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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. The Final Chapter: Developing students’ skills to successfully undertake their final year project
  2. 2. What’s in it for you? Use Create Inspire • Use all/parts within your own institution • Blended learning or completely online • Create resources yourself for dissertation students • Working collaboratively with staff/ students on future resources • Using video content
  3. 3. This session will include What it is Why we did it How we did it Future developments Feedback we got from students How we marketed it
  4. 4. What is The Final Chapter?
  5. 5. Why we did it “ skills research All programmes will actively develop students’ independent and provide students with opportunities to put these skills into practice. At the culmination of the programme, students should be able to undertake, with supervision, an autonomous piece of research work ” University of Leeds. 2013. Curriculum enhancement project. Available from:
  6. 6. Don’t students already have these skills? Over 600 students Student concerns: voluntarily attended dissertation workshops Writing Criticality Project planning Confidence (Writing a literature review, Planning your dissertation, Writing your dissertation) 2011-2012 & 2013 so far (average 44 students per session) (concerns expressed in workshops and drop-ins)
  7. 7. How we did it A small project team was set up to support the main project lead, Sally Dalton Existing material from workshops were brought together and adapted Staff and students from across the University were videoed Articulate Storyline was used to create the package
  8. 8. Staff and student involvement was key
  9. 9. How we marketed it
  10. 10. What our students thought… 20,301 hits (17th September 2012- 18 November 2013). I feel much more confident about the next stages that I need to achieve for my project. Also I have already used many of the Academic Writing resources in other essays which I feel has definitely helped develop a clear argument and stay precise, which is something I struggled with in the past Encouraged me to plan more/ start NOW- from the advice of the students on the videos. I found this a really useful resource, even though not everything was relevant to my project. Its nice to hear other students views as its reassuring that I'm not the only one who has done it, or indeed who has faced problems. Videos from students are especially good as it gives real tips from students who have already been through the process. I also found what they had to say quite reassuring.
  11. 11. Future developments Add more examples of complete dissertations from broad subject areas Consider adding sections on methodology and discussions Add more examples throughout the resource
  12. 12. @Skills_Library join the conversation follow for the latest Skills@Library news & receive links to further academic skills resources! Skills@Library