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George washington


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This is a powerpoint on George Washington that was used for my observations as an education student.

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George washington

  1. 1. George Washington
  2. 2. Background: Early Life Born: February 22, 1732 in VA Father Dies Connection to Fairfax family 1743 Appointed to official surveyor Mother does not allow of Culpeper County George to join Navy Brother dies of Tuberculosis; job Given rank of Major in Militia Joined Free Masons divided French & Pope’s Creek Estate Indian War
  3. 3. Gaining Experience  British Military Tactics  Political Skills Military Skills  Leadership Skills  Organization  Displayed:  Logistics  Command Presence  Battlefield Tactics  Organize  Toughness  Drill  Courage  Discipline
  4. 4. Life After War Washington married  Martha Dandridge Custis Moved to Mount Vernon Had no children of his own with Martha due to illness. Professional Life (Pre-War) Farmer Politician AristocratTobacco Wheat
  5. 5. Early Revolution Passively opposed the Stamp Act of 1765 Became actively involved after passing of Townshend Acts in 1767 Attended First Virginia Convention & First Continental Congress
  6. 6. The First Presidency  EVENT LEGACY Hiring Advisors  Presidential Cabinet Residence Act  Washington D.C. Whiskey Rebellion  Domestic Defense Jay Treaty  English-American Relations Two-Terms Served  Model for future Presidents
  7. 7. Retirement Returned to Mount Vernon to run his Plantations Military advisor under Adams’ PresidencyPassed away December 14, 1799 at Mount Vernon
  8. 8. The pictures in this presentationlack citation. The citations can notbe found at this time. If an ownerof any of these photos would likeme to take them down I wouldgladly comply. Thank you foryour understanding.