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  • 1. Google maps
    January 10, 2010
  • 2. Google Maps is a basic web mapping service application and technology provided by Google.
    WoraphanAtikomtrirat Page 1
  • 3. You can search for places, businesses, directions, and much more all from one website.
    WoraphanAtikomtrirat Page 1
  • 4. To get started go to
    WoraphanAtikomtrirat Page 2
  • 5. To find a place or business, simply type a location in the search box.
    Ex:Suvarnabhumi airport
    WoraphanAtikomtrirat Page 3
  • 6. It easy to zoom in a out and simply to drag a map from side to side to get a better view for your location.
    WoraphanAtikomtrirat Page 4
  • 7. You can switch from map view to terrain view or to satellite view.
    WoraphanAtikomtrirat Page 5
  • 8. Let’s get the direction from “Suvarnabhumi airport” to “Weekend Market ”
    We can choose avoid highways and tolls. Select the auto transport.
    By car , By public transit were available, or by Walking.
    WoraphanAtikomtrirat Page 6
  • 9. Let’s go by car. Step by step directions for the entire route are available in texts and on the map.
    WoraphanAtikomtrirat Page 7
  • 10. Google maps also let you search for the local businesses by enter business or categories you wants along with the location.
    Let checkout “noodle silom”
    WoraphanAtikomtrirat Page 8
  • 11. To get more information, click on the “more info”. Here you can see details like store hours, review and much more. You can even write a review.
    WoraphanAtikomtrirat Page 9
  • 12. Transit on Google maps
    Search for directions and click by public transit
    WoraphanAtikomtrirat Page 10
  • 13. You can see up coming departure and see around on the map. You also can set your departure time
    WoraphanAtikomtrirat Page 11
  • 14. Transfer and travel time are available in text and on the map.
    WoraphanAtikomtrirat Page 12
  • 15. See exactly where you need to be, travel time, and transfer.
    WoraphanAtikomtrirat Page 13
  • 16. You can also plan for your return trip to make sure you can back on time.
    WoraphanAtikomtrirat Page 13
  • 17. My map
    In the my map section, you can create your own map to share with friend, you can add placemark, a shape and line, right on top on your map. You can share the map to your friend to collaborate.
    WoraphanAtikomtrirat Page 14
  • 18. That’s the brief introduce to goggle maps. Now you try yourself.
    Explore your hometown or the whole world with
    WoraphanAtikomtrirat Page 15
  • 19. Thank you
    January 10, 2010
    WoraphanAtikomtrirat Page 15