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  • 1. and the Fairfax Line
    George Washington
  • 2. George Washington was born February 22, 1732, in Virginia.
    At age 11, Washington’s father died and left the majority of his land to Washington’s big brother .
    At the age of 16, Washington decided that he needed a respectable way to make a living.
    The beginning
  • 3. Washington learned the trade of surveying at the age of 16, with the help of his family.
    Not only would Washington be a surveyor but in a since he would be a frontiersman.
    Washington’s family had a very close relationship with Lord Fairfax.
  • 4. In 1748 Washington set out to survey Lord Fairfax’s lands in Virginia.
    After the 1748 trip to Virginia, Washington was awarded with a certificate as a professional surveyor.
    In 1749, Washington set out on another surveying trip to Fredrick County, which is currently Hampshire County.
    Fairfax Line
  • 5. While surveying the country side, Washington came in contact with some important figures and some that would later be under the command of Washington.
    Washington came into contact with fellows such as Joseph Edwards, Isaac Van Meter, and James Caudy.
    Acquaintances due to surveying
  • 6. In 1752, Washington’s brother Lawrence died and Washington inherited his brothers estate.
    Washington saw this as a great opportunity and moved back to Mount Vernon to become a planter.
    During his stay at Mount Vernon he was appointed as Adjutant in the Virginia Militia.
    Washington’s return to Mount Vernon
  • 7. 1753 marked the start of the French and Indian War.
    At the start of the war, Washington was still a Adjutant in the Virginia Militia.
    Towards the end of the war Washington was promoted to a Colonel.
  • 8. After the War, Washington moved back to Mount Vernon and lived with his wife Martha Custis.
    After the War
  • 9. The End