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Here is my presentation from my session

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LCTE tech tools presentation

  1. 1. LCTE Fall Conference October 19, 2012 Lafayette, Louisiana
  2. 2. I am, Valerie Burton, an AP Literature and English IV teacher from New Orleans, LA.I currently teach at West Jefferson High School. I look for any and all opportunities to integrate technology into my lessons.
  3. 3. Tools to helpyou and your students create,produce and publish
  4. 4. 1. Google Docs for collaboration, Google Forms to gatherinformation2. for ePortfolios and easy websites3. for avatars, presentations and prior knowledgeassessment4. for student blogs5. for an assignment blog6. for photomovies7. for updates8. to create on online classroom9. to gather ideas and other online toolsTools that we will investigate
  5. 5. to video
  6. 6. Use Google Docs
  7. 7. Use Google Docs to create documents,spreadsheets, presentations, forms, etc.
  8. 8. How I use…
  9. 9. Google Docs for collaboration and togather information – Peer Editing – assign students to writing groups and they share and revise each other’s work. – Forms – have students complete surveys for pre/postreading assignments – Tests – create multiple choice tests that can be graded by Flubaroo – Share information – share a document as a webpage
  10. 10. I used this form to gatherinformation about my students It is easy to create forms to get information about prior knowledge for upcoming projects, conduct surveys, exit or entrance tickets, quizzes, etc.
  11. 11. Tests aregraded andstudents aregivengrades byemail
  12. 12. quick How To video
  13. 13. How I use…
  14. 14. for ePortfolios and easywebsites– Class website – publish announcements, tips and reminders for parents and students– Class ePortfolio – collect assignments and artifacts to be showed off and shared.– Student ePortfolio - highlight classwork, community service activities, awards and recognitions.
  15. 15. quick How To video
  16. 16. Wordles can be used as avatars, to preview new information or as assessments
  17. 17. quick How To video
  18. 18. • to make regular updates about assignments, events, and anything going on in class• To engage students in their learning and extend collaboration with classmates and even people all over the world
  19. 19. How I use…
  20. 20.
  21. 21. for anassignment blog
  22. 22. to video
  23. 23. How I use…
  24. 24. to video
  25. 25. Tweets allow you to• have 24/7 participation in 140 characters or less• network with others in a way that transcends the walls of our schools and neighborhoods• Here is a blogpost I created with Twitter resources
  26. 26. to video
  27. 27. PBworks is aneasy-to-use free web page thatmultiple people can edit, it’s based on wiki technology. WYSIWYG
  28. 28. Use PBworks tocommunicate withAdministrators, Faculty,Parents and Students
  29. 29. to video
  30. 30. Tools discussed today 1. Google Docs for collaboration, Google Forms to gather information 2. for ePortfolios and easy websites 3. for avatars, presentations and prior knowledge assessment 4. for student blogs 5. for an assignment blog 6. for photomovies 7. for updates 8. to create on online classroom 9. to gather ideas and other online tools
  31. 31. •Create ways to gather information and results online•Create an online class to create and submitassignments•Use Twitter to inform parents and students•Use Twitter to develop a PLN•Use blogs to effectively manage teaching andlearning•Incorporate new tools into their curriculum•Develop student and personal ePortfolios•Create PhotoMovie assignments to promote highercritical thinking•Create Google Forms and Docs to efficiently trackinformation"
  32. 32. Did I accomplish my objectives? If not, you can find me and my resources at …• Email:• Personal eCard:• PLN Blog:• Presenter Site:• Class Blog :• Twitter : @MsBisOnline•