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My presentation for Top Grads 2009, a complete strategic marketing plan for a Vancouver microbrewery. Never complete without the actual delivery, but solid nonetheless.

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Gastown Premium Brewing Callum Ng

  1. 1. GASTOWN PREMIUM BREWING Top Grads 2009 Callum Ng
  2. 2. The Gritty. The Market The Market  24 years old, growth, beginning kick outs  Trusted brands, with strong positioning and a loyal customer base
  3. 3. The Players  OKANAGAN Spring (Sleeman Brewing)  Granville Island Brewing (Kelowna)  Russell  R and B
  4. 4. The Gritty. The Market The Market  24 years old, mid-maturity, beginning kick outs  Trusted brands, with strong positioning and a loyal customer base Significant Observations  Premium beers, better taste, higher quality  Local flair  Growing. To 6% in 2008  Why? Established bigger labels
  5. 5. Granville Island
  6. 6. Granville Island
  7. 7. Price-Quality Price High $188.00 Quality Low Quality High $172.50 $163.68 $158.87 Price Low
  8. 8. Making The Brand History and Tradition TIMELESS Culture and Class REFINED Art and Design HIP Gastown Premium Brewing Cool, hip brand with classic taste and undeniably quality.
  9. 9. Meet the Brand Capturing the soul of Gastown. Refined. Classic. Cool.
  10. 10. Meet the Drinkers  The rising star. Astrid, the HIP confident young professional  The intellectual. Tom, the REFINED marketing professor  The buddies. Mark and friends, 20 something guys, who love to have a good time. TIMELESS beer.
  11. 11. Meet ASTRID Astrid finished her law degree two years ago. She lives in Yaletown, still renting but looking to buy. She’s 28, single and while she works hard, maintains a fun social life. Balance is important to Astrid. So is good beer. It’s her
  12. 12. Profile: the rising stars Their story… Their beer… Men and Women Water Street Pale Solid income Ale • light Good education, usually • clean and refreshing post-secondary • easy to drink City Dweller Drinks beer more often than spirits Drinks imports or local microbrews
  13. 13. Meet Tom Tom has been drinking beer for years. Now in his 50s, Tom plans to retire soon, but enjoys teaching marketing at UBC. He has had an enriched life, full of wonderful experiences. For Tom, carefully brewed local beer is the best, and he prefers stouts to lager. He has refined tastes in beer, and his choice is
  14. 14. Profile: The intellectual Their story… Their beer… Mostly male Midnight Extra Aged 45+ Stout • dark High income • smooth and heavy Well educated • for relaxed evenings Resides in city or suburbs Prefers darker beers Drinks imports or local microbrews
  15. 15. Meet Mark and the Boys It’s game night, and Mark has been thinking about puck drop all day. He’s a foreman on the new Canada Line project. After work, it’s off to the local pub where he and his buddies will watch the game, drink plenty. For Mark, beer isn’t a tough choice, it just has to taste great and be the right price. For Mark, it’s always been
  16. 16. Profile: the buddies Their story… Their beer… Mostly male The Standard Aged 25-35 Lower to middle income • classic lager beer Educated or not • smooth and refreshing • for anytime Resides in city or suburbs Prefers lager beers Drinks domestic draft during the day and at
  17. 17. The gT line up Water Street Pale Midnight Extra Stout Ale confidence and • displays sophistication displays sophistication and refined taste • for the refined drinker, who can handle a • • caters to the selective stout • poured into a clear, rounded pint • poured into a regular pint glass and glass and available in clear bottles available in the signature black bottles • label should include a snap shot • label should include the Steam Clock of a classic Water St. road sign Tower, black and white, etched out The Standard • the everyman’s beer • great taste but affordable • poured into a clear, regular pint glass and available in dark brown bottles • label should include the Europe Hotel corner
  18. 18. The Plan.  Initial channel: licensees  Pubs, bars and restaurants  Industry owners, managers and staff  Exposure. Exposure. Exposure.  Event sponsorship  Signage and patios  Operation POW  Print, Online, Word of Mouth
  19. 19. The beginning  Last Night 2009 Where? At the home Gastown Brewing When? 10 PM. December 31st, 2009 Who? Industry owners, managers and staff Why? Low cost. Convenient. Great times.  showcase Gastown Premium Brewing  exposure to 400 trigger pullers Total Cost $29,440.00
  20. 20. POW! PRINT The Gastown Globe  A new approach to entertainment news  Featuring restaurant reviews, pub/bar and club listings concert and movie listings  Lifestyle pieces covering the arts, culture and world that is Gastown, Vancouver  Cost Per 2 month Cycle [3 cycles total]  Creation = $10,000  Printing = $20,000  Circulation = $2,560  Total = $32,560
  21. 21. POW! online GT Premium Brewing Online  Tells the Gastown Brewing story  Steeped in history and rich with tall tales  Profiles of each beer, detailed and precise  Online ordering portal for licensees  Cost  Web design (one time) = $10,000  Monthly Maintenance = $500 Annual Total = $16,000
  22. 22. POW! Word of mouth Summoning the Social Networks  Facebook party promotion  Customer created buzz  Event template provided  100+ party and location choice  6 brand movers  Twitter | Facebook | Blog  Beer Blitz  Fridays  Offices with targeted consumers  Giveaways, t-shirts, beer, fun  Cost  Party Promotion kegs = $19,440 [36 weeks x 3 days a wk x $180 ]  Brand Mover scholarships = $60,000 [tuition scholarship $10,000 x 6]  Beer Blitz budget = $20,000 Annual Total = $99,440
  23. 23. Initial Channel: Licensees  What they offer  Brand exposure and promotion  Customer base  Revenue source  Brand Identification and categorization What we offer  Feature in The Gastown Globe  Industry discount on restaurant parties  Competitive pricing  Signage
  24. 24. Exposure. Exposure. Exposure.  Sponsor two major events for each target segment  Harry’s Spring Run Off or the Run for the Cure  Beer Hunter – the legal version  Golf Tournament  Urban Rec  Provide signage and patio umbrellas  Restaurants and bars  Onsite giveaways of branded merchandise  Season specific signage
  25. 25. Advertising  Campaign One: Gastown Gentlemen  Featuring: Trevor Linden, Jim Pattison, Michael Bublé  Donation to charity on behalf of icon  Business publications and magazines  Transit and newspapers Campaign Two: Introducing…  An expose campaign, introducing each of the 4 beers  Designed to reveal brand differentiation  To run on billboards and transit “My Choice. My Beer.” What’s in your fridge?
  26. 26. Schedule Dec 2009  Last Night 2009 Segment: All Jan/Feb  Licensee recruitment Target: 20  Website development Segment: All  Hiring Brand Movers Segment: Mark  Beer Blitz begins Segment: Tom|Astrid  Introducing… spots launch Segment: All Mar/Apr  The Gastown Globe launches Segment: Tom|Astrid  Hockey themed signage Segment: All  Licensee recruitment Target: 20
  27. 27. Schedule May-Aug  Facebook Party Promotion kicks off Segment: Mark|Astrid  Segment based sponsored events Target: 6  Channel focus: liquor stores/distributors Target: BCLC  Licensee recruitment Target: 20 Sept-Oct  Licensee recruitment Target: 20  Gastown Gentleman’s campaign runs Segment: Tom Nov/Dec  Licensee recruitment Target: 20  Last Night 2010 Segment: All
  28. 28. Success.  In 12 months Gastown Premium Brewing will…  Run 2 full scale advertising campaigns  Sponsor 6 events across the lower mainland  Influence 6 blogs and twitter pages  Blitz 100 workplaces  Develop a strong website  Throw 2 fantastic New Year’s Eve parties  Recruit 100 licensees  Launch 4 different beers  Circulate The Gastown Globe to 60,000 homes  Penetrate the off license market, BCLC This refined, hip and timeless brand will enter the microbrewery market and provide a mid-range cost, high quality line up of beers that will appeal to three distinct segments and Gastown Brewing will become an icon in itself.