Tomorrow Group Credentials - August 2014


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Welcome to the Tomorrow Group, here are a few slides to explain more about us and how we work.

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Tomorrow Group Credentials - August 2014

  1. 1. Hello TOMORROW GROUP
  2. 2. ! Tomorrow is a transformation agency that helps ambitious companies exploit new technology to grow.
  3. 3. Why do we exist? Technology is an incredibly powerful force creating an abundance of new opportunities for brands, but also extraordinary new threats. ! No agencies have changed their structure or talent base to respond to the new post digital age. All are firmly routed in using digital to embellish communications, not transform business. ! Tomorrow is about reimagining business in the age of technology, by understanding people, brands, technology and trends. !
  4. 4. Experience
  5. 5. What do we do?
  6. 6. Innovation at all levels. Business Marketing Communications
  7. 7. Solutions of all nature. TRENDS AND FUTUROLOGY ! Emerging media exploitation Future trends & insights. Reimagination design Business transformation Training GROWTH & LAUNCH STRATEGIES ! Growth hacking New product development New commerce models Customer engagement CRM innovation BRAND ENGAGEMENT ! Advertising Window and POS design Digital touchpoints Brand experience design Mobile apps MEDIA INNOVATION ! Advertising unit Innovation Business model innovation New platform design Content creation Alliances and partnerships
  8. 8. Experience
  9. 9. A track record of innovation 2001 - Taking global gameshow brand onto mobiles to create new revenue sources 2003 - Use of real time telemetrics to create big data dashboard to measure promotion effectiveness 2004 - Creation of user generated content based platform to boost engagement with Pedigree brand 2005 - Western world’s first QR code use in campaign to drive engagement 2006 - World’s first interactive digital outdoor campaign for PR coverage 2007 - World’s first click to download mobile ad to drive installation rates 2010 - World’s companion viewing app to boost monetization via new revenue streams. 2012 - Use of iBeacons to improve airport experience and brand metrics. 2012 - Creation of pull to refresh mobile ad unit to add additional revenue from mobile.
  10. 10. Projects
  11. 11. Current project themes Tomorrow’s projects are anonymous, here is a demonstrative selection of current projects and thinking. Using iBeacons to drive footfall into retail based on a flash sale model. What do services as API’s mean for service providers and new store fronts. Explorations into Addressable TV to pitch niche products to tight demographics. Usage of Quantified self car device to drive data collection for fuel company. Personalized Video rendering to aid personal advertising and CRM. Smart packaging with NFC to aid product experience Adaptive shop windows to extent shoppable hours. Using iBeacons to improve real estate interest and aid appointment creation.
  12. 12. Thank you Tom Goodwin Tomorrow