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Interactive Mapping for Education: Collaborations for Success


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Presented at the NEArc 2010 Spring Meeting at Smith College on May 11, 2010

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Interactive Mapping for Education: Collaborations for Success

  1. 1. MAGIC 2.0: Using GIS to Empower K-12 Curriculum Development. Jeffrey Dunn Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  2. 2. Why GIS in the Classroom? •  Examine: •  Collect & Create –  Demographic Data –  Point, Line and •  Social studies Polygon Data –  Natural Features •  GPS •  Sciences •  Digitizing –  Areal concepts –  GIS analysis •  Mathematics –  Historical Maps •  History Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  3. 3. Barriers to GIS in K-12 •  Common Impediments –  Ease of use •  Steep Learning Curve –  Time –  Data –  Support –  Money h@p://$cles/the-­‐importance-­‐of.html   •  Computers •  Software Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  4. 4. MAGIC – Web 2.0 and K-12 Education •  Outside the Neatline –  How in the World? –  Map of the Week •  Help implementing free GIS platforms •  GIS Data •  Map Mash-ups •  QR Codes Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  5. 5. Outside the Neatline: How in the World? Hey  Brandon,  want  to  go  fishing  this   weekend?   I  think  there’s  a  boat  launch  near   New  London,  CT  that  we  can  use.   Okay,  sounds  like  fun!  Where   are  we  going?   Great!  Um…  I  don’t  have  a   fishing  pole,  do  you  know   where  we  can  get  one?   Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  6. 6. Outside the Neatline: How in the World? •  In the previous exercise geographic information was: –  Loaded –  Queried –  Proximity analysis Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  7. 7. Map of the Week •  If a picture is worth 1,000 words… •  A map can be priceless! –  Deliver cross disciplinary content –  Link to additional content on the web Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  8. 8. Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  9. 9. Map of the Week & Mash-ups •  Mash-ups allow: –  Places to be linked to external websites –  Address searching –  Temporal analysis Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  10. 10. Future directions •  QR Codes (Quick Response) –  Allows mobile phones to access data using a camera –  Links to custom content –  Treasure hunts, GIS Data, Historical Maps, Web Content Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  11. 11. Future directions •  Implement The Connecticut State Data Center’s new website •  Connecticut Geographic Alliance –  August 02, 2010 •  Teachers Workshop •  Implementing Web based GIS and other open source platforms in the classroom •  Invitation for further collaboration!   Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  12. 12. Acknowledgements •  Michael Howser & Bill Miller –  Map and Geographic Information Center of the University of Connecticut Libraries. •  William DeGrazia & Tom Brodnitzki –  Connecticut Geographic Alliance Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  13. 13. The $100,800 Collaboration Michael Howser with Special Guest Jack Dougherty Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  14. 14. In a room… just like this Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  15. 15. One year ago… Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  16. 16. In fact… it was actually here at Smith College at NEArc 2009 Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  17. 17. A presentation about MAGIC 2.0 sparked a conversation Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  18. 18. So what happened next? Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  19. 19. MAGIC visits Trinity College May 29, 2009 Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  20. 20. Conversation Begins •  Conversation began about collaborating to increase access to GIS data •  Developed process for adding data to MAGIC website •  And the dialog continued… Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  21. 21. Which then led to… •  Application to 2 National Endowment for the Humanities grants •  1 American Council of Leaned Societies grant application •  Collaboration between Trinity and MAGIC for each grant to develop map and GIS data sets for public use Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  22. 22. Then something MAGICal happened •  NEH funded $100,800 grant –  MAGIC is recognized as being a Digital Humanities Center –  Collaborative development of maps, GIS data, and map mash-ups –  MAGIC will provide access to datasets via website Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  23. 23. On The Line Project •  Forthcoming Book - “On the Line: How schooling, housing, and civil rights shaped Hartford and its suburbs” –  Focuses on Connecticut's capital region during the twentieth century –  Examines how the “line” influenced lives within Hartford region Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  24. 24. Map Viewer - Prototype Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  25. 25. More details soon! •  Check out the On the Line Project website at: Special Thanks to Jack Dougherty for making this opportunity happen! Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  26. 26. Want to Collaborate? Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  27. 27. Chat with any of us! Or email MAGIC at Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  28. 28. And Remember…Opportunities Surround Us! In  presenta$ons   At  tables  during  breaks     or  at  Lunch!   Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  29. 29. Join us for lunch! Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research    
  30. 30. Questions? Map and Geographic Information Center - MAGIC University of Connecticut Libraries 369 Fairfield Way Phone: 860-486-4589 E-mail: IM (AOL): uconnlibmagic Digi$zing  the  Past  …  to  Empower  21st  Century  Research