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Blogs, Micro-Blogs, Wikis & Websites for FL


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Blogs, Micro-Blogs, Wikis & Websites for FL

  1. 1. Blogs, Micro-Blogs & Websites in the WL Classroomand other “back-channel” and assessment fun Catherine Ritz November 2011
  2. 2. First, let’s assess…•• If you have a smartphone, please go to: – and join my room (8323)• Students can also complete assessments from a computer.
  3. 3. Questions & Instant Feedback•• Create a “Screen” where students can text comments, questions, answers, or type them online – practice• Can create a Screen with Twitter feeds for current events – #langchat & #flteach Screen
  4. 4. Why Twitter for Professional Development?• Connections: create your own Personal Learning Network• Collaboration: share resources and ideas with likeminded teachers• Live chats• Research: search for resources you need• Impress your students! – Use new sites and resources even they haven’t heard of!• “Twitter in 60 Seconds” (video)• Follow me: @ritzforeignlang
  5. 5. Twitter Resources• LiveBinder: “An Educator’s Guide to Twitter” –• TagDef: – Look up a definition for any hashtag – My favorite: #ff (FollowFriday!)
  6. 6. Twitter with Students• My rule: one tweet per day!• Need to set Twitter to “Protect my Tweets”• Parent concerns• @ritzyfrancais• Use to log in to multiple accounts (requires download to your computer)
  7. 7. More “backchannel” resources• – Chat room, can do from Smart phone or computer – practice room• – Chat room, can set password – practice room
  8. 8. Blogs & Wikis• Love the “embed code”!• Email embed code as homework, you insert on Blog/Wiki• Student inserts embed code on a Blog/Wiki
  9. 9. Blogs• Blogger – French Class Blog – Spanish Class Blog• Wordpress – French/Spanish Class Sample• Why Blog? – Audience – Promotion
  10. 10. Wikis• Wikispaces – Spanish Class Sample – French Class Sample• PB Wiki – Spanish Class Sample• Why Wiki? – Collaboration – Projects
  11. 11. Class Websites• Can use a blog or wiki as your class site• Google Sites – My class page• – free online grading site, homework posting, etc.
  12. 12. Practice• Pick as many resources as you have time to practice with.• Be ready to share feedback with the rest of the group.
  13. 13. Additional Resources• – Check “Resources: Tech Sites” – Check out my professional blog: