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Market Watch Media Kit

  1. 1. MARKET WATCH EDITORIAL MISSION:Market Watch serves the information needs of the on-premise and off-premise markets for spirits, wine and beer.Our readers are America’s most successful on-premise operators and retail stores who look to MARKET WATCHfor unique industry trends and information.MARKET WATCH with 28 years experience stands alone as the authoritative source of trends and usableinformation for our readers and your customers.MARKET WATCH is the only trade magazine focusing solely on the interests and needs of on-premise operatorsand off-premise retailers ten times each year. MARKET WATCH offers a balance of editorial that covers everyaspect of the business including:n Detailed industry news coverage of the on-premise and off-premise marketsn Cutting edge market trends to inform on-premise operators and retailersn The latest and hottest restaurant openings coast to coastn Nightclub and bar openingsn Covering retail stores and their expansionn New product introductionsn On-premise and off-premise business profilesn The new buzz at the barn Profiles on cities around the country and their alcohol beverage marketn What’s happening in the wine market todayn Beer market coverage
  2. 2. WHAT DOES MARKET WATCH OFFER ME?CONSIDER…n MARKET WATCH is the voice of the industry, providing crucial trend and market information to your customers (on-premise and off-premise) so they can aggressively promote and sell alcoholic beverages.n MARKET WATCH maintains a constant, active presence at all industry functions (including WSWA, NABCA, NRA, ABL, Nightclub & Bar, NBWA and the Wine & Spirits Guild).n MARKET WATCH gives you 53,000+ buyers (135,000+ with pass along readership, Harvey Research Study) 11 times a year who request and read each issue!n MARKET WATCH readers offer enormous purchasing power: on-premise beverage sales average $1.6 million per outlet annually; off-premise average is $1.8 million!n MARKET WATCH is the industry’s number one source for business information!
  3. 3. WHY MARKET WATCH?An advertising investment in MARKET WATCH enhances your brand image, introduces your product to decisionmakers, covers both the on-premise and off-premise markets, and delivers a huge return! Here’s how…MARKET WATCH READERS:n 100% qualified circulation (BPA)n 96% purchased or recommended products they’ve seen in MARKET WATCH (Harvey Research Study)n 96% are involved in purchasing decisions for wine, 88% for spirits and 90% for beer (Harvey Research Study)n 86% develop and influence items for drink menusMARKET WATCH CIRCULATION:n MARKET WATCH reaches 53,000 off-premise retailers and on-premise operators, presidents/owners, general manager/directors, F&B directors and store managers (BPA).n MARKET WATCH is the only trade magazine reaching both off-premise retailers and on-premise operators.MARKET WATCH EDITORIAL:n MARKET WATCH is the only one stop information source for off-premise retailers and on-premise operators.n MARKET WATCH delivers useful market trends and analysis for everyday use by retailers.MARKET WATCH HARVEY RESEARCH:In response to the question, “If you could receive only one publication which would you choose?”the overwhelming majority of 89% answered: MARKET WATCH.
  4. 4. THE MARKET WATCH READERMARKET WATCH reaches over 53,000 presidents and owners, F&B directors, store managers, general managersand directors of retail stores and on-premise outlets across the nation. MARKET WATCH is uniquely positioned toreach independent retailers, chain retailers, independent on-premise operators, and on-premise chain operations.Despite their diverse demographics, MARKET WATCH readers share some “typical” traits which are anything but typical:n Power in Purchasing Decisions. 88% of MARKET WATCH readers are responsible for their establishment’s spirits purchasing decisions, 96% in wine, and 90% in beer (Harvey Research Study).n Power in Menu Decisions. 86% are responsible for developing or influencing the addition of new items to their establishment’s drink menu (Harvey Research Study).n Qualified Readers. MARKET WATCH circulation is 100% qualified readership (BPA). With 53,000+ readers and a passalong of 135,000+.n Preference for MARKET WATCH over other industry publications. 100% of our readers have read the last 3 of our 4 issues and they spend an average of 37 minutes with each issue (Harvey Research Study).
  5. 5. 2011 editorial calendarNot to be missed...January/February: On Premise Player of the Year July/August: Summer Cocktails n Liqueurs Category Feature n Tequila Category Feature n On-Premise Player Of The Year n Sangria Category Feature n Retailer Profile: Brixx, Boston n On-Premise Profile: Andre Balazs Propertiers n Best Beer & Burgers: The best fast-casual & upscale burger n Retailer Profile: The Beverage House, Sierra Vista, AZ accounts based on expanding beer menu & best beer and n Texas Retail Scene: A Roundup burger pairings. n WSWA Hot Brand Awards Roundup n On-Premise Profile: Capital Grille n CityScope: Dallas n 2010 In Review n Mixology: Latest Cocktail Trends for Vodka n Crystal Ball: A Look Ahead to 2011 n Wine Files: South Africa n CityScope n Beer Watch Column n Mixology: Latest Cocktail Trends for Absinthe n Special Advertorial Section: Summer Cocktails n Wine Files: California n Special Bonus Distribution: Texas Package Store Association n Beer Watch Column September: Las VegasMarch: Vodka Issue n Bourbon Category Feature n Vodka Category Feature n Irish Whiskey Category Feature n On-Premise: Rising Stars n On-Premise: Big Clubs in Small Markets n Retailer Profile: Garland Wines, Webster Groves, MO n On-Premise Profile: Uno Restaurant Holdings n Beer’s Expanding Retail Base n CityScope n CityScope: Nashville n Mixology: Latest Cocktail Trends for Rum n Mixology: Latest Trends for Wine Cocktails n Argentinian Wine & Food Evolution n Wine Files: France n Beer Watch Column n Beer Watch Column n Special Bonus Distribution: Nightclub & Bar Show and Leaders: Annual Retail Awards Publication Impact Marketing Seminar Leaders Banquet Profiles of Six Leaders, Four Alumni Award Winners andApril: Hot Brand Awards The Retailer of the Year n Gin Category Feature Publication honoring the best industry retailers in the n Hot Brand Awards: Spirits and Wine country. Leaders awards are presented at the annual n On-Premise Profile: Specialty Restaurant Group Leaders Dinner event attended by retailers, wholesale and n Retailer Profile: Applejack’s, Colorado supplier executives. n Beer Singles: Successful Merchandising & Sales Strategies n CityScope October: Hot Prospect Brand Awards n Mixology: Latest Cocktail Trends for Sake & Shochu n Scotch Whisky Category Feature n Wine Files: Australia n Hot Prospect Brand Awards n Beer Watch Column n Beer Hot Brand Awards n Special Bonus Distribution: Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of n On-Premise Profile: California Pizza Kitchen America n Retailer Profile: 20-20 Wine Merchants, Los Angeles n Beer Wholesaler of the Year ProfileMay: Control State Roundup/NABCA n Holiday Update n Rum Category Feature n CityScope n On-Premise Profile: Ruby Tuesday’s n Mixology: Latest Cocktail Trends for Gin n Retailer Profile: Kirby Wines & Liquors, Memphis, TN n Wine Files: Spain n Successful Beer Sampling Strategies n Beer Watch Column n Control State Roundup n Special Advertising Section: Holiday Gift Giving & Gift Packs n CityScope: Indianapolis n Special Bonus Distribution: National Beer Wholesalers n Mixology: Latest Cocktail Trends for Tequila Association and Wine Spectator Wine Experience n Impact Seminar Roundup n Wine Files: New Zealand November: Luxury Spirits n Beer Watch Column n Canadian Whisky Category Feature n Special Bonus Distribution: National Restaurant Association n Luxury Spirits Feature and National Alcohol Beverage Control Association n Sparkling Wine Feature Story (Inc. Prosecco) n On-Premise Profile: Lone StarJune: Beer Season n Retailer Profile: Berbiglia, Kansas City n Latin Spirits Category Feature n Leaders Banquet Roundup n Beer Wholesaler Profile: L. Knife & Son n CityScope n On-Premise Profile: The Melting Pot n Mixology: Latest Cocktail Trends for Liqueurs n Retailer Profile: Morell & Co n Wine Files: Italy n Top Beer Brands Rankings n Beer Watch Column n CityScope n Mixology: Latest Cocktail Trends for Brandy December: Blue Chip Brand Awards n Wine Files: Chile n Cognac Category Feature n Beer Watch Column n Blue Chip Brand Awards n Special Bonus Distribution: American Beverages Licensees n On-Premise Profile: Lime Fresh Mexican Grill and Tales of the Cocktail n Retailer Profile: Pantheon Wine Society, Illinois n CityScope n Mixology: Latest Cocktail Trends for Whisk(e)y n Wine Files: Argentina n Beer Watch Column
  6. 6. Hot Themes for 2011... 2011On-Premise Player of the YearThe best restaurateur or bar owner is showcased in a feature story. Learn what has CLOSINGmade them a success. DATESLeadersRecognition of the best industry retailers in the country both in store and online. January/February Space Closing: Jan 4Hot Brand Awards, Blue Chip Brands & Hot Prospects Materials Due: Jan 7These are the industry’s most exciting and valued brands, quantified each year byImpact and published in Market Watch. March Space Closing: Jan 28On-Premise & Off-Premise Profiles Materials Due: Feb 1A look at what your customers are doing with their stores and operations tomaintain and enhance the customers’ experience. April Space Closing: Mar 1 Materials Due: Mar 4Appearing in every issue… May Space Closing: Apr 1MRS Editorial Shop Window Beer Watch Materials Due: Apr 5Letter from Marvin R. Shanken, News on expansion and What’s new and happeningthe Chairman of M. Shanken innovative marketing from in the beer category JuneCommunications retail stores nationwide Space Closing: Apr 29 Materials Due: May 3 July/AugustThrough the Glass New Product Watch Second Tier Space Closing: Jun 2News about retailers, on- and Information on new products Keeping up with the Materials Due: Jun 6off-premise operators, and how to get them changing distributorsupplier brands and more… landscape September Space Closing: July 29 Materials Due: Aug 3Nightclub & First Birthdays Mixology LeadersBar Openings A look at brands after their The latest cocktail trendsThe hottest openings of first year on the market Space Closing: Aug 18clubs and bars from around Materials Due: Aug 22the country October Space Closing: Sep 6Restaurant Openings Bar Buzz News Watch Materials Due: Sep 8The latest culinary openings, The latest bar trends, All the news that’s fit to printand what their beverage promotion, technology Novemberofferings look like and more Space Closing: Sep 30 Materials Due: Oct 3 DecemberEvents Wine Files Cocktail Hour Space Closing: Oct 28Photographs and captions A look at trends and A bar/bartender profile and Materials Due: Nov 1from the latest industry and innovation in the wine the venue’s signature drinkscelebrity events category
  7. 7. PRODUCTION SPECIFICATIONSPrinting Fractionals:Web Offset (SWOP) 2/3 Vertical Non-Bleed 4 1/4" x 9 3/4"Binding: Perfect Bound 2/3 Vertical Bleed 5 1/8" x 11 1/4"Publication Trim Size: 8 1/4" x 11" 1/2 pg. Vertical Non-Bleed 3 3/8" x 9 3/4" 1/2 pg. Vertical Bleed 4" x 11 1/4" 1/2 pg. Horizontal Non-BleedDigital File Specifications 7 1/4" x 5" 1/2 pg. Horizontal Bleed 8 1/2" x 5 3/4"PDF/X-1a 1/3 pg. Square Non-Bleed 4 1/2" x 4 1/2"n PDF/X1a file (Only one ad per file) 1/3 pg. Square Bleed 5 1/8" x 5 1/2"n Images must be CMYK or Grayscale TIFF or EPS prepared for the SWOP3 color environment 1/3 pg. Vertical Non-Bleed 2 1/4" x 9 3/4"n Total Area Coverage for CMYK color builds should 1/3 pg. Vertical Bleed 3" x 11 1/4" not exceed 300% Any ad less than a full page size that is not borderedDelivery of Material may be enclosed with a hairline or 1 point rule at the discretion of the Production Department.Digital files uploaded to our ad portal information available on site) For Further InformationAdvertising material will be retained for one year, Go to, or contact:unless return is specifically requested. M. Shanken Connie McGilvrayCommunications is not responsible for keeping cmcgilvray@mshanken.commaterial beyond one year. TEl: 212-481-8610 x344Mechanical Specifications Carolyn Plouffé cplouffe@mshanken.comFull Page: TEl: 212-481-8610 x365Trim 8 1/4" x 11"Bleed Size 8 1/2" x 11 1/4"Safety 8" x 10 3/4"Non-Bleed Size 7" x 10"* All live matter must be 1/8" from trim on all sidesSpread:Trim 16 1/2" x 11"Bleed 17" x 11 1/4"Safety 16" x 10 3/4"Non-Bleed 14" x 10"* 1/4" gutter safety for spreadsSWOP® is a registered trademark of SWOP, Inc.
  8. 8. INSERTION ORDERFax To: 212-779-3334Date: ________________________________________ Sales Rep: ____________________________________Advertiser: _________________________________________________________________________________Brand Name: _______________________________________________________________________________AdTitle: ____________________________________________________________________________________Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________City: _________________________________________ State: __________________ Zip: __________________Phone #: _____________________________________ Fax #: ________________________________________AD MATERIALS:q New q Pick-up ________________________________________________________________DELIVERY OF AD MATERIALS: Digital files uploaded to our ad portal: (uploading information available on site)AD SIZE/ SPACE:q Spread q Full Page q 1/2 Page q 1/3 Page Vertical q 1/3 Page SquareCOLOR:q 4 Color q 2 Color q B&WISSUE DATE(S):q Jan./Feb. 2011 q March 2011 q April 2011 q May 2011 q June 2011q July/Aug. 2011 q Sept. 2011 q Leaders 2011 q Oct. 2011 q Nov. 2011 q Dec. 2011AD POSITION: ____________________________________________________________________________BILL TO:Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________City: _________________________________________ State: __________________ Zip: __________________Phone #: _____________________________________ Fax #: ________________________________________Cost: Gross ___________________________________ Net: _________________________________________Signature: __________________________________________________________________________________
  9. 9. COPy AND CONTRACT REqUIREMENTS1. The acceptance or execution of an order is 11. All orders accepted by the Publisher are subject to Publisher’s approval of copy, text, contingent upon acts of God, fires, accidents, display and illustration. strikes or other interruptions to production and/ or distribution of the same or different nature2. All copy, text, display and illustration are beyond his control. published on the representation that the advertiser and the advertising agency are fully 12. Rates charged and discounts allowed are subject authorized and have secured proper written to short rate at expiration of ad schedule. consent. The advertiser and the advertising 13. Publisher reserves the right to cancel the agency agree to indemnify and save harmless contract upon default in payment or breach of the Publisher from any and all liability, loss and any provision herein, and all unpaid charges and expense of any nature arising from such short rates shall become immediately payable. publication. 14. Publisher reserves the right to reject, exclude, or3. Any insertion of advertising made by the agency cancel any advertisement, insertion order, space or advertiser represents an acceptance by both reservation or position commitment at any time, the agency and the advertiser of all the terms for any reason, without liability, even if previously and conditions of the rate card applicable to the acknowledged or accepted. issue in which such insertion is to be published. 15. All advertisements must be clearly identified by4. All rates and units of space are subject to change the trademark or signature of the advertiser. on 30 days’ notice. Those which, in the judgment of the Publisher,5. Orders for specific units of space and dates of look like editorial pages will be marked insertions are necessary. “Advertisement.”6. Orders specifying positions are accepted on 16. The liability of the Publisher for any error for request basis only. which he may be held legally responsible will not exceed the cost of the space occupied by the7. The Publisher assumes no responsibility for error. The Publisher will not, in any event, be errors in key numbers or telephone numbers, or liable for loss of income or profits or any in the printing or insertion of numbers for consequential damages. inserted material. 17. No conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing8. Orders that contain incorrect rates or conditions on contract orders or copy instructions that will be inserted and charged for at regular- conflict with the Publisher’s policies, listed on schedule rates. Such errors will be regarded as this rate card, will be binding on the Publisher. clerical. 18. As used in this section, the term “Publisher” shall9. Conditional orders are not accepted by the refer to M. Shanken Communications, Inc. Publisher.10. Cancellation or changes in orders not accepted after closing date.