Online Culture IS The Culture


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This presentation will build a bridge between the generations by positing the notion that ‘Online Culture is now The Culture’, (watch anyone in the modern workplace for more than 30 minutes in their daily routine and marvel at the plethora of network-enabled behaviours), and suggests a range of implications for the current level of attention or investment in local creative and ICT industries. Inspired by a throwaway line in an article by Kevin Kelly "We Are The Web" See

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Online Culture IS The Culture

  1. Tim Parsons Online Culture IS the culture
  2. Cultures have the power to change the world ... ...1% of US land area is road.
  3. One upon a time...
  4. Consumer Culture... a mass-media world.
  5. NOW: . . . then something happened
  6. This is us!
  7. Over 1 billion Internet users worldwide (Source: 23 Jan 2009)
  8. 6 million Australians on Facebook, 8th highest penetration. (Source: 23 Jan 2009)
  9. 300 million Chinese internet users. (Source: 23 Jan 2009)
  10. 30 % of handsets sold in developed world today are smartphones (Source:, Sept 2008)
  11. Over 1.5 billion iPhone apps downloaded to iPhones + iPod Touches since July 2008 (source: Business Week, 14th July 2009)
  12. 4.1 billion Number of mobile phone subscribers worldwide (Source: MoCo News 2 Mar 2009)
  13. 100 % mobile penetration in Australia (Source: Total Telecom Jan 2009)
  14. 140 % mobile penetration in ITALY (Source: Total Telecom Jan 2009)
  15. Online Culture is The Culture In 2006: “To win, we need a Community Outreach program.”
  16. Online Culture is The Culture $656 million Individual donations to Obama ’08 by Dec 2008. (Source:, Dec 31 2008)
  17. Online Culture is The Culture Its not about technology
  18. Online Culture is about People Today
  19. People Today : Connected Society
  20. People Today : Connected Society : Babies
  21. People Today : Connected Society : Children
  22. People Today : Connected Society : Teens
  23. People Today : Connected Society : Adults
  24. Online Culture is rich in human Behaviours
  25. Online Culture is hungry for Authenticity
  26. Online Culture is great at getting the Truth
  27. Online Culture is rife with Innovation
  28. Online Culture is about reinventing the Economy
  29. Online Culture is principally a form of Open Society
  30. Online Culture is highly Disruptive
  31. Tim Parsons Online Culture Online Culture IS IS the culture the mainstream
  32. Online Culture is The Culture Culture shock Remember the industrial revolution ? It changed the rules, transformed the lives of millions and created the world we know today.
  33. Online culture is changing the lives of billions
  34. Online Culture is The Culture Make it better We need to be influential beyond just IT and ‘digital industries’ - this is now society.
  35. Tim Parsons