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For ranking a video, the "on-page," optimization is pretty straightforward ---place you target keyword in the filename before uploading, in the Title, in the Description and tags. It's also helpful to edit the properties of the file before uploading. Additionally, using the captions file can help Google with determining relevance in your video and can translate into higher rankings.

So now you have your on-page optimization set. So how do we attack off-page optimization for a video? Backlinking, of course! What sort of backlinking? Well, believe it or not, the following backlink methods work splendidly for ranking a video:

Comment Links

Forum Profile Links

Document sharing links

Links from other videos

Social Bookmarks

Depending on the competition for the keyword/niche, it's not unusual for me to go on to Fiverr and order several of each of these types of backlink gigs. The problem is, it adds up. I'm not sure if I want to spend $60, not to mention the time it takes to order, monitor and provide feedback for twelve gigs, or more just to get a video ranked only to find out it doesn't convert.

Luckily, on January 6th, 2014 at 11am, Devin Zander of Money Mindset releases a software called Video Vantage that does all of the off-site backlinking footwork AUTOMATICALLY!

Video Vantage is a distinct software that will upload your videos and rank them with just a few clicks of your mouse

The software will not only upload your videos to YouTube, it alls grabs all the video information and then creates thousands of social bookmarks using that info

Video Vantage then searches out relevant high PR pages and posts backlinks on them using anchor text of your choice

Video Vantage does all of this simply and only requires a few mouseclicks.

The software can be used to rank your videos on Page 1 of Google for HUGE keywords!

This saves not just countless hours, but potentially hundreds of dollars in fees. As any business owner can tell you, using your time effectively and efficiently is crucial to long-term profits. If you are using video marketing as part of of your internet marketing strategy --- and you SHOULD --- finding a way to effectively and efficiently use your time is just as crucial as it is in any business. Video Vantage is a "must-have" in your video marketing toolbox because it will streamline the process of backlinking to your videos. It will allow you to rank many videos as you want on Page 1 without all time and expense that normally goes into the process. This will allow you to more quickly determine whether your videos are converting. For a one time price, you'll be able to eliminate the backlinking footwork and waiting game on every video you upload moving forward!

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Video Vantage Review

  1. 1. VIDEO VANTAGE DEMO My name is Chuck Muldoon and I've been doing SEO and video marketing for about five years now.
  2. 2. VIDEO VANTAGE DEMO With the generous advice from SEO and video marketing gurus such as Sean Donahoe, Bill Cousins, Todd Gross, Alex Becker and Devin Zander, I have been successful at ranking content on Page 1 of Google.
  3. 3. VIDEO VANTAGE DEMO I have found that a lot of the rules that apply to ranking websites are essentially the same for ranking videos, with one difference:
  4. 4. VIDEO VANTAGE DEMO Getting a video ranked and KEEPING in ranked on page is MUCH easier that with a webpage.
  5. 5. VIDEO VANTAGE DEMO Up until now, the off-site optimization for a video require several time consuming steps.
  6. 6. VIDEO VANTAGE DEMO I am excited to share with you a new and uniqe software call Video Vantage
  7. 7. VIDEO VANTAGE DEMO Video Vantage eliminates the time and expense of sending backlinks to your videos.
  8. 8. VIDEO VANTAGE DEMO See A Live Demo of Video Vantage At The Link Below!