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Executive search and recruitment of prescreened professionals
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Executive search and recruitment of prescreened professionals


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Talentbank matches personal branding profiles of qualified, tested professionals to your vacancy. Take away this free presentation!

Talentbank matches personal branding profiles of qualified, tested professionals to your vacancy. Take away this free presentation!

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  • 1. Welcome to TalentBank Executive search has always been a tough challenge for recruiters and managers. Today’s business environment has made things even tougher. Mismatches between professionals and organisations often only emerge over time ~ and most often, these mismatches are between the behaviours and values of candidate and organisation. Our unique TalentBank service helps you search and evaluate the skills, behaviours and values of professional candidates at a glance ~ saving you valuable time, effort and money. Create a function profile for your position today and get started ~ for free! Nico Brokking, Chief TalentManagement Officer, deTalentBank Executive search, recruitment en career coaching since 1996
  • 2. Who are you looking for? Directie Telecom Senior Management Sales Management Account Management Marketing ICT Product Management Salary > 70K Communicatie Operations High Tech Education University Degree Project Management Programma Management HRM Management B2B Services Work experience > 5 years Finance Management Controlling Accountancy Ondernemerschap Manufacturing
  • 3. What do you need? Telecom ✓ Insights into candidate potential ✓ Qualitative matching ✓ Self service ✓ Easy & accessible ✓ No cure, minimal pay
  • 4. A Glossary of the Tools we use RDA Testing RDA testing is a proven psychometric methodology to analyse and map professional working behaviours and qualities.
  • 5. Recruiter function profile Your function profile is a RDA map of the qualities, behaviours and values you are looking for in your ideal candidate.
  • 6. Candidate personal branding profile A candidates Personal Branding Profile is a cross between a CV, A Personal Brand and includes a RDA map of professional candidate qualities. All our candidates are prescreened before their Personal Branding Profiles are published in our exclusive database.
  • 7. The TalentBank process: overview Free Paid Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Candidate View Full Select & create Search & Purchase Candidate Selection & Registration Function Profile Anonymous credits Personal Placement Matching Branding Profiles
  • 8. Step 1: Creating a Function Profile Step 1 As a line manager or recruiter for senior positions, you may be looking for a candidate to help drive the company forward. Or perhaps you need someone to help provide stability and alignment? Each of these requires a different Select & Create mix of personal characteristics, behaviours and values. Function Profile By tailoring a free Function Profile for your vacancy from our templates, you can clearly identify and map the RDA values you are looking for. There is an example of a Function Profile on the next page.
  • 9. Creating a function profile 1. Select from Template 2. Automatic Mapping onto your Function Profile
  • 10. Step 2: Candidate Search & Match Step 2 Once you have created your Function Profile, simply set your search criterion and view the anonymous Personal Branding Profile summaries of your matches. Candidate Search & Anonymous Remember - all of our candidates have been prescreened to the same RDA Matching criterion as in your Function Profile. There is an example of the search, a Personal Branding Profile and the match function on the following pages.
  • 11. Search Select the criterion you wish to search on
  • 12. Match You will now see a number of matches. These are the anonymous summaries of the Candidate Personal Branding Profiles who closest fit your requirements.
  • 13. Step 3: Registration Step 3 If you like the matches you see, and would like to view the full Personal Branding Profiles, you will be asked to register with the TalentBank community. Registration All your information is confidential, your login secure, and your recruitment goals one step closer.
  • 14. Step 4: Purchase Credits Step 4 Purchasing credits is simple and secure. Once you have purchased credits, it can be used for both your existing function profiles, or any new ones. Purchase The costs Credits 5 complete Personal Branding Pages : € 500,- 10 complete Personal Branding Pages : € 750,- 20 complete Personal Branding Pages : € 1.000,-
  • 15. Step 5: View Personal Branding Profile Step 5 Once you have purchased credits you can view the full Personal Branding Profiles of the candidates who match your requirements. View Full Personal This includes detail information of the matches between you and your Branding candidate. This gives you deep insights into the suitability of the candidate, Profiles areas of strengths and areas for potential development. On the following page there is an explanation of how the matching works.
  • 16. The RDA Match explained Your Function Profile requirements show in Blue. The Candidate RDA tested qualities show in Red. Candidate 1 Candidate 2 Candidate 3 Many development areas required to Many development areas required to Great match! Low development required match your requirements. match your requirements. to meet your needs! Quantitative scoring for ease of reading
  • 17. Step 6: Selection & Placement Step 6 Once you have found good potential matches, our highly experienced recruitment consultants help you further clarify the suitability of your preferred candidate. Selection & Placement Should you proceed with final recruitment and placement we charge a fixed fee of € 10.000,-
  • 18. TalentBank Overview Standard Consultancy Placement Self Full Access to Service Candidate Profile Self Unlimited Matching of Service Function & Candidate Free Subscription Fixed Fee €500 €750 €1000 €10.000
  • 19. Apply now for intake! Call: +31 (0)88 5000 500 Email: Get the latest news: Follow us: Website:
  • 20. About TalentBank TalentBank values human capital - the individual in the workplace - above all else. TalentBank is an initiative of Triceps: executive search, recruitment and career coaching specialists since 1996. We search, recruit and coach senior professionals in Telecom, IT, High Tech, Consumer Durables, Manufacturing or B2B for leading employers in The Netherlands. We are a team of highly experienced consultants and coaches who have placed and coached thousands of experienced, qualified professionals over the years. TalentBank capitalises on the newest online technologies, bringing together professional talent, coaches and executive search, to promote the value of human capital in the workplace. Executive search, recruitment en career coaching since 1996