Shifting the Economy through Engagement, Transparency and Traceability - Michael Wilde


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Here is a beautiful story of how effective stakeholder engagement, when to put to work behind a smartly-designed cause powered by radical transparency and widely-applicable traceability, can rally hundreds of organizations and thousands of consumers for incredible collective feats.

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Shifting the Economy through Engagement, Transparency and Traceability - Michael Wilde

  1. 1. Shifting the Economy through Engagement,Transparency and Traceability¡  Michael Wilde, Communications & Sustainability Manager, Eosta - Nature & More Sustainable Brands London Conference
  2. 2. Shifting the economy throughEngagement,Transparency &Traceability
  3. 3. Topics• Eosta•  Beyond Organic• Transparency and Traceability though Nature & More• Engagement through Campaigns
  4. 4. Eosta•  International Supplier en “Chain Manager” of fresh organic (fair-trade) fruits and vegetables. From Apples to Zucchini•  Supplier of Supermarkets, Caterers, Discounters, Wholesalers in Europe, Asia and North America•  22 years old•  80 employees  
  5. 5. Beyond Organic !The “modern day organic / criticalconsumer” expects and demands more ofthe organic product than currentlegislation lays out . Basically when shebuys “organic’, she expects sustainable !This consumer has a strongawareness of sustainability issuesand a desire to see more action.They want to be part of thesolution !
  6. 6. Grower Stamp
  7. 7. TraceabilityThe individual grower code gives the consumer access to theinformative website and allows the grower to “tell” his / her personalsustainable story.
  8. 8. How does it work ?
  9. 9. Transparency•  Growers•  Products•  Projects & Campaigns•  Background Information•  Blog•  Facebook & Twitter•  Consumer Reactions170,000 pages views
  10. 10. Transparency •  Grower Profile •  Personal Sustainability Flower •  Grower Projects •  Photo’s (Dia Show) •  Video •  Interview •  4 Languages •  Direct Link to Social Media
  11. 11. The Sustainability Flower Goals Meeting the needs of the concerned consumer regarding sustainability issues Communicating what the Nature & More growers currently doing and planning to do Making sustainability issues clear for growers, customers and consumers.
  12. 12. The Flower Petals
  13. 13. ananas - kristien van heyst, Belgium Jan 16we love your ananas , its probably the best we ever tasted and also we like the possibility toknow more over the grower and the way your ananas is growingfeedback – Peter, Sweden Jan 18,I really liked the ability to easily locate the producer of the product I just bought, very nice idea!ThankyouDelicious - Stina Sweden Jan 12,Wonderful oranges, and fortunately one of them had a little sticker... I really like that I can soeasily get information about what I eat. One of these oranges every day will keep me goingthrough winter. Thank youCheers! - Anonymous User at Dec 06,Just ate some of your delicious oranges and noticed the sticker which led me here. Its reallynice to make the connection with the origins of the food. We really do need some bright citrusfruit up here during these dark months. :)delicious mango on my pancake! - Yvonne, Groningen, Holland at Jul 17Hi mr Zongo, your mango was delicious! My husband made pancakes and we had yourmangoes on pancakes, which was an excellent breakfast. Good luck with your farm in Burkino
  14. 14. Engagement through Nature & More CampaignsThrough the “Ye Da Wo Ase – Thank You” campaigns, Nature & Moregrowers are promoting and supporting long-term educational and welfareprojects on and around the farms. At lease one Eurocent for each kilogram ofthe “campaign fruit” sold goes to the selected projects.
  15. 15. “Bees love Organic!”In a nut shell:•  Raise awareness about Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)•  Engage consumers by distributing 400,000 packets of organic „bee friendly“ flower seeds•  Communicate how organic farming is part of the solution
  16. 16. Nature & More Campaign: Great Initiatives!“Great Projects deserve Great Organic Fruits & VegetablesNot only Nature & More growers are making a positivecontribution to the local communities. Here in Europe manypeople and organisations are also doing great things on avoluntary basis.Every month we donate free organic to a selected upcomingproject / event as part of the Great Initiatives Campaign
  17. 17. Next Campaign: Save our Soils in close cooperation with the FAO.
  18. 18. Soilmate•  Fresh organic product•  Bag of compost•  Seeds•  Information about soils•  Invitation to join the campaign
  19. 19. To conclude – 4 Tips1.  Be Transparent: There is no Sustainability without Transparency2.  To make your sustainable message stick ensure you engage the end consumer3. Cooperate as much as possible with NGO’s4. Communicate from the heart not just the head !
  20. 20. Thanks !