Some Reality into Apps Store Hysteria on the Markets and Opportunities in Mobile


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"This industry is so prone to hype and hysteria. Right now the hot buzz in mobile is "apps stores", and every handset maker, smartphone operating system provider and major mobile operator/carrier is eager to launch their own apps stores, while the tech-oriented press and bloggers all obsess about the traffic and downloads generated by Apple's iPhone Apps Store. I want to bring some voice of reason to this hysteria. And yes, this is one of my trademark long and detailed blog articles, so get your coffee before you start." ~Tomi T Ahonen

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Some Reality into Apps Store Hysteria on the Markets and Opportunities in Mobile

  1. 1. Some Reality into Apps Store Hysteria on the Markets and Opportunities in Mobile presentation was inspired by Tomi T Ahonen's post
  2. 2. About Tomi T Ahonen He is a five-time bestselling author and consultant on digital convergence and mobile telecoms, based in Hong Kong. Tomi lectures at Oxford University's short courses on high tech and convergence.
  3. 3. 8 unique abilities of mobile phone
  4. 4. Mobile is personal
  5. 5. Mobile is permanently carried
  6. 6. Mobile is always on
  7. 7. Mobile has a built-in payment channel
  8. 8. Mobile is available at the point of creative impulse
  9. 9. Mobile is most accurate at measuring its audience
  10. 10. Mobile can capture the social context of consumption
  11. 11. Mobile can offer augmented reality
  12. 12. Apple is luxury brand for phones
  13. 13. 35M of iPhones out there globally or 1% of all phones
  14. 14. A $600 iPhone is as a Jaguar or Mercedes Benz car :)
  15. 15. 3% of Americans have an iPhone
  16. 16. It is NOT a mass market phone :(
  17. 17. USA market is anomaly
  18. 18. 1/3 of total iPhone users are in the USA
  19. 19. The hysteria is centered in the USA
  20. 20. The rest of the planet is NOT like the USA :|
  21. 21. Smartphones is small part of all phones
  22. 22. 180M smarphones sold this year, or 64% of the size of total PC sales worldwide
  23. 23. 1.1B new mobile phones are sold this year
  24. 24. The total installed base of smartphones is 550M
  25. 25. 3.8B actual activated mobile phones in use
  26. 26. 14.5% of all mobile phones in use are smartphones...
  27. 27. ...but 85.5% are basic phones
  28. 28. PC based web vs. mobile web
  29. 29. You can reach a total internet PC population of 1.0B
  30. 30. The rest of the 1.7B internet users access in web cafes or on their phones
  31. 31. Over 1.2B people already do use the mobile internet 8-)
  32. 32. MMS
  33. 33. Is enabled at more than 2.8B mobile phones and their networks...
  34. 34. ...and has 1.4B active users
  35. 35. How big is? Globally worth $26B last year said Portio
  36. 36. SMS
  37. 37. There are 3B active users on the planet!
  38. 38. Over 99.9% of all 3.8B connected mobile phones on the planet has that ability
  39. 39. 76% of all mobile phone subscribers are active users
  40. 40. post scriptum
  41. 41. $145M is made from all mobile services daily * * A day in the Internet :
  42. 42. @IgorBuhovec