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Voce 6 5 06


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Imagine a classroom... that inspires teachers to teach mathematics and science in new ways  
    • 2. Imagine a classroom... that energizes students to learn mathematics and science, even when it’s hard    
    • 3. Imagine a classroom... where a treasury of mathematics and science knowledge is at your fingertips    
    • 4. Imagine a classroom... that makes student experimentation exciting and worthwhile      
    • 5. Imagine a classroom... that raises the level of achievement for all students     
    • 6. Imagine a classroom... and creates a lifelong interest in science and mathematics     
    • 7. Imagine VOCE Virtual Outreach Classroom for Educators
    • 8. Imagine …. VOCE Virtual Outreach Classroom for Educators
    • 9. VOCE Virtual Outreach Classroom for Educators Reaching Potentials in P-12 Math and Science Education
    • 10. What is VOCE?
      • a project that will have a powerful effect on p-12 student achievement in Science and Mathematics.
      • effective, affordable and sustained online professional development opportunity
      • designed to guide and support teachers as they change their classroom practices.
      • emphasis on district-wide use of learning progressions and the practice of Authentic Pedagogy strategies in P-12 classrooms
      • targets regional school districts
    • 11. What is Authentic Pedagogy?
      • It is a model of instruction that emphasizes higher order thinking and student learning that entails
        • Construction of Knowledge
        • Disciplined Inquiry
        • Value Beyond School
    • 12. What are Learning Progressions?
      • Network of K-12 benchmarks (major scientific concepts)
      • Progress
      • from rudimentary benchmarks (K-2)
      • to level of adult science literacy (12)
    • 13. Science Literacy
    • 14. Standards-Based Learning Progressions
    • 15. Mathematics Literacy
    • 16.  
    • 17.  
    • 18.  
    • 19.
      • Introductory IP Video workshop for entire district on PD Topic
        • Use Breeze or e-Lecta-Live
          • View live video from the different participating locations
          • Talk with and ask questions of any of the participants.
          • Breakout sessions can be scheduled
          • Polling and quizzing features
          • generate data
          • inform and encourage further discussion
          • Archived for later viewing
      • Share results with everyone in the Display Cases
      The Forum
    • 20.
      • Like a mini forum with IP video capabilities plus an online library of multimedia materials related to the benchmark
      • Learn much more about how PD topic works for your grade level
      • Expand upon your understanding of the nature of the PD Topic
        • Find out what is cognitively appropriate for students at your grade band?
      The Multimedia Center
    • 21.
      • Stresses Authentic Pedagogy
      • Access to lessons designed by others
      • Lesson design toolkit
      • Collaborate with and get support from other teachers and experts
      • Incorporate learning activities from the LAB BENCH
        • Pick and choose what will best suit a students’ learning needs.
      • Learn about Action Research and become a researcher
      The Design Studio
    • 22.
      • Interact with various e-learning activities chosen with Authentic Pedagogy in mind.
        • multimedia tutorials,
        • simulations,
        • games,
        • videos,
        • animations and
        • virtual equipment .
      • Use the activities to engage and motivate your students
      The Lab Bench
    • 23.
      • Share your lesson plans and experiences implementing them in your classroom
      • Show examples of student work
      • Engage in “ lesson study ” with peer teachers and experts in lesson study
      • Share and analyze the results of your own action research
      • Publish your results in the “Forum Display Case”
      The Round Table
    • 24. Benefits to JCU
      • Impact on Enrollment
      • Impact on Academic Quality & Student Experience
      • Financial Impact
      • Options for the Future
    • 25. Partnerships
        • Institutional (JCU)
          • Education department
          • Academic departments
          • CMSETT
          • Faculty advisors
          • IS
          • Coordinating group
        • External
          • School districts (i.e. Ashtabula)
          • ideastream
          • OneCleveland
    • 26. Time Span & Deliverables
        • One year: July 06- July 07
          • Concept paper that serves as a blueprint for action
          • 2-3 proposals prepared for target funding sources
          • Business Model for partnerships with local school districts
          • University online outreach model for professional development and advanced professional education
    • 27. What We Need
          • Project coordinator
          • Secretarial services
          • School Personnel
          • Instructional technologists
          • Stipend for development team
          • Consultants
          • Materials
          • Resources
          • Travel to conferences