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California Foxes, Kit Fox, Swift Fox, 3rd grade Science, Science Report, Animal Repo

California Foxes, Kit Fox, Swift Fox, 3rd grade Science, Science Report, Animal Repo

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  • 1. Abel Science Report Mr. Castrellon May 2014
  • 2. This presentation is about kit foxes. The scientific name is Vulpes macrotis. The kit fox is also called a swift fox. You will learn many things such as their diet, habitat, range, map of range, family life, life cycle, anatomy, and interesting facts.
  • 3. Kit foxes favor arid climates such as desert scrub, chaparral and grasslands. They live in open prairie and grassland plains of west and central North America into the drier semi- deserts and true deserts of the southwest United States. Habitats are meadows and woodlands in North America. In the Mojave Desert the occupying burrows in sand dunes or under grass mounds
  • 4. They live in North America and are found only in northern South America. They live in the arid interior ranges of Oregon. Its eastern limit is southwestern Colorado. It can be found in the Southwest through Nevada, Utah southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and into western Texas
  • 5.  The diet includes frogs , cottontail rabbits , salmon , and lizards.
  • 6. Wild foxes live two or three years. Babies are born in a den. Baby foxes are called kits. When these kits are one month old, they are ready to explore. The young foxes stay near their den at first. Then they learn to stalk and hunt. A kit fox sets out on its own after about six months. This kit fox is a grown up.
  • 7. juvenileadult pup
  • 8. The kit fox can have more than 3 babies in their family. Kit foxes are among the smallest foxes of the Americans. Male and female kit foxes usually established monogamous mating pairs during October and November.