
  • 5. What’s happeningthis year?• 2010 Census Data by State is being release for apportionment now!• Summary File 1 will be release Summer 2011• Data will be added to American Factfinder
  • 6. 2010 Data Released as of 3/1/2011
  • 7. Decennial Census -2010, 2000...• Most complete sampling of US population - every 10 years• Provides data on sex, age, race/ethnicity, families, and other variables• Historical Dataset!
  • 8. Evolution of the Census
  • 9. Q&AQuestionHow can I find the tract level data (income, proportionunder the poverty line, property value, education level,proportion of married, etc.) for the greater Hartford area(or another metropolitan area such as Phoenix)? Answer American Community Survey - 5 Year and/or Decennial Census Data
  • 10. American FactFinder
  • 11. American FactFinder 2
  • 12. Social Explorer
  • 13. Q&AQuestionBesides the geographic, education, and transportationinformation, what other economic data does the censusrelease such as gross production on the county level ortown level, like the average earnings per household onthese levels? Answer Economic Census and/or American Community Survey
  • 14. American Community Survey• Annual “Census” that randomly samples the population• Multiple questions, more extensive than Decennial Census• Takes the place of the Census “Long Form”• 3 types of American Community Survey Data Sets • 1 year American Community Survey - County/Town level data • 3 Year American Community Survey - excludes counties with less than 20,000 people
  • 15. Q&AQuestionWhat are the differences between the tract data and theblock data? Answer Block is the smallest geography Block Group Tracts include block groups/blocks
  • 16. Q&AQuestionHow can I find the economic related data in ACS orother resources that the census releases? Answer American FactFinder
  • 17. Visit us at MAGIC on Level 4 of the Homer Babbidge Library or email us at