Using Hypermedia Technologies


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Using Hypermedia Technologies

  1. 1. Get Your Students “Hyped” about Math! By: Stephanie Hughes Jefferson Middle School
  2. 2. Using Hypermedia Technologies to Teach MathWhat is Hypermedia?- Hypermedia is interactive multimedia that is used to help increase retention: “I hear and I misunderstand, I see and I forget, I do and I learn!”- Multimedia is data that comes in the form of text, still images, animation, audio, and videos.How can I use Hypermedia to teach math?
  3. 3. Showbeyond• Showbeyond is an online photo slideshow story creator and sharing community.• Sign in for a FREE account• Create a photo slide show• Maximum of 24 slides• Add background music and/or narration• Share your slideshow by creating a URL or emailing.• Student Examples:
  4. 4. Photo Story 3• Photo Story 3 is similar to Showbeyond. It creates videos with digital photos. However, this program adds animation to the photos and it has to be burned to a CD or saved on your computer. You can not get a URL.• The Microsoft website has a FREE download of this program.• Ideas:- Create a video of “Famous Mathematicians”
  5. 5. Audacity• Audacity is a FREE software program that allows you to record and edit sounds.• Great for instructional use!• Ideas:- Have students create a math rap on a skill.- You could create a tutorial for a math skill.- Create a CD with directions for an assignment or post on a website as a podcast
  6. 6. Ulead• Ulead is a free easy-to-use CD burning software.• It offers a free trial version.• I used this program to have my students create a math video, Math Idol.
  7. 7. Blog• A blog is an on-line journal that can be viewed, shared, and/or edited.• This is an excellent way to gain students interest on a math topic as well as have them interact with math concepts.•• Let’s walk through creating one….
  8. 8. WebQuest• A webquest is a technology enhanced, hands- on, and scaffolded learning experience.• Examples:Most Thrilling Roller Coaster: Shopping Spree: Math WebQuests: for High School:
  9. 9. WebPages• Webpages can easily be created by teachers and students.• They can be used to demonstrate an understanding of a skill through an informative page or a tutorial page.• Since it is Free, you are going to have SPAM and other advertisements on your page. However, for a small fee you can upgrade your webpage.Student Example:•• Let’s see how easy it is!
  10. 10. Resources• - Endless amounts of math worksheets• - Offers free samples of printable forms for substitutes, seating charts, time tables’ chart, fractions chart, and more!• - offers worksheets and lesson plans• - Here you will find a variety of different math lesson plans such as the history of math and endless amounts of math activities.• - Here you will find objectives, definitions, and examples.• – Explore symmetry, tessellations, and more! My favorite… Polygon Playground• - My student’s favorite! Lots of math interaction through games and different activities• math philosophers, games, worksheets, lesson ideas……
  11. 11. Resources Continued….Numbers and Operations:• - This site offers interactive games for fractions, decimals, percentages, squares, and more. It also gives teachers the specific objective that each game meets and how it aligns with the math competencies. Most importantly, it has printable activities such as; practice exercises for writing a check!Algebra:• This site offers resources for teaching algebra history, accessing algebra articles, and a free algebra forum for you to join. It gives several specific ideas for using an excel worksheet! • – With this website, you have the capability to enter a math problem and get the answer. It will also give you step by step instructions on how to get that answer.
  12. 12. Resources Continued….Geometry and Measurements:• - This site has over 200 single concept lessons. Fifty of these are just on Geometry and Measurements.• - Have the students study real-life three dimensional objects like buildings, furniture, and plants. You can look at careers in math such as: architecture or movies, and let them create their own 3D objects.Data Analysis and Probability:• - This site has some excellent ideas for class activities. It includes the lesson plans as well as activity sheets that are needed for the students.• - Kids Zone is an interactive way of visually demonstrating different types of graphs and how to create them.