Edu614 session 8 ws 13 podcasts pinterest voicethread


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Edu614 session 8 ws 13 podcasts pinterest voicethread

  1. 1. EDU614 Session 4 Voicethread Podcasting, Visual Sites
  2. 2. Agenda• Voicethread• Podcasting• Visual sites• Tell a story with pictures• Four volunteers to present next week
  3. 3. Voice Thread• Voice Thread • VT (voicethread) educator account • 50 voicethreads • Class Subscriptions • $60 per year
  4. 4. Voice Thread• • Register with gordon email and password • yours to access always• Check out some tutorials• Make a mini voicethread • Can upload photos from Flickr or Facebook
  5. 5. Voice Thread continued• What is Ed.Voicethread? • Click through• How to make a Voice Thread • watch• Browse a few • you can search by topic
  6. 6. Tell a story with pictures • Photopeach • Upload pictures • Make a slide show • Students can upload projects • Easy way to share work
  7. 7. Storybird• Storybird • Art inspired writing • can create classes
  8. 8. Podcasting• Legal Guide• Podcasting Booklet• PodOmatic • make free podcasts• Check out iTunes U for podcasts • Remember that you have to find three for use in your classroom - see session 8
  9. 9. Podcasting How To• Podcasting 101 • What is podcasting • How to subscribe• Podcasting 102 • Recording your own show• Podcasting 103 • Recording a Skype conversation
  10. 10. Pinterest• Online visual bookmarking tool• Bookmarks called Pins • can add descriptions• A Blog Post from ISTE: Pinterest for Educators • includes description of Pinterest • links to several educator boards• Follow me if you would like - I’m just starting • You have to request an invitation
  11. 11. Pinterest• 16 ways Educators use Pinterest• Pinterest - Teaching • a board dedicated for teaching• Cybraryman’s page on Pinterest
  12. 12. QR codes• What are those squares of black & white? • How would I use them? • Go to this glog to learn • Hover over text to see link• The Periodic Table using QR codes• A Live Binder on QR codes • All the tabs are links • 20 Interesting Ways to Use QR Codes to Support Learning
  13. 13. Symbaloo• Another visual tool• links to other sites• Symbaloo• a blog post: the fun continues• An elementary math example• Middle & High School math
  14. 14. Posterous• A visual blog like tool• Great for visuals or a photo blog• Some Richard Byrne (FreeTech4Teachers) posts • Creating an online classsroom with Posterous• Common Core Essentials • Curated by a colleague PARCC Educator Leader Fellow :)
  15. 15. Dropbox• Online storage of documents• Access from any computer• syncs wherever you work• Dropbox • if you want to sign up, let me invite you
  16. 16. Watch-Know-Learn• Watch-Know-Learn • Created by the co-founder of Wikipedia • Thousands of educational videos • Remember you need to find three videos for use in your classroom - see session 7